Flurry claims Amazon App Store provides 3X revenue compared to Google Play


Mobile app analytics company Flurry has just released a report, studying per-user revenues generated by various apps that use their services across the Amazon App Store, Google Play and the Apple App Store. While it isn’t much of a surprise that Apple’s App Store leads the way, what really is worth noting is that the Amazon App Store is not only ahead of Google Play, but is smoking it.

The revenue model used for the study was solely in-app purchases, so the data provided here doesn’t apply to paid or ad-supported apps (the latter of which are an overwhelming majority in Google Play).

The simple reasoning for such a result is, in my eyes, the fact that Google Play has a ton of users who just don’t pay for apps. In-app purchases are primarily implemented by those developers using a freemium model, and hence a significant number of users download the app, but never make an in-app purchase. This ends up diluting the “per-user revenue” that is used in Flurry’s study. Additionally, on a gross revenue scale, I guess it’s safe to Google Play’s returns should be in the vicinity, if not more, of the Amazon App Store.

As such we can’t really come to a conclusion for every model, but I think it would be safe to say that the Amazon App Store should certainly be on the thoughts of all developers.  If there’s any developer reading this, who’s got his/her app on both Google Play and Amazon App Store, could you please share with us your experiences in the comments?

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Nobody cares!

  2. I have never made a purchase with the amazon app store.  I would always go to the play store first.

  3. I think that looking only at in-app purchases would severely slant the results in Amazon’s favor, as a lot of in-app purchases are probably books.  Certainly Flurry didn’t release this report to satisfy some public outcry to know the results of such a targeted study – somebody paid for the report.  I wonder who it could be.

  4. I buy everything from the Play Store. If they don’t have it then I go to Amazon. Unless its Amazons free app of the day, then they’re first haha. ;)

    I’m also the kind of user that blocks all mobile ads, but will buy a paid version of the app IF its available. If you wanna make money from me, do it the proper way. Do not invade my phone.

  5. Flurry is mostly used on iphone apps, most android devs use Google analytics, so the small sample size probably skews things. Flurry puts out a lot of these dubious studies that say you cant make money on android

  6. Of course Amazon’s revenue is higher. The Amazon App Store is pretty much the only way to get apps on the Kindle Fire, unless you root. The amount of Kindle Fire users who root is very small so there are less people who sideload, making more revenue.

    1. You can just uncheck the box in the security setting that only allows purchases from the Amazon app store.  Then you can get apps from Google Play, or radio stations, or wherever you wish/trust.   Same thing you have to do with any droid device if you want to get apps from anyplace besides google play.

  7. I don’t think it takes in to account International purchases as I think the Amazon App store is US only.  And I kinda doubt the numbers, though the Kindle Fire might be adding a lot to the numbers.

  8. This study is worthless.  I don’t say this because ios is on top.  I say this because they DO  NOT take into account ALL revenue collected.  1. As stated, most Android Devs use Google Analytics.  2. Alot of Revenue is collected via advertising.  Google has created its model around making things free through advertising.  Just look at the most successful game on Android and ios, Angry Birds.  They have made it known that they make more money off of Android than ios.  This study is sadly skewed.  I’m not saying Android makes devs more money overall, I’m just pointing out the fact that they do not take into account all revenue streams.    

    1.  Also, buying Amazon content in the Amazon store is quite the point of owning an Amazon branded device.

      This is revenue per user.  Since there are a third of a billion Android users and growing fast, for most developers this won’t be a concern.

    2. Amazon sucks, didnt the dev of apparatus puss his app from amazon cause it wasn’t making anything?

    3. Even though Google makes money from the IOS anyway, that`s why Apple pissed from Google, Google smarter than Apple. According to the study, Google getting more revenue from IOS than Android. 

    4. I have an app on both Google Play and the Amazon app store.  On Google Play I make about 28 TIMES what I make on the Amazon app store!  So that would mean I get 96.5% of my app revenue from Google Play and a measly 3.5% from Amazon! The Amazon app store is really a waste of time for me both as a developer, and as a consumer. :-/
      I’m calling shenanigans on this survey, it has to be bogus!

      1.  That’s been my experience as well.  Amazon sales are a low single digit fraction.  You’re doing better than me though, I’d have to do the math but I’d be surprised if Amazon cracks 1% of my Market sales.

  9. Google has terrible customer service. I buy all my apps on the Amazon app store. 

    1. The same here. If I need to buy apps I prefer Amazon app store.

  10. Can we also taken into account that the Kindle Fire is Amazon appstore only? So that’s millions of devices being monopolized into Amazon purchases.  That’s your sales right there Flurry.  

  11. Maybe if Google decided to make some damn gift cards like people have been saying for years this wouldn’t be the case! I may have a bank card like most adults and take it for granted that I can simply pay for anything online, but individuals under the age of 13 may not have the option of using their money in the Play Store. I bet if they divided up bank purchases in iOS vs Bank Cards then gift cards would have a significant portion.

  12. Figures: Play Store is installed on every Android device. Amazon Appstore is installed by users who want to buy apps via Amazon Appstore – what else?
    Now logical as it is the second group is a group inside of the first group.

  13. People still use the Amazon app store? 

    I tried it and hated it. Pretty lame that in order to use apps installed from the Amazon app store you have to keep their app store installed and that your apps won’t work if you don’t have an internet connection.

  14. the only reason i have the amazon appstore is because their free app is sometimes worth downloading

  15. isn’t the big story here that android app stores are doing more sales than ios app store?

  16. I pulled my app from amazon. US only and they insisted in posting a physical cheque to me here in the UK. Being housebound and disabled it means it was impossible to cash. They didn’t care. I left.

  17. I have an app on both Google Play and the Amazon app store.  On Google Play I make about 28 TIMES what I make on the Amazon app store!  So that would mean I get 96.5% of my app revenue from Google Play and a measly 3.5% from Amazon! The Amazon app store is really a waste of time for me both as a developer, and as a consumer. :-/
    I’m calling shenanigans on this survey, it has to be bogus!

  18. I am still not selling (I am running a beta), but I must say that there is a high download rate from amazon. it is no.2 after google play (among the 5 markets I am signed to).
    I uploaded to amazon 1 month after google play and it is keeping up really fast.

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