Android 4.0 build leaks for the Motorola Droid RAZR


We know that the Android 4.0 update might be coming to the Droid RAZR (and other devices) as soon as next week. Such rumors are shaking up the inter webs, but if you want a bit more of proof, a new build for the super-thin device has just been leaked.

Before you get ready for flashing, though, you might want to follow the thread. It seems the usual flashing steps have been causing issues. A problem that forced the poster to remove the download link.

Those that want to test their luck with this new build might have to wait until a good fix is figured out. For now, ther ehave been a few successful flashes, and the build number is version 6.14.75. It comes with Android 4.0.3, a new ICS UI from Motorola, new radios and WebTop software.

[Source: DroidRzr Via: Droid-Life]

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  1. WOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!


  2. @AJA0 the whole “first” thing doesn’t really work on these forums, your second now, sorry

  3. That’s great! My Galaxy Nexus is still on 4.0.2, but the RAZR is getting 4.0.3 any day. Thanks Verizon!

    1. Gnex is on 4.0.4 is ur keeping up with custom roms. 4.0.4 is so much smoother and quicker than 4.0.3 on both my gnex and HP touchpad, so I think it kinda sucks that razr owners are only getting 4.0.3. How long will it take them to get 4.0.4 or higher? Definitely an advantage to having a great dev community with the gnex

      1. the GN sucks big time weak radios and plastic feel. I can wait for ICS  even longer, 2.3.6 on the razr is smooth.

    2. lol

  4. WTb the Droid 3 port! I actually like Moto’s UI. 

  5. Hopefully someone can port the WebTop to Atrix with CNA ICS. That’s what I’m missing most about having blur.

  6. About time the Thunderbolt gets an update! lol

  7. Lol…yeah…first! That comment needs to be thumbs down to the ground…but wait does the phandroid site have a thumbs down?

  8. it will make the razr even better lol :)

  9. About time Google handiwork showed up in motorola

  10. @AJAO

    I honestly thought your original post was supposed to be amusing. Turns out it was just pathetic.

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