Apr 2nd, 2012

Earlier today, there was a juicy leak showing documentation that we could be seeing the launch of the Galaxy Nexus for Sprint on April 22nd. In case you haven’t checked your calendar lately, that’s just in a few short weeks. We now have a few leaked slides being sent to Sprint employees for training purposes on exactly what to expect once the device arrives in stores. Guess what? There’s nothing new here. And that’s either good or bad news depending on which side of the fence you’re sitting on.

It was rumored 2 months ago that Sprint customers could be seeing a souped up version of the device, after a leaked Sprint ad showed a Galaxy Nexus with a “1.5GHz dual-core processor.” Although, this was great news for Sprint users who have been waiting for the device since it was announced, this sent current Galaxy Nexus owners into a tissy, causing them to instantly feel as if their devices became a lump of coal. Well, these leaked slides have seemingly even the playing field now that it appears as if the device will be the very same Galaxy Nexus as the Verizon and GSM version of the device. Looks like no Galaxy Nexus Plus after all.

It’s not all sad news for Sprint customers. You guys will still get your hands on the 32GB version of the device. Lately those have been going the way of the dinosaur. Anyone still have their hearts set on the Galaxy Nexus? Or has the HTC EVO One stolen your attention?


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