Orange UK and T-Mobile UK to Offer HTC One X, One S This Thursday


While it’s long been known that these UK carriers, and pretty much any UK carrier, would be offering the HTC One X and One S, it’s nice to see a couple of big ones confirm availability. The HTC One X and the HTC One S are both due Thursday for both Orange UK and T-Mobile UK. As usual, it’ll be offered for free on a minimum tariff. A two-month tariff for £41 a month will get you the One X and £36 a month will get you the slightly weaker, yet still very capable One S. Who’s biting? [T-Mobile, Orange via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Shop around…t mobile Full Monty deal on one X. Just waiting for mine in the post.

  2. A two-month tariff for £41 a month” That’s impossible haha, fix the article :)

  3. Upgrade due next month on T-Mobile, shall be getting the One X…. Unless Samsung get their finger out!

  4. Can anyone confirm whether the international unlocked X can be used on t-mobiles 3G network? Looks like the phone doesn’t support 1700 frequency, which I think is what t-mobile uses.

  5. There’s an overwhelming amount of Britishness here O.o

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