Sony Targets Mid-April for First Xperia ICS Updates


Sony’s bringing the sweet taste of Ice Cream Sandwich to all their 2011 phones, and it seems we’ll have to wait just a tad longer. It’s only a two week wait (give or take a few days) because they’ve now pegged mid-April for the first set of rollouts. Of course, we imagine the unlocked and unbranded versions will get the upgrades right away, but carrier-specific versions will depend on each specific carrier.

Most European and Canadian carriers tend to get the update out rather quickly, while it may be a more tough wait here in the United States. The roll-out period will stretch 4-6 weeks so if you have an eligible handset and you don’t get the update right away, be cool and be patient – it’ll get there eventually. Hit the source links to see which devices are included. [via Sony]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1.  “Finally, with regards to our all new **** Sony Xperia S ****, which will be
    upgraded to Android 4.0 starting from the **** later part **** of the **** second
    quarter ****, we will get back with more detailed information on timing over
    the next weeks” come on sony

  2. ive never really seen or used a sony device are they actually any good? it just doesnt seem like u dont hear as much at all on sony stuff

    1. I actually love the xperia play. that may be a testament to how little I know about phones but I have a blast with it. I sell every att phone but we have an old demo that belongs to the store now that I play constantly when I am slow.
      but as far as just a sony smartphone without the gaming pad, you are right no one ever talks about them>

  3. What about the Tablet S? Did I miss something? Well I’m going to buy the new Transformer anyways. This is  just more emphasis on changing over to Asus.

  4. Remember …. Is no problem for Sony , on 14 April say “Ups we sorry , but the upgrade will be on end May or not  ”

  5. I’ve never had hands on with the Sony Xperia S either but from full reviews and specs its actually a decent device! Beautiful UI as well!

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