Mar 31st, 2012

Mobile app analytics company Flurry has just released a report, studying per-user revenues generated by various apps that use their services across the Amazon App Store, Google Play and the Apple App Store. While it isn’t much of a surprise that Apple’s App Store leads the way, what really is worth noting is that the Amazon App Store is not only ahead of Google Play, but is smoking it.

The revenue model used for the study was solely in-app purchases, so the data provided here doesn’t apply to paid or ad-supported apps (the latter of which are an overwhelming majority in Google Play).

The simple reasoning for such a result is, in my eyes, the fact that Google Play has a ton of users who just don’t pay for apps. In-app purchases are primarily implemented by those developers using a freemium model, and hence a significant number of users download the app, but never make an in-app purchase. This ends up diluting the “per-user revenue” that is used in Flurry’s study. Additionally, on a gross revenue scale, I guess it’s safe to Google Play’s returns should be in the vicinity, if not more, of the Amazon App Store.

As such we can’t really come to a conclusion for every model, but I think it would be safe to say that the Amazon App Store should certainly be on the thoughts of all developers.  If there’s any developer reading this, who’s got his/her app on both Google Play and Amazon App Store, could you please share with us your experiences in the comments?

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