Once pricey HTC Rezound now $49 at Verizon


The HTC Rezound was one of the better handsets to drop last holiday season, but came to Verizon overshadowed by the Droid RAZR and Galaxy Nexus. With an HD display, Beats Audio, and LTE connectivity it started life priced at $299, but a few months down the road Verizon looks ready to clear some of their idle stock. The Rezound is now on sale at $49.99, a great buy if you don’t mind having a slightly older handset.

As Droid Life points out, it may also be an indication of Verizon’s future lineup. The HTC Droid Incredible 4G seems a likely candidate to replace the Rezound, and the sale pricing does align with a rumored spring release. Whether that is reading into things a bit too much we can’t say, but it makes plenty of sense.

[Verizon via DroidLife]

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  1. My wife is in need of replacing her aging Incredible.  I may just surprise her with a Rezound.

    1. thx for sharing.

    2. Replaced my 2 year old Droid Incredible with a Rezound — fantastic phone!

      1. I will be doing the same.  I ordered a Rezound yesterday.

  2. I hate the 2year contract. I would much rather receive the $10 off my bill each month.

  3. That is pretty sad that this phone is already considered old.

  4. It’s obvious Verizon is making room for a new device coming out unless the Rezound is bombing in sales. I have it and love it.

    1. I love my rezound too except battery life with the stock battery is kinda hit and miss. performance is great though, even 4g usage is good.

  5. Got my original Incredible at launch… looks like Incredible 4G will be coming available right when my 2 years are up and I’m eligible to upgrade. OG Inc has served me well, but I am feeling the itc…

  6. Hawkeye, you should surprise your wife with a Rezound. Lol. :)

  7. Besides the battery, thickness, and weight, it has mostly the same specs as the Razr Maxx (And even a higher-res screen). That’s a great deal at $50.

    1. And it comes with GREAT headphones!

  8. sucks so hard for us indirect retailers… we bought the phone at the 299 price.. then verizon drops to 199 and 99 while we still have so many in stock, so we were forced to rip people off.. then to get rid of the last one, I sold it at 250, which lost us money… then, we bought a few 199 price point ones to FINALLY sell at 199, and they pull this shit??? seriously?? verizon fucks indirect retailers hard.

    1. Having owned a couple indirect stores myself a while back, this is why I generally go straight to corporate stores or online retailers as a consumer now. I remember those days. I had to push that inventory off to uninformed shoppers at a high price. Although, sometimes the carriers used to spiff us to make up the difference. I guess they’re not doing that as much anymore? It always sucked because I had to keep my inventory slim to avoid it, which generally resulted in me being out of stock a lot of the time. :-(

  9. That’s a pretty killer deal for that phone.

  10. This is exactly what they are doing, making way for the Incredible 4G with the S4 processor!
    The Inc 4G will be the bomb!
    I just can’t understand why it has the traditional 4 key layout running ICS & sense 4.0?
    Probably Verizon made them do this so it wouldn’t look like a Windows phone…

    1. I am still thinking htc may side the one series their way and are just writing the rezound off to streamline the brand, but I am sending two of my friends in to upgrade to the rezound! It may be 2 months old but it is far from outdated! and a great value at 49 on upgrade!

      1. Plus on top of the price drop, I hear the Rezound is supposed to get the official ICS update sometime this week…

  11. A slightly older handset? So is the LTE Nexus & Razor slightly older too? Shouldn’t a new generation of high end HTC, Samsung, & Moto devices be released @ big red 1st? The LTE LG Spectrum is technicaly newer and BOGO @ $200. Just goes to show there is no reason to by verizon devices @ $300.

    1. It is slightly older, processor wise. All the other phones have external LTE, S4 has internal LTE built in on the Soc krait based S4. All they are doing is dumping S3 processors (lucid & Rezound) on consumers making way for the S4 processors. VZW has done this in the past.
      Better processors. First the dual core1.2 GHz S4 then 1.5 GHz’s will come out on VZW…
      They gonna be fast too And less LTE power hungry.

  12. Wow!! Awesome specs on that phone for such a great price!!

  13. Does it still include the headphones?

    1. yes just bought it couple hours ago

      1. Bought one online yesterday and it will be delivered tomorrow.  It is the complete retail package which includes the iBeats headphones.

  14. I have owned one since the beginning.  I am not rooted and running CleanROM and I have to say this phone is amazing.  For 49 bucks!?  Wow.

    1. Not rooted but running cleanrom? F’in magnets

      1. Thank you, that is supposed to say “now”, not “not.”

  15. The Rezound is a beast of a phone! With ICS it’s even better. I still prefer having a hardware Menu button because the software Menu location will be in different location according to the app.
    From the rumors I’m hearing, the Incredible 4G will only have a 4 inch qHD screen. The S4 processor will be awesome nonetheless.

    1. The Inc4G will have a 4.3″ qHD 960×540 SAMOLED display, exact same as the One S.

      1. Hoping for that SAMOLED, yes.

  16. Maybe this means this mediocre phone will be replaced with the One S brought to Verizon as the Incredible 4G.

    1. Yes, it will. The incredible 4G is a One S variant supposedly to have removable battery & Sd card slot. 1.2ghz S4 dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor Soc krait based with LTE built in on the chip.

  17. I know this is just a rumor but, I have heard that the incredible 4G will be twice as fast as the fastest phone on Verizon due to the S4 with integrated LTE.
    Given, what I’m seeing about the S4’s performance, it just might be true…
    We shall see…soon…

  18. The phone may be “old” (hate the phone that) But I have the ICS (w/ Sense 3.6) BETA running on the phone.  I have only found 2 bugs and maybe a security glitch. (the GNEX might have the same issue) Other than that ICS run’s smooth, and is flawless.  HTC did a nice job with sense and trimming the fat, I have seen no lag at all on the phone.  Roboto (the font) is really crisp and clear with the TruHD display.  You can tell the OS takes full advantage of the dual core S3 chip.

    Call it what you want, but the in my unprofessional opinion, the Rezound is still one of the best phones out there, and with ICS I am just speechless!!

  19. This is still the best phone on Verizon hands down. Love it.

  20. Thanks for sharing this.  I just replaced my Droid X with this.  I wanted a Galaxy Nexus, but my wife and I are expecting our first child and are watching our expenses closely…this is much less than $299 and a pretty good phone, plus it’s getting ICS very soon. Can’t beat that!

  21. Have this phone running ics….great device

  22. If the qHD screen on the 4G is pentile matrix, no thanks.  I’d much rather have the 720p LCD from the Rezound.

    1. Htc doesnt seem to use pentile on any of their displays

      1. If the screen is SAMOLED, then it is made by Samsung because only Samsung makes that type of screen.  SAMOLED is pentile, SAMOLED+ is not.  The Original HTC Incredible with the AMOLED screen was pentile btw.

        1. Ahh, didn’t realize it was samoled

  23. Just placed my order so I can put my Incredible to sleep.
    Even though I’m sure a new one will launch soon, you can’t beat this price.

  24. Is this deal online only?

    1. Yes, online only.  I went to my local VZW store and the salesman said that their price is $199.99.  I asked if they were willing to match the online promo and he said no.  So I whipped out my Droid INC and ordered a Rezound right there in front of him.  

      1. lol awesome… sorry for the retailer, though.

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  26. Just ordered two on these (one each for hubby and I) to replace our aging DX’s.  Went through regular online order process then called because the online process didn’t take off my last $50 New Every Two credit.  Tech support easily found the order and credited me the full $50 so mine ended up free and DH’s $49.  Can’t beat that!  I’m SOOOO looking forward to their arrival tomorrow and the ICS update coming so soon is a huge plus. :)

    1. how did you get them to credit the 50$?
      I am not seeing my discount online and I called verizon and tried to order it through them but they are unable to match the online price..

  27. I really don’t know if I should use my upgrade for this or wait for something better?? Normally I would say don’t wait but I feel like a bunch of phones are JUST about to come out but I’m not sure how long I can wait

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