Sprint Galaxy Nexus With LTE and 1.5GHz CPU Pops Up in CNET Ad; Is This Their CES Announcement?


Someone at CNET will be in a wee bit of trouble soon, it seems. An ad popped up on their site showing off the Galaxy Nexus, “the first 4G LTE phone from Sprint.” And there goes the beans.

Not only do we know they’re bound to get it, we know that it’ll be the first phone available for an LTE network that will be up in four initial cities sometime in the middle of this year. It will also have a 1.5GHz dual-core chip – I wonder what that’s all about.

Sprint has a big showing at CES this year and they were so close to keeping the lid on whatever announcement they were going to make. They still are, really. But there’s a high possibility that this could be the reason Sprint’s setting up in a big way in Las Vegas next Monday.

The fact that CNET has advertising campaign materials ready does lead us to believe that any announcement will be made sooner rather than later but that’s all just speculation. As for you AT&T and T-Mobile users, we’re sure something will come along in due time. Hang in there, k? [via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Sweet. :)

  2. Yes! I think. I was just about ready to give up and get a Galaxy S II. I hope the wait isn’t too long.

  3. 1.5 GHz?

    1. Yes, same as Verizon version. ..and will be clocked at 1.2 the same as well.

      1. Quit crying cause sprints is faster. You are such a troll

        1. You are funny. I was a Sprint customer for 7 years. Nothing about it is fast. Keep those delusions going.

          Sent from my Galaxy Nexus

  4. I am so glad I did not cave and buy with Verizon!!

    1. im with you Bro. This is the news I’ve been waiting to hear…

    2. Amen!

    3. It won’t be out until mid year…and Sprint’s Lte won’t be very widespread. You would’ve been better off going to Verizon.

      1. better off by having a data limit on my plan?
        better off by having Verizon apps pre-loaded?
        better off by loosing Google Voice integration? 
        better off by having Google wallet blocked?
        better off by getting the joy of paying _more_ for all of the above?

        1. Your limit would be 4GB. Sprint’s days of unlimited are numbered. They do not grandfather. They just dropped the “4G” data card’s unlimited plans, and forced everybody off of them. Verizon apps preloaded? Oh yeah, 2 measely apps …that can be DISABLED. Now, that’s a shitload of crap ware there. Losing Google Voice integration? That has had a lot of issues. I like having two separate numbers. Google Wallet blocked? In case you missed the memo…The Sprint Nexus S is the only one to have it officially. I have it on my Verizon Nexus…it was as simple as installing the apk. It is just a novelty, for the most part. Botany places to use it. I would think having LTE coverage all over, would be a bit more important. As far as cost. I pay less on Verizon than when I had Sprint….and I actually have coverage! I also am grandfathered into unlimited data. By the time you get the Nexus on Sprint, it will be old news. By the time you get LTE, you’ll be too old to enjoy it haha I kid. I am glad Sprint is making positive moves…but there is no question that Verizon provides the better experience. If you think two apps changes that, you’re crazy. I actually use MyVerizon. I did immediately disable backup assistant in settings though.

          Sent from my Galaxy Nexus

          1. If they dont grandfather the unlimited 4g then that would be breach of contract, easy way to get out of contract if that was true, just saying.

          2. Exactly. They would rather let you out. It was widely reported on that they did not grandfather the unlimited on either the hot spot, or the data card. It was reduced to 5GB…for EVERYBODY.

            Sent from my Galaxy Nexus

          3. The NFC payments are EVERYWHERE here.  Not a novelty at all.  In case you missed it, Sprint has the Nexus S as the only phone with it…until another phone with it comes out.  Do we have to spell it out for you?

            As for Verizon vs Sprint and coverage.  They are both CDMA, so coverage is really a non-issue.  Verizon roams on Sprint, and vice versa.  I pay $46/month for UNLIMITED everything (data, text, phone, etc). Verizon has nothing even close to that. They charge $30/month extra to have a smartphone on top of whatever phone you get.  That is nuts. 

          4. You are misguided in your views. Verizon does not charge $30 for having a smartphone. That is for the data plan. Sprint put the data plan into only the simply everything plans, which cost a lot more than you quoted. I was on Sprint for 7 years. Sprint charges an additional $10/month for each smartphone. NFC is far from everywhere. McDonald’s, Kroger Fuel, & Office Depot are some of only a few big ones. I should know, I use Google Wallet on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. I also have the pay pass finder app. Sprint roams on Verizon, but you are VERY LIMITED on how much you can roam. Use more than 300 MB of roaming data, for 3 months, or more.. they will can you. Sprint cancelled 3 of my lines for roaming too much. So, your coverage area is not the same as Verizon’s.

            Sent from my Galaxy Nexus

          5. A few corrections for you.  I am currently a Sprint customer..have been for a decade.  I have a family plan with 4 other friends.  We each pay $46/month (which includes the smartphone charge for data).  Verizon does charge $30/month for data…which is required if you have a smartphone. I live in a major metropolitan area and I see NFC  in grocery stores, Dillards, malls, drug stores, my college campus, home depot, the list is growing rapidly. And finally, I am not capped on roaming.  In fact, I was in rural MO last night, hooked up my Xbox360 and streamed roaming data for over 1.3Gbs (I tether my Xbox360 to my Evo so I could watch some Netflix).  I’ve never been capped. Never had a call or letter.  No idea why we have had different experiences, but my experience with Sprint has been nothing if not amazing.

      2. LoL!!! I live in Houston. I’m expecting to be one of the major cities with LTE coverage. So I know I’m good. :P

        1. Definitely lucky there. Just hope they aren’t planning on using LightSquared LTE . They are not going to get FCC approval

          Sent from my Galaxy Nexus

    4. She will be mine, oh yes… she WILL be mine.

  5. Such a a good phone on such a crap network. 

  6. This would actually be a hype worthy announcement for Sprint.  Their previous couple have been big failures!

    1. Previous phones like what? Only the Echo comes to mind.

  7. So they get 600 more mhz than us?  Eff that!

    1. my reply….replied to the wrong post…..wat da hell

    2. The difference is 300 mHz. However, it .2will be clocked at 1.2, just like the others.

      1. Jealous troll. It says 1.5 not 1.2. Get over it.

        1. Guess what? It also said 16GB…turns out that was wrong.

          Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
          On Jan 15, 2012 5:23 AM, “Disqus”

  8. Holding out for T-mo.

  9. Bring the Galaxy Note please!!!

    1. Hopefully there will be more than one announcement at CES!

    2. Galaxy Note with LTE! I’m clutching my CES badge eagerly as I type this.

      1. Snapdragon alert!

  10. if sprint can manage to roll out lte in new york in a short period of time. ill stay with them, if not them its verizon or tmo for me.

    so sick and tired of the worst data speeds humanly possible. i mean come on sprint, theres no wimax 4g anywhere and 3g gets 75kbs down. thats ridiculous.

    1. i get wimax everywhere in new york and its bloody fast

      1. But will NY get Sprint 4G LTE soon? maybe as it’s a big market.

  11. Hmm not htc? Usually htc tries to have the first on every network….I have the evo 3d but I am waiting for the Iphone 5.

    1. so why are you even on this website ifanboy

      1. I’m not a fan boy of either…I am just saying that the iphone is great and I’m on here because i like to see what new android phones are coming out…

    2. You will be waiting forever. The 4S was the 5th gen iphone.

      iphone = iphone 1
      iphone 3G = iphone 2
      iphone 3GS = iphone 3
      iphone 4 = iphone 4
      iphone 4S = iphone 5
      next iphone name here = iphone 6

  12. Ugh, i’m going to go out on a limb and assume T-mobile is never getting another nexus device.. looks like google forgot about the carrier that boosted them up in the beginning :( I guess i’m really going to have to drop $70 more /mo if I want to get the phones I want.

    1. NewEgg has the international Galaxy Nexus for $70 less than Verizon (off-contract price, of course)

      Switch to the T-Mo Value plan to save the dough /month and get it from someone else!

  13. The OMAP4 that’s in the Galaxy Nexus is originally clocked at 1.5, but was underclocked to 1.2 for release IIRC? Right?

  14. Before people go all nuts and get all up in arms about the 1.5Ghz vs the 1.2Ghz on the current Nexus variants, may I remind you that the stock speed of the CPU in the Nexus is 1.5Ghz, Google/Samsung is intentionally underclocking it in the name of battery life and heat.  They most likely found 300Mhz will essentially gain you nothing in performance with ICS.

    1. relax, buddy, relax.

      1. He doesn’t seem like he’s worked up, you alright bud?

    2. Wrong, it’s underclocked because it doesn’t work correct at it’s rated speed. It’s all documented in the kernel source for the Galaxy Nexus. So unless they  found a work around, or revised/changed the hardware, it will run at 1.2GHz too.

      1. Yeah, either it’s a typo, or they found a way.
        I sure hope it’s real.

  15. omg i just jissed my pants

  16. What……. I kinda figured that

  17. probably without the signal issues of its verizon cousin too

    1. Signal issues? Oh, you obviously aren’t keeping up.

      1. Pshh… exactly.  How about NO signal!  That’s what I went thru with Sprint where I work at.  I was roaming on Verizon’s network!

    2. probably without the Verizon vast LTE coverage either huh?

  18. Great!

  19. Oh my F!@#King god!!!!! that looks beautiful.

  20. Y’all can thank me for this. I just upgraded to the GS2 ET, so now all the new phones and network upgrades can be announced. :)

    1. Yeah, sorry about that.

    2. That was so close to being me.

    3. I’m with you buddy, but I am so enjoying my GS2 right now that I don’t really feel awful about the G-Nex coming to Sprint.  I thought I would, but I love the blazing speed and awesome camera on the GS2.  I am not even hating Touch Wiz that much once I switched to GoLauncher.  

      I just bought it on Amazon for Christmas and was worried that as soon as I upgraded the GNex would come out but I am not even bothered by it.  Just love this GS2.  Maybe I will change my mind at some point but for now I love me some Epic 4G Touch Goodness.  LOL


    1. Its out there in the wild, If you willing to cough up $560

  22. i just hope they make this nexus with a 4″ screen and white, 4″ screen is the perfect size for me.

    1. If only they made the 4″ screen phones actually smaller…

    2. you must not of read or even looked at the pictures

      1. hello anybody there, i said i hope as wishful thinking! i think this phone is too big as it is, but that is just my opinion.

      2. hello anybody there, i said i hope as wishful thinking! i think this phone is too big as it is, but that is just my opinion.

  23. Maybe I can stop making comments on there Google + now hope this comes out soon

  24. So uh, I dropped Sprint for the GNex on Verizon a few weeks ago?

    1. And you probably wouldn’t have Sprint 4G LTE in your city for a long while. Be glad. (Miss the unlimited though I’m sure, course I have unlimited on VZW. sorry)

      1. You know, we already roam on verizon’s cdma … sprint could techcnially roam on verizon’s lte, too.  Federal Laws requires Verizon to lease the airwaves if requested at a “fair rate”

        1. Up to a whole 300mb of data and “800 or majority of minutes.”  It’s an option.
          Sprint Throttling Top 1% Of Data Munchers? Only If You’re Roaming 


  25. Long time VZW customer which wont change but I must say im happy Sprint is getting it! Att & TMO are garbage.

  26. …uh,uh…I’m waiting for the GALAXY S3.

  27. This sucks!! I just got my Epic Touch two weeks ago…….looks like Im gonna have to steal my wifes upgrade and hope she’ll take the GS2

    1. I’m loving the Epic Touch I got on Christmas though.  Fast, light, and a great camera to boot.  I thought I would be sad if the GNex came out within the next three months, but I am ok with it.  Just love the GS right now.  

      If I change my mind, I might have to steal my wife’s upgrade as well.  LOL

  28. i was considering verizon for my next carrier but i think sprint just won gnex and unlimited data yes please

  29. The best thing about this phone is that it won’t be branded and it’ll come out in a timely manner after it’s announcement.

    1. The bad is you’ll be dealing with just 3G for a while…

  30. For you tech geeks out there..Does anyone care that this phone will be 4-6 months old by the time you can actually get it with Sprint?

    Just curious thats all..I can’t afford to buy phones at full price so if I’m gonna do a 2 yr contract then it would be nice to get a phone thats relatively new.

  31. Why would anyone buy this phone on Sprint with LTE when Sprint does not even have LTE network. They wont have it for another 6-9 months at all. It will be launched in limited Markets. It will not be completed until the end of 2013, thats not counting delays, technical issues and other issues like thjey had with Clearwire. This launch is lame at best like the bogus Wimax 4G and ridiculous $10 charge for no service…NO THANKS

    1. Because that’s a much more logical thing to do than buy a phone WITHOUT LTE and be stuck with it for the next 2 years?

      1. It would be no different than having a 3G phone only it’s cool and you can pretend you a 4G LTE Sprint phone. I dont hate Sprint. I had them from 1996 thru last Aug…

  32. where is Chavez on this glorious day?  he’s been hoping for this forever!

  33. i already switched to verizon specifically for this phone.
    i spent 2 years with Sprint through their WiMax fiasco, as well as their constant subpar 3G speeds. I wanted this phone, but knew that their 4G network would take years to roll out, and that their 3G would never be upgraded or fixed.

    i’m loving it on VZW. Crazy fast and consistent. 4G everywhere, and the 3G backup is well over 2X the speeds i was getting wtih sprint 3g.

  34. So happy I’ve held out.  Even thought about snagging a GS2 on ebay.

    LTE in my market or not, I’ll get this phone on Sprint.  I don’t have 4g with any carrier in my area, at least not good enough to use.  Therefore, cheap and unlimited win out :)

  35. So how come Sprint’s phones come with faster processors than the other carriers?  Even for the same exact phone…

  36. Yay!! I hope this phone don’t have any issues lyk the Verizon version. LoL!!

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