MOTOBLUR Launcher Now Available for Any Ice Cream Sandwich-based ROM


Motorola’s Ice Cream Sandwich ROM has long been leaked for a couple of different handsets, and the XDA community has been hard at work bringing some of its elements to the masses. They’ve finally been able to adapt the Motorola-customized launcher from latest builds for any phone running Ice Cream Sandwich.

It doesn’t look different at first, but a few Motorola-specific things can be found such as the ability to add and remove homescreens and more options in the launcher. Various settings are included to help make the launcher fit your needs. There’s no telling if this is final but hopefully Motorola keeps their influence on the launcher as light as they currently are. Head to XDA for the download. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Is there something *really* special about it? because Nova Launcher does pretty much the same for any ICS device & it also has nice eye candy to it…

    1. Exactly what I was thinking.

    2. yeah, whats special is its OEM, meaning all of those who dont visit this site and xda every day, like us, will get a very close to stock experience. there are a few improvements that moto thinks will benifit the end user and if its this light it wont hinder performance……..  im sorry what phones does NOVA come on again? oh yeah thats right. 
      so the real question is what makes nova so special? if my brand new moto phone already does that, why is the app even in the market? im not knocking the dev of NOVA, im just making a point… 

      1. Downloaded and installed. Works pretty well.  Time to hunt down some themes.  

        Some of us just have to try everything, ya know?

      2. Well Novas been out longer and has been tried, tested and updated to work on multiple devices and can/will recieve updates from the play store while motos cant since its an OEM launcher not meant for other devices and not available in the Play Store

        Can it even be called an OEM Launcher anymore after its been pulled from one device and made tobe installed onto a device it isn’t originaly made for? Wouldn’t it now be a moddified launcher o_O?

        You make the arguement that its a stock stock experience for those who dont frequent xda everyday… Dont you have to goto xda to get it to begin with and have to continue to incase their are ever any updates?

        Options are always nice.

      3.  The point I would like to make to this is that there are several things that it (or in my case, Apex) does that Motos launcher does not.  The things that make it special is that it offers customization beyond what the manufacturer offers.  Does the moto launcher have gesture support?  Icon customization? Resizing of all widgets?  Grid sizes? Homescreen backups if I run into an error and need to factory reset?

        I’m not saying youre wrong but if you want something closer to stock with a few extras I wouldnt say this is really your end all answer by any means.

        Also your argument about nova not being shipped on any phones?  Really?  How many phones dont have ship with CM9 (or CM7 for that matter) despite improved performance and customization over stock?  All of them.  Because something isnt shipped with a phone has nothing to do with the quality or utility of it.

  2. I thought April fools was past. This joke is late

  3. Hey guys…we know you hate anything not AOSP.  Do yourselves a favor and don’t bother with the “Why would anyone?” derp-fest and just let the adults talk, hmmm?

  4. Does Moto know about this?

  5. I’m with Amar, don’t know why anyone would go with anything from moto on their phone. Why not just buy a moto phone if you want the ui?

    1. If you wanted to try out the Motoblur UI, you can do so for free. Buying, say, a Droid Razr Maxx will cost over $600.

  6. I like moto’s UI. Now that ive given up launchers, this is good, especially since stock is…… Boring :/

  7. Next up: WebTop for ICS!

  8. As a former Cliq owner, I hate both Motorola and MotoBlur, and I will never want to download Blur’s launcher.

    1. Since Blur is ALOT different than the Cliq days…..dont knock it till you try it….

  9. Wait, you mean to tell me people are putting it ON their phones? 
    I’d give anything to get MotoBlur OFF my Bionic

    1.  derp

  10. I love it!!

    In a world where skins are pretty much required by carriers (USA ugh), I’m glad that Motorola is going with as much stock ICS as possible and not like Sense 4.0

  11. LOL, the last thing I’d do is download a BLUR based launcher. That is why I rooted in the first place. Happily blur-less for over half a year now.

  12. All the icons in that dock look pretty awesome and slick until you get to the square on the very right…

  13. Looking good Moto…looking good!!! Keep up the good work. 

  14. The blur on my droid 3 is pretty awesome..

  15. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this is how all oem customisations should be made available!  Apps not pre-installed so it’s opt-in.

  16. I’d rather have a working ICS on any Blur enabled phone….

  17. For all the people hating, get out, So what it’s not aosp, it’s an option, people like options. If you don’t like it don’t use it. Some people would love to just try it. Take your hate and go to an ios forum

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