Mar 28th, 2012

We’ve told you guys countless times that using almost any type of password to secure your device is, in most cases, a very good idea (see Google Wallet debacle of 2012). Well, when it comes to using some methods — a PIN, specifically — to keep your device safe from prying eyes, it might not be as secure as you think. Mirco Systemation is a Swedish company who is providing the military and law enforcement with software that can crack your measly PIN code in just a few minutes. The software, dubbed XRY, uses what the kids call the “brute force method” so, more lengthy passcodes could take a little longer to crack. But hey, that may give you enough time to call your lawyer should you ever find yourself in a precarious situation.

The software doesn’t just stop as unlocking your device, once connected to a Windows machine, this guy will suck out all your emails, SMS messages, call-logs and even data from third-party apps. They even demonstrated their data siphoning software on video which, according to them, adheres to strict export control laws which limit exactly which governments they can sell their software to. Currently they offer services to around 60 countries.

The moral of the story? If you plan on continuing your pimp game (or not), Android’s trusty “pattern lock” has a pretty good track record of thwarting law enforcement’s attempts at gaining access to your phone. Keep that pimp hand strong, playa.

[Forbes | Via TheVerge]