Leaked Sprint Training Slides Dispel Rumors Of Improved Galaxy Nexus “Plus” – Specs Confirmed?


Earlier today, there was a juicy leak showing documentation that we could be seeing the launch of the Galaxy Nexus for Sprint on April 22nd. In case you haven’t checked your calendar lately, that’s just in a few short weeks. We now have a few leaked slides being sent to Sprint employees for training purposes on exactly what to expect once the device arrives in stores. Guess what? There’s nothing new here. And that’s either good or bad news depending on which side of the fence you’re sitting on.

It was rumored 2 months ago that Sprint customers could be seeing a souped up version of the device, after a leaked Sprint ad showed a Galaxy Nexus with a “1.5GHz dual-core processor.” Although, this was great news for Sprint users who have been waiting for the device since it was announced, this sent current Galaxy Nexus owners into a tissy, causing them to instantly feel as if their devices became a lump of coal. Well, these leaked slides have seemingly even the playing field now that it appears as if the device will be the very same Galaxy Nexus as the Verizon and GSM version of the device. Looks like no Galaxy Nexus Plus after all.

It’s not all sad news for Sprint customers. You guys will still get your hands on the 32GB version of the device. Lately those have been going the way of the dinosaur. Anyone still have their hearts set on the Galaxy Nexus? Or has the HTC EVO One stolen your attention?


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  1. It’s all about the Evo One

  2. The only thing that is drawing me away from the Galaxy Nexus is its crappy processor… Way too slow compared to the exnos processor and the S3 snapdragon… Htc Evo One ftw.

    1.  This is true, however I have learned first hand with my Nokia N9 it isn’t all about the specs. My N9 is a single core cpu, but the software is optimized so well it doesn’t need to be a high-end cpu.  That is just my thoughts I suppose.

      1. Heh, as much of a fan of Android that I am, I wouldn’t call it most optimized OS.

        Hell, even with Dual and Quad Core CPUs clocked at 1.5Ghz and up with 1 gb of ram they still don’t run as smoothly as iOS with a single core CPU clocked under 1Ghz with only 512mhz of ram.

        WP7 phones even run more smoothly then Android phones. Actually, I think they run smoother then the iOS in all honesty. I Dont like either tho. lol

        1. In all fairness that is somewhat bogus.  The core OS and launchers, if you really compare them side to side are on par.  The issue is people load up the launcher with animated backgrounds and widgets that need to load information into memory constantly.  

          Couple that with apps that need to be running to support those widgets and services (since IOS isnt really multi-threaded the same) you end up with far more competition for resources.If you shut all of that off and simply ask the OS to move some tiles around I can match fps in most things between my 4s and Evo.  Some apps work better on IOS but that is really more up to how developers build for each platform.

    2. I thnk you mean the S4. The S3 is what is in the 3D which is about the same as the Gnex.

  3. Waiting for the next Galaxy S device. But depending on when or if it get’s released, and what my cash flow is looking like, I will probably get impatient and buy a Nexus or the next EVO to hold me over. 

    1. Yeah, I was thinking the same. Since I’ll be making my way over to T-Mobile, I think the Galaxy Nexus will have to hold me over until the Galaxy Nexus S comes out later this year… 

      1. Will Samsung be manufacturing the next Nexus?
        I also wonder if it is worth waiting for the Tegra 4 since it’s going to be a super sick chip. nVIDIA is not dicking around any more. 

      2. 0.o

      3. Why the move? Just curious. 

        1. No way to sugar coat it, Sprint is atrocious where I live. At one point it was great but where all the other carriers have improved network speeds and coverage, Sprint has only gotten worse. 

          Sad because 30 minutes away in LA it’s a lot better =/

          1. I hear you. I enjoy great Sprint service in the ATL area..but whenever I travel I am usually disappointed. Its like my phone is useless without wifi. Hopefully their improvements will help.

          2. hmmmn.  ive traveled all over the country and Sprint is no worse than VZW and much better than AT&T and T-Mob.

          3. Im with John.  Based in Atlanta but travel all over the country (currently in Columbus) and my OG Evo has been a champ.  The 4g coverage sucks in anything but the largest of cities but for getting regular signal its ok.  

            The only real frustration is in crowded areas its slow as hell but so is my AT&T iPhone.

          4. Same in the Chicago area, I’ll be migrating back to T-Mobile if they have a good enough phone.  Love Sprint’s deals, can’t stand having my Google Music cut out on me in my car because their lame network is so pathetic.

          5. be careful w T-Mob.  the grass isn’t always greener.

            BTW – cant you just lug in whatever phone you want via SIM card with T-Mob?  ie G-Nex or G-Note?

          6. So LTE’s imminence doesn’t tempt you?

  4. The GPU on Tegra 2 devices are also better. The Nexus leaves a lot to be desired spec wise.

    1. No tegra 2 GPU is only better than a lower clocked sgx 540. It’s faster in the Nexus and it is better than the tegra 2 gpu. Granted that isn’t saying much because they both suck but it isn’t as bad as the tegra 2 GPU wise.

  5. At this point too little too late. The EVO one X is looking like the winning choice. Hopefully Google learns from this and releases there next Nexus phone on all carriers at the same time.

    1. Sadly they won’t ever learn, but it has little to do with learning but instead realizing that you have to play the game the carriers have setup. To reach the largest audience in the nation they signed an exclusivity contract with Verizon…atleast for the first few months… Also im kinda thankful that there isn’t a plus version because I’m really thinking about taking the plunge and just buying the GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus, and if there was a plus version coming out for sprint whose to say there wouldn’t be one on the horizon for the GSM variants…

  6. Now that HTC has upped their game (finally, going back to what made them great), I intend to buy an HTC as my next phone. Currently, all the phone’s I’ve ever owned have been HTC and Android. I had a G1, then a Sprint Hero, and am currently still on my Evo 4G (which I got shortly after launch). The HTC One devices are just amazing. Beautiful design, great hardware, and actually the best custom software I’ve seen. I also like the camera related tech on them. They are just overall the best phones I think I’ve ever seen, and I’m not a huge fan of Samsung to begin with.

    As long as HTC continues with their reboot, with fewer, better designed phones and a focus on providing the best services (including unlockable bootloaders), I see no reason to leave their ecosystem.

  7. EVO One is going to be my baby

  8. Maybe just maybe i’ll get one on 4/22. My vzw upgrade is in a few days…..so i’m sure big red will drop the $$$ of the Nexus 4/22 to sell @ a lower $$$ then Sprint. They’ll probably only give a better $$$ for “new activations only” though.

    1.  I doubt it. Sprint’s GNex will likely be at the $199 price point like all of their top-tier devices at launch. VZW loves hitting their customers with that $299 price point, but then again they can because they are the US’ #1 mobile carrier.

    2. Funny you mentioned that,  Amazon Wireless has the Verizon GNex for $99, new activations only.

  9. Droid Razr MAXX > Every other phone in existence.

    1. Phandroid should really think about installing a downvote button…

      1.  Or just banning all the morons.

  10. Bigger battery,
    1.5 s4,
    8/12 megapixels like Sony ion or HTC one x,
    Could have a winner
    best android has a 3 months life span now.

  11. From the Evo 4G to the Evo One X. Screw Samsung… :/

  12. Coppin….I’m good on that HTC.
    Locked boot loader
    Sense bloat
    Won’t see jellybean
    beats is hacked to aosp
    Internal battery

    Nexus may seem old by now but its still the best Droid IMO.
    Pure android
    Future proof
    unlocked boot loader

    1. You’re seriously misinformed if you think the One X won’t get jellybean which will be out like 5-6 months after this is released on Sprint. Easier to just make up bs though I guess. I’ll take the One X anyday.

      1. This device will get Jelly Bean, a year after it is released. And when it finally does get it, it will be buggy as hell. This phone looks nice and it’s very tempting, but after my current HTC experience, I won’t be buying another phone from them for quite some time.

    2. *HTC allows you to unlock your bootloader
      *Some like sense some dont, but fair enough
      *HTC One will see Jellybean and judging by how the Nexus S has been treated? If there is a new Nexus device out the HTC may very well see JB before the Galaxy Nexus for all anyone knows…..
      *Beats is hacked to AOSP, but if your arguing this, your comment about Sense bloatware is invalid since your thinking of going the way of an AOSP rom anyways…..
      *Cant argue the battery bit
      *Pure Android…. see back to AOSP above
      *Future proof… How so? The One is the more advanced more future proofed device, not that there even is such a thing. Devices are outdated by a newly announced device by the time they launch and the GN is no different. The ONLY thing it had going for it was it was the ONLY device with ICS. It’s not anymore… You mean with future updates? Ask Nexus S owners how thats working for them. ICS Still hasn’t been released for the i9020A and only leaked for the D720
      *Once again, HTC allows you to unlock their bootloaders. This is HTC, not motorola

      If you would prefer one over the other thats fine, but atleast have a reasonable reason why. I like the design better works. I don’t like HTC is fine, but dont just blurt out things that really dont make sense… Well, the part about the battery was fine I guess…

      For me, non removable battery on the HTC and no removable storage for either would both practically be deal breakers for me unless there was absolutely no other options available, but I’m on AT&T so I can just import whatever I want if they don’t have anything I like and just throw my sim in there. ;)

      1. *HTC allows you to ‘partially’ unlock the bootloader…itll still need to be properly unlocked via the android community for full access. (i had a evo 4g)

        *the Nexus S was upgraded to ICS officially/unofficially before any other phone was. What are you talking about? Hell it got 4.0.3 before the Galaxy Nexus (still on 4.0.2) I own a nexus S 4G (D720) currently which is running 4.0.4 stock. (not CM9) nexus is a dev phone. stuff is always out there for it. 

        *New hardware is always slow to get updates. My Moto Xoom wifi tablet is the only tablet running 4.0.4 OFFICIALLY/Unofficially. And its over a year old. while new samsung/moto tabs are still releasing with honeycomb.

        *Future proof as it runs capable hardware to be upgraded to JellyBean in the future. IT WILL GET JB before a HTC/MOTO/Sammy phone released this year officially or unofficially. quote me. Especially in the US. Are you new to android?

        *Beats is a high selling point of the latest wave of HTC phones, stamped on the back of each one, commercials hyping it up on TV, but its been hacked to work on any phone so it no longer a htc exclusive.

        *agreed internal batterys suck

        *AOSP runs lighter than any skinned version of android. yes even the lighter sense 4

        *HTC One series of phones will see Jellybean but not until the latest   sense is ready the HTC one successor will be ready by then. Any1 counting on the evo 3D to get ICS anytime soon? Remember the HTC Thunderbolt? How bout the HTC Inspire? LOL. 

         Im speaking from experience. been burned by HTC before. nothing i said was out of my ass. 

        but your on the greener side of the fence cuz ur on GSM…

    3. The Nexus is not a Droid, it is a Nexus. It is however running Android, if that is what you mean..

  13. I was all set to get a GNex until I heard the Evo One was coming. I’m definitely waiting for the new Evo hotness now.

  14. I myte if the Galaxy Note doesn’t come.

  15. I still want it! Just not willing to use an upgrade for such an old phone!

  16. I don’t understand first-adopters who’d complain that Samsung/Google upgraded the Nexus for a delayed U.S. release, because it’s not December 2011 anymore it’s April 2012, and the Nexus has to compete with Tegra 3, S4 powered HTC phones with superior cameras in the same quarter. sAMOLED HD and Android 4.0 isn’t enough to convince consumers to buy last year’s phone, if they had upgraded the processor to an S4 and upgraded the camera as well, it’d have a fighting chance. Besides, your Dec. Nexus are already “obsolete” compared to HTC’s new phones, with either the One S or the U.S. One X being far superior (The European version of the phone with Tegra 3 is going to have no 4G and miserable battery life, the One S is clearly better at a lower price point as long as you can tolerate the qHD pentile display.)

    1. Galaxy nexus isnt obsolete, hell my nexus S isnt even obsolete…

      Hardware wise yes these new HTC phones are beasts, but no Nexus has ever been a power house phone. Its a phone that is capable of running the  vanilla OS and possibly the next iteration of the OS. The nexus one had the same specs as the HTC Evo. 1gz/512mb ram. The nexus s pretty much got a slight processor bump and still only had 512mb of ram. The galaxy nexus got a basic dual core chip/doubled ram @ 1gb /720p screen/LTE&HSPA radios. basic stuff. Its built only to set the bar to run VANILLA android. These new phones have to 1-up it hardware wise to not only appeal to new buyers but, but also run there skinned version of the OS. the skins dont replace android they run ON TOP of it. So u will of course need beefed up HW to not hinder the User Experience. 
      When u get a nexus your not buying it for the HW your buying it for the SW. it ALWAYS been that way. My nexus S 4G is just as fast a my EVO 4G, yet it wont get ICS cuz htc cant run sense on top of it efficiently.So when Jellybean get released and everyone is bitchin bout HTC taking too long to update (3d/sensation/etc) dont complain, cuz u knew this going in. You bought it to have the latest greatest phone HW wise. With its pretty housing and SLCD screen and latest sense skin…

  17. Yea the HTC One X is the one i have my eye on!

  18. If Sprint announces the HTC One X on Thursday, and it has the rumored bigger battery and has the black and red color scheme I’ll be interested. I would of bought the Nexus, if it wasn’t half a year old or is cheaper. Say $99 with new contract.

    1.  Correction: wednesday! :)

      1. Thanks kind sir!

  19. Don’t know what to think. It’s still a great phone, but…

  20. Have fun carrying around charging equipment for that One X with that big 1800 non removable battery..

    1. Of course the Sprint version has a 2650 battery… Or so rumor has it…

  21. To all these “Im going for the HTC One X”
    I’m guessing none of you guys have an Evo3D that has the updated bootloader that doesn’t let you flash roms or kernals normally. Sure it’s “unlocked” but you can’t do nearly the same things you could with a nexus on the fly.

    I love the phone and all, but HTC’s version of being unlocked is pretty sketchy IMO.

    1. Downgrade your bootloader to 1.4, it’s not difficult.

  22. I’ll be waiting to see what I can get it for.  If its cheap enough the GNen on Sprint.  Else I will probably just get an unlocked one and go T-Mobile or AT&T.  I keep phones for a while and it would be nice to be able to re-use this phone abroad instead of having to get a cheapie.

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