Verizon DROID Incredible 4G Enters the MAP Process


We’ve long heard rumors of one HTC DROID Incredible 4G ready to make its way to store shelves, but outsides mere mention of the device’s name we’re not exactly sure what to expect. We’re expecting a variant of the HTC One X with LTE, of course, but anything could be the case. The device has just been subjected to MAP (minimum advertised price) which usually means Verizon is getting close to figuring out an advertising campaign (and, by association, that the device is nearly finished and ready for mass production). [via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I’m confused as to whether this will be a One X in Droid Clothing or a last gen, pre-One philosophy, HTC device.

    1. last gen I’m afraid.  Talk of the Incredible 4G surfaced long before the One series was introduced.

      1. Talk of an iPhone 5 with a 4″+ screen surfaced almost a year ago.  The fact that people speculated/spread rumors about a new member of the Droid Incredible line before the HTC One series was announced is definitely no indicator that the Droid Incredible 4G isn’t part of the HTC One series (especially when that talk started about the same time that the HTC One series was in development but not yet announced).

      2. I’m pretty sure HTC is done with pre-One thinking.  My guess is it’ll be the One S rebadged just like the Incredible 2 was an Incredible S rebadged last year. Especially if it’s called the Inc 4G, that has Snapdragon S4 written all over it.

  2. Please do not make it that giant piece of crap tablet sized One X.  Make the smaller, thinner One S made of ceramic aluminum and SAMLOED screen!!!!!

    1.  Agreed.  Or, better yet (in my opinion), make it a One S variant with a 4.0″ screen.

      1. Good call… it’s a bummer NFC got left out of the One S… I’m sick of every high end phone having to be a mini tablet.

      2. Oh yea, a One S with a 4.0″ qHD SAMOLED and the Snapdragon S4 would be a masterpiece. It could be the first reasonably sized LTE phone.

    2. No SAMOLED here please. Keep your WoW type colors in the games please. LCD is the way for me.

  3. yawn

  4. When did 720p display become a rumor? I’ve been hearing qHD.

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