Droid Razr, Razr Maxx and HTC Rezound users to taste ICS next week?


Well, look at what we have here. Some naughty fella decided to leak the above document, belonging to Best Buy, which states that the Droid Razr and the Razr Maxx should get an OTA update to Android 4.0 on April 4. HTC Rezound users aren’t left too far behind, with OTAs scheduled to be pushed out 2 days later on April 6.

[Android Police]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. already out for razr almost ready to be flashed.. i think

  2. HTV or HTC?

    1. yikes!

  3. And when for the Bionic. Come on Motorola!

    1. Bionic not getting the update is right there along with bull and shit.

  4. Bah, what about the Bolt Damnit.

  5. I really hope my samsung moment gets it sometime next month

    1. Are you kidding?

      1. this phone is still amazing after near 2 and a half years, I think I’ll upgrade to another one when my upgrade is due

  6. Ahhh I’m so pumped if this is true. I have been waiting for this a while

  7. what will it give me over what I have? Will I get better performance? Better Swype? Smarter text entry?

    1. Much better performance simply because of hardware acceleration. Swype not too sure, though you should get the new Voice Input that’s in-built in ICS, plus quite a few other goodies for developers to take advantage of (hence better apps).

      1. I wasnt sure about performance until I saw benchmarks of the Rezound before and after ICS.

        There are a few features of ICS I like so it will be a welcome upgrade. I compare this upgrade to Froyo. That was a major upgrade. GB…not so much IMO.

  8. Bionic was a flagship device once. MOTO, Verizon…I’ve had it with you.  4 accounts for over 6 years.  No more.  Multiple screwings, and you’ve never so much as offered a cigarette.

    1. Don’t know why you’re blaming Verizon over Moto’s practices.  You still may get an ICS update on the Bionic before any other Moto devices on other carriers and Verizon will have more ICS phones on its network than any other for a while still.

  9. Can i get an “Its about time!!!!!”

  10. Hope it helps the battery situation!

  11. Why does Samsung hate its customers :-( when will I get ICS for galaxy s 2 epic touch.

  12. really want a rezound on ics to play with, I am pretty happy with htc’s version of ics so far!

  13. Just in time.  I am able to get a new phone April 5th, and I wasn’t going to buy a phone without ICS.  I ruled out the Nexus based on complaints about reception, and where I live gets spotty reception as it is.  Hopefully people report back good things as the Razr Maxx is what I am looking at getting.  

    I would love to wait for a new phone to come out, but my OG Droid is just not cutting it anymore.  It is slow and acts weird.  Really need a new phone badly.  

    1. Have you had a chance to hold the phones? Razr just feels damn weird…

      I picked up HTC’s Rezound last month — it’s an amazing device. DAT SCREEN!  (and the rest of its components don’t suck)  :p

    2. Trust me, wait a month for the Droid Incredible 4G with the Qualcomm S4 Soc (krait based) processor.
      LTE will be built in on the chip.
      You will not be disappointed! ;D

  14. Rezound owner here… I don’t want ics until I can sync my Facebook contact list. It is quite literally all of my contacts except some of my older family.

    1. Same here!!  You think Verizon will replace it?  It is clearly a software issue and should be covered.

  15. Just got my Rezound today! $49.99 @ Best Buy! My local store honored the ‘price match’. Buddy in NJ tried it-no dice. Had to order his on VZW website. And now getting ICS? Feels like Christmas! Time to give my Incredible a rest :)

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