Snapdragon Powered Smartphone Travels Around The World In A Single Charge


We’ve already seen Qualcomm’s dual-core S4 processor outperform Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 3 in a few benchmark tests over the weekend. But how well does their little S4 perform when it comes to one of the single most important features of our smartphones — battery life? To show the world exactly how much their new processors will impact your upcoming smartphone’s battery, Qualcomm took a phone outfitted with their S4 processor around the world in a single charge, and uploaded the results to their YouTube channel.

Yes, we know — this sounds a bit more dramatic than it really was. What you’re looking at is a fun marketing gimmick of what is essentially a commercial for their upcoming S4 processors. Qualcomm did mention that the phone was powered down during flight but you have to admit, even over the span of 2 weeks, cold starts and multiple video takes, the results are still pretty impressive. Video below.

What did you guys think? Will you specifically be looking for Qualcomm S4 processor in your future smartphone?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I wish I could believe this.  They probably didn’t use the phone very much and had all connections powered off.  

    1. “Qualcomm did mention that the phone was powered down during flight”

      Young padawan, this is why we read the entire article! :D

      1. Pretty sure he meant even when they were on the ground. I could easily see how they would put it in airplane mode, turn it off for the flight, turn it back on (which should boot still in airplane mode), shoot the video, turn it off for the next flight, rinse and repeat. No trying to establish data/telephony connections = longer battery life.
        Also, I haven’t watched the video so I can’t attest to this, but they could have some super huge battery in the test phone (like the 3300mAh battery found in the Droid Razr Maxx) to skew the truthfulness of the claim.

        1. From the video, it looks like an HTC One S though it’s tough to say for sure..

  2. Since the ASUS Padfone uses one and I’m surely going to take a good look at it, well yes I will be looking for a S4 in the near future.

  3. i only f@@k with samsung phones or motorolas!!!

  4. hahaha, hey i can turn off my EVO 4g before i ship it and only turn it on to shoot 5 minutes of video too and it would make around the world too ;)

    1. 5 minutes of video would kill my EVO 4G =/

      1. lol i guess it would be cutting it pretty close 0_o

          1. I didn’t know you still rock the evo? y u no 3d?

          2. I kept both. Actually using an Epic 4G Touch but use my Evo 4G for testing out ROMs and Evo 3D for games. =p

  5. Powered down during flight? Doesn’t count.

  6. hmmm phone turned off during flight.  My htc inspire could easily do this.

  7. I could do this with every single dan phone I’ve owned.
    Power on, record short clip, power off mail to next person, rince repeat.

    Disclaimer says this is a commercialy available phone with an extended battery installed and powered off during location changes…Nothing special here…………

  8. The Galaxy s2 survived a 10 story drop when my cat lunged at my phone when she sawme watching a cat video.

  9. I really enjoyed the video. Props to them.

    1. Yeah, say what you want about their claim, can’t argue that the video was fun :D

  10. It’s when marketing is at its worst! Extended battery and powered off during flight means that all this video is claiming is that the battery lasts for at least 2 minutes of video recording… I’m pretty sure that I could take my phone to the moon and back 10 times and still have it have battery left over – as long as it’s turned off during flight! Qualcomm gets busted for this here:

  11. Why is a video that at first is entirely miss leading and then tells you in the fine print that the phone was only on for the time each clip was recorded getting so much hype?

    1. It’s an advertisement, not a spec sheet or such.  Maybe they should have just displayed in black and white the specs for the processor.  I believe it was very effective as far as getting our attention.  We’re all now waiting to see what happens when the rubber hits the pavement.  Great performance and great battery life and they’ve won or at least set the new bar.

  12. LoL!! This is actually a pretty cool video.

  13. So what? My HTC Hero lasted 5 days on one charge after owning it for 2 years. Granted, it had no data connection and was only used for texts and calls, but there you go.

  14. Ok…its not like the flights took 2 weeks. lol Still…going around the world with the cellular connection live woulda killed that phone tho just searching for signals.

    And what size is the battery in that phone?

    I do hope more manufactures have massive stock batteries ala Razr Maxx tho. If anything this video shows me what I need to do when I get my new video camera… power off n on between uses.

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