DRONE Bluetooth Controller Seeks Funds on Kick-Starter


A company named Evolution Controllers took to Kickstarter, a fund-raising site, to gather interest in and funds for something called a DRONE Bluetooth controller. The controller would be an open-source model to allow developers to easily integrate it into their games and to allow developers to support mapping in emulators and other such apps and programs.

Aside from it being open and flexible, it also looks very nice. Shown above, is guts are packed inside a glossy chassis, has a directional pad, four face buttons, one analog stick, button for back and start, and two shoulder buttons. They even include four screws on the bottom and extra holes for mounting the device and other soldering jobs. This would literally be the most open controller you could find, but they need money to do it.

They need $60,000 to get this thing off the ground  and have already gotten close to $10,000 of that. And, as usual, there are some perks for pledging money. Prizes differ by the amount given – $65 will get you one of these controllers at launch, while $3500 gets you gold and silver-plated controllers (24 karat gold and 99.99% Pure Silver) and a host of other things. Find the full list of perks at the Kickstarter site and give a helping hand if you want this stylish accessory to come to market. [via Droid-Life]

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  1. That is, by far, the sexiest pad I’ve ever seen.

    Only issue is that it needs a sense of scale.

    1. go to the kickstarter page. there is a video and you can see how it looks inhand.

      put the dpad where the left analog stick is, remove the right analog and place the left analog dead smack in the middle of the dpad n right analog in the picture ala N64 style. The photo above is not the controller they are thinking about making. Picture is misleading.

      nvm, Lorenzo Sanchez pointed out there is a vote for single or dule analog. Didnt notice that earier.

  2. If you click on the link they have a picture of someone holding it.  The size looks perfect to me.

  3. $3500 better get me a minimum of 5% of the company. The idea of getting a “gold plated” controller in exchange for a venture capital investment of almost $4000 is stupid and insulting.

    1. lol @ venture capital investment…

  4. Then again the controller shown in the video isn’t the one pictured.  The direction pad is in the wrong location.

    1. If you look past the video on the kickstarter page they’re strongly considering the dual analog version, the votes right now are 165vs9 lol

  5. I would seriously do it, but only if they had to analog sticks. Too bad

    1. They’re considering two, the decision isn’t final.

  6. hahahaha 65 dollars for one controller LOL theres already a bunch of bluetooth controllers out there. this isnt going to happen. 

    1. i use the datel bluetooth retro wii controller and love it. Sync to the wii controller apps without need for the stupid nunchuk since the bt is built in.

      I like using my PS3 controller but having to initaly sync the bt by using a pc or buying a micro to mini cable is a pain when you have multiple devices.

  7. the pictured controller looks far better then what they are actually making and have in the video.

    Why make a device with 1 analog stick but show a device with 2?

    1. They don’t have a final build yet, you can vote, the winning design will be made. so far it’s 165 for dual analog, 9 votes for a single one.

      1.  Ahh, didnt notice the vote. Yeah, that single analoge design looks dumb imo. lol

  8. Looks cool, if only I had money.

    if only…

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