CM9 Nightly Builds for Galaxy S i9000/i9000B now available


There was an understandable hue and cry when Samsung announced that the original Galaxy S would not receive an Ice Cream Sandwich update. Manufacturers’ love for their custom UIs had won again, and all that Samsung promised to calm down the mob was a ‘value pack’.

But, as we all knew, the developer community wouldn’t let such a popular phone die an early death. There are a few ROMs on XDA already, and users can also now get a taste of CM9 with their nightly builds.

Do remember this is for the international (and the Brazilian) version only. The builds for the various US versions shouldn’t be that far off, though.

[CyanogenMod via Android Police]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. They’re here for the Captivate!  
     I got mine! Much, much better than waiting for Samsung….as usual

  2. Where’s the CM9 nightly builds for galaxy s2 att phones :( We want ICS too :|

  3. He’s talking about the SG2 Skyrocket not Captivate. You need to brush up on names a bit bro

  4. does this exclude the t-mobile vibrant 3g.  I thought they weren’t providing any roms for this because of a 911 issue that couldn’t be resolved.

  5. I got mine for the T-Mobile Vibrant yesterday.

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