Apr 6th, 2012

Late last evening, we showed you guys a preview snapshop of Google co-founder Sergey Brin wearing Google’s latest project “ Google Glass” augmented reality glasses. Well, the picture wasn’t as clear as we would like. But, as promised, I dug up these higher resolution pictures here for us to examine (or scoff at depending on your position).

As a self conscious tech enthusiast who is always excited to try out the latest gadgets — I just can’t see myself wearing something like this out in public. I admit, the idea is great. Augmented reality is the next frontier when it comes to the future of technology but coming from a geek who already looks silly enough in his skinny jeans and wacky hair… this is just too much of an eyesore for me.

But — detach that main component piece on the right side of Sergey’s face there, and allow me to attach to my favorite pair of sunglasses/spectacles and then you may be onto something. The thing with Google Glass is that it has to be worn and that begins to blur the lines between technology and fashion. One of the few areas I don’t see Google excelling in anytime soon. But, with the help of a few of your favorite celebrities, maybe it’s possible these specs will become the next hot item.

For kicks, I’ve added a few funny videos I came across while traveling ’round the interwebs. The first shows us the very real dangers that could accompany a new device like AR glasses (NSFW for language). The second shows us what Project Glass will look like once Google’s ad API’s are added into the mix. Enjoy.