Sprint HTC EVO One Detailed – Say Hello To Kickstand and Expandable Memory [Rumor]


There have been a few rumors surrounding the upcoming release of Sprint’s next iteration of the HTC EVO. We all know it’s coming. After sending out press invites, we’re pretty darn sure Sprint and HTC are poised to make an announcement on the device on April 4th. We know HTC mentioned they would be releasing fewer devices for the year, instead focusing on their One line of devices. Does this mean Sprint’s EVO will be nothing more than a HTC One X with LTE radios? What exactly can we expect the specifics of the device to entail?

Well, last night, I have been bouncing back emails with a tipster and after cross referencing the information with some of our other tipsters (who prefer only to verify information) here is what we can expect from the HTC EVO One on Sprint (yup, that’s the name).

The device will naturally feature many of the same specs as the HTC One X but with a few exceptions. First, Sprint’s EVO One will feature removable storage to add to the generous amount of 16GB of pre-installed internal storage, and — wait for it — the return of our beloved kickstand. Yes, movie and game lovers everywhere on Sprint can rejoice. If you ask me, that’s what made an EVO an EVO and I welcome its return (shame on you, EVO 3D. Shame).

Also, for this model the device HTC may not have the plastic casing of the regular One X, instead going for a full metal casing. The tipster mentioned that it felt solid in the hand. Color scheme is a little different in the Sprint version with the device remaining mostly black with silver accents and a red stripe around where the kickstand pops out. Since this will be one of Sprint’s LTE devices, you can expect the same S4 processor as the AT&T version. Everything else will remain the same as the AT&T/international version. Same display, software, etc.

The HTC EVO One on Sprint is expected to launch on June 6th but wont be Sprint’s premier LTE device. That title is reserved for the Galaxy Nexus LTE which we’re expecting sometime in April. And since we’re on the topic of rumors, I’ve also been hearing that a few Sprint employees have started training for the Galaxy Note (as well as the Evo One). What do you guys think? At this point are you thinking Galaxy Nexus or HTC EVO One? With the possibility of the Galaxy Note coming down the pipeline, does that muddy up your decision at all? Of course we’ll learn more once the HTC EVO One is unveiled on April 4th so, stay tuned.

Thanks, Anon!

Update: Seems AndroidCentral received a similar tip reporting the HTC EVO One will also have a SAMOLED display (pentile) and larger 2,650mAh battery. We’re trying to get this confirmed from our source but take it as you will.

Update 2: Our tipster was able to confirm that it will come with SLCD2, just like the international version. Boom.

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  1. I’m not sure if crossing a successful name with the new flagship name is stupid or genius. But with metal, expandable memory and a kickstand I think Sprint is getting something worth waiting for.

    1. Yeah, not sure if I’ll sign up with Sprint for another 2-years once this drops but I’ll be sad to see it slip from my grasp. Even if I get the AT&T version =/

      1. You always have the galaxy note… 

    2. Honestly I was kind of looking forward to the polycarbonate case… Looking at my EVO 3D after almost a year of use, the metal bezel has the paint worn and a couple dings here & there… while the admittedly flimsy seeming back plastic battery cover still looks pristine.

  2. I’m confused. Is this the same as what android central said this morning or something different?

    1. Hmmmmm… could be the same tipster. We received the tip around this time yesterday but I’ve updated the post with their info as I await confirmation from our sources. 

      1. Any inter-blog communication between you guys to find out if they are from the same person?

        1. Our tipster was most definitely NOT their tipster. We actually have a few more that were further able to confirm the specs we posted. :)

  3. The only thing I don’t like about this is if it is announced in April why have to wait another two months to have it in our hands. Might as well kept it a secret if the Galaxy Nexus is going to be your first LTE device. I never understood the extra couple months of waiting after an announcement.

    1. to get people to stick around and not jump to other carriers?

    2. or to draw up hypeabout a big product (which it is) so customers who are about to end contracts in the up comming months wait and get a sprint (lure from cometetitiors) 

  4. AWESOMENESS! Kickstand!

  5. Ok so HTC wanted to streamline their smartphone portfolio and make things less confusing.

    So, now they decided to release the HTC One X with Tegra-3 for the international market. Oh but wait, the US version will have Krait 24. Oh but wait again, the Sprint version will have an Amoled with microSD and larger battery while the At&t version will have a smaller battery, slcd screen and no microSD.

    Way to make things even more confusing.

    Just freaking release the same phone on all carriers, include the microSD and larger battery for all. Stop playing games, you might as well just name them all something different.

    1. I wouldn’t put the blame on HTC. Most likely it’s the carriers wanting small tweaks and something different from other carriers. 
      That is, unless your name is Apple than they don’t really care. =p

      1. Yeah, true facts. The simple idea is that when you release a phone that is essentially the same across a few different networks, those networks will want something to make their phone ‘special’ and different from all the rest. Android isn’t iPhone. We don’t want hardware unity, we just want software unity.

      2.  How about we stop making excuses for these companies, google and demand something that way the grow a pair of big brass balls. Huh? Its becoming a trend to be Android apologists.

      3. yea like Curtis said 
        att always has to have their logo by the earpeice (ruins the phone(the GNote) and verizon sometimes gets it there or on the bottom(Droid 4) and sprintusually never does on the front
        idk about tmo but this is usually how it goes

  6. Can’t wait! I still have the original Evo & the Evo3D

  7. I’m hoping it has the SLCD 2 display. I never liked the over-saturatedness of the AMOLED tech. 

    1. On the Epic 4G Touch, the saturation can be toned down to suit your tastes. I wish more AMOLED devices had that option. 

      I’ve been hearing great things on SLCD2 though. Let’s hope it’s that :)

      1. I didn’t know this about the epic 4g touch…. I need to research other carries phones more lol I can rattle on about att since I sell them but shit! Having to know all of ours is bad enough!

        1. Yeah, if memory serves, it’s the only Galaxy S II with this option. =/

  8. This is a dream phone. Sounds too good to be true. Hope it is though.

  9. mother of god. please let this be true. If it is i would gladly purchase it for even $299. The bigger battery, and sd slot were my only gripes and now those are fixed. And on top of that a SAMOLED screen and kickstand. I just pooped myself

    1. samoled be downgrade over Super LCD-2 :(

  10. I still have my Evo 4g great phone, definately upgrading to this phone etc with att  not willing to lock up another 2 years and wait for LTE that will never be installed. Sprint can bet to lose customers these upcoming months. I like there improvement on phones but service is terrible, I rather pay a little more.

  11. This is the first phone since I bought my Evo3D that I really desperately want to buy. No upgrade until 2013 for me though… /sigh… and as much as I love my Evo3D, this is what the Evo3D should have been in the first place.

  12. I think this could really be my device, but I don’t know if I want to stay with Sprint another 2 years. But if I were to want to stay, this would be the device

    1. agree. completely. the network in my city (indianapolis) for att is absurdly fast. my vivid ics averages 38 mbps and up topping out at 45mbps however my sprint evo 3d is still running 2mbps on 3g… We are the land sprint forgot.

      1.  you do know a lot of people envy your 2mbps right?

        1. oh I know my old hometown is still on edge with att which means 1mbps is unheard of I definitely don’t want to boast I know others have worse but if within your hometown you had the option between 2mbps and 40 mbps where sprint is 100 bucks a month and att is 110 a month….

      2. I would take 2mb/sec unlimited over 50mb/sec thats capped at 2gb ANYday.  There is nothing you cannot do on a phone that is pulling 2mb/sec.

        1. yeah yeah but I am grandfathered unlimited and I have lte so my cap is not till 5 gig on att but I still have my sprint service which will be due for upgrade the same month the htc one comes out. it has removable storage and a kickstand and I am not to proud to say I would buy it based on that alone.

          edit I am metered at 5 gig not capped. my mistake.

  13. Damn, I’m in a tough spot needing a new device. If they announce a beast next week, I might have to pay for another replacement device and just save my upgrade a few more months. Then we still have the SG3 coming…sigh.

    1. That’s the beauty of Android. We have to make “tough” decisions like which new device to choose from :)))

      1. Ah options are a beautiful thing I must admit. Damn you OCD, damn you to hell!

  14. One S on T-mo, One X on Sprint… I hope to god the One V comes to Verizon. I will be really sad if it goes to AT&T :(
    verizon never gets anything cool

    1. STFU verizon gets the best shit. Galaxy Nexus, HTC Rezound, Droid Razr Max, and Droid Razr, and they got the LG HD phone. thats five top tier very current phones with HD screens and LTE to boot. T-mobile has nothing!!! Are best phone is the GSII &HTC Amaze 4g thats such a hard choice lol and neither of which have HD screens???? and both are rather old. Sprint gets the Shaft to lol i think there best phone is still the Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G let me mind you the GSII CAME OUT LAST MAY internationally. 

      1. troll got told hahaha

      2. logic’d but really imo the rezound is badass I have the evo and evo 3d and also the vivid with ics I honestly think sense may have been bloated but touchwiz and samoled screens amounts to a phone that looks like it was made for a 4 year old. ( yes I realize those phones are on different carriers. I have two lines nb4 hurrdurrr idiot)

    2. Really dude, verizon has some sweet phones, Razor, Razor Maxx along kick Sprint Ass with anythng they currently have! not counting the HTC phones in their line up which i like. I think you are doing prettied good from my side of the fence !

  15. Why couldn’t Verizon also get this? Dx

    I’m hoping there’s a worthy upgrade by summer.

    1. HTC Incredible X

      1.  That would be terrible. Give me the smaller thinner One S and call it the Incredible 4G, I don’t want this giant 4.7″ piece of shit.

        1.  Fucking thank you, I want the one S, dumbass Sprint doesnt notice that all their phone are just fucking big at least make a decent one smaller, Gnex 4.65, One X 4.7 and capacitive buttons, Galaxy note 5.4(i think) Fuck this im switching carriers.

  16. i will be PISSED if it has SAMOLED. i DO NOT like over exaggerated coloring, the SLCD-2 is the most gorgeous screen i have ever seen on a phone hands down and it must have it. 

    CHRIS: as for the storage, did you mean to say it will have 16gb INTERNAL storage AS WELL AS a microSD slot, or did you really mean no storage and just a 16gb microSD card, if so that is a big shame…

    these rumors are confusing and making the phone worse than the ATT version in my opinion.

    best options that i have heard would be as follows
    4.7″ Super LCD-2 screen
    16Gb Internal Storage
    MicroSD slot
    Krait S4 CPU
    1Gb RAM
    maybe a bigger batter, but the s4 will help a lot with a normal sized one.

    to make it an EVO, the kickstand would be a nice plus but not necessary for me, i’d rather have SLCD-2 any day over the kickstand…

    thoughts? can your sources confirm my specs as it is the INITIAL rumor that i had heard and sounds more like a flagship then this other crap that is floating around at android central. the SAMOLED has me worried

    1. Got further confirmation that it will have the same SLCD2 as the international version =)

      Updated post. 

      1. im about to do a giddy schoolgirl dance! yayyyy yayayayayaayay yayyyy OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG yayyaa Omg Yayy

    2. I gotta agree about that screen, so beautiful. I hate pentile displays (moto displays make me want to cry). 

      As for a microSD, I would love for the phone to have it, but I doubt Sprint would be able to get HTC to make that big of a design change (although I don’t really know how big that is). 

      That battery….pinch me I must be in heaven.

      That kickstand…thank you for returning.

      ‘Nuff said.

  17. If these specs came to the at&t htc one xl, then I would more than likely get it.

  18. Here’s what would be awesome: Htc rezound 2 4.7 inch screen, beats audio 2.0, kickstand, 16 megapixel camera , 3 megapixel front camera with a flash, at least a 2650 mah battery, micro sd slot , water proof/resistant, gorilla glass 2, choose between stock android or htc sense, be durable not ultra thin.

    1. that would be a tacky ass phone, who the fuck needs a flash for a front facing camera? 3 mp? 16 mp camera? do you want a Viagara dispenser as well?

      1. YES PLEASE!!!!!

  19. Idk, it depends how patient I am.. I’d be more than happy to get the Galaxy Nexus, but its hardware got outdated quick… I love HTC, but June seems far away…

    I’m conflicted… If the Galaxy Nexus had a better processor, I’d take it in a heartbeat.

    1. id consider it but with this around the corner it’ll be hard to justify honestly

    2. my Photon with ICS (CM9) Rom blew it out of the water in Quadrant standard tests(though in Processor it was the GNex that had the edge(dont matter when u got 12 gaming cores))

  20. Help! I am stuck with the og transform after my hero was kicked at a wall. Take the gnex or wait for this? God life is hard.

  21. Was leaning towards the Nexus, but when I read about the HTC EVO ONEs f2.0 camera that did it for me.

  22. I want….

  23. Looks like the One X is gone get beefed up for Sprint.

    1. Verizon look out Sprint is creeping on ur Best Phones Title
      and ATT on ur Exclusivity!
      i hope they make the Super One X (Best Specs they did have 2-4 more months to alter design)

  24. It goes on to say that the tipster says that the phone will have a metal case. On HTCs site the HTC ONE S is the one with the metal case, and that model does not have the 720p screen res. I really hope its the ONE X redone with metal rather than the ONE S.

    1. It’s most definitely the One X with a more solid metal casing. =)

      1. Boy lets hope so.

    2. I thought the One X had some kind of fancy ceramic that was meant to be better than metal? I can’t see why HTC would ditch their well-received aluminium builds for something worse on their flagship handset.

      1. Not sure perhaps reception problems, maybe thats why they kept the polycarbonate for the ONE X. It is a great material, Not considered a plastic scientifically. It is made from Carbon and Acrylic primarily. It can handle high heat in excess of 300f degrees and it can withstand bending and drops without cracking or breaking and is highly scratch resistant. Polycarbonate is bullet proof glass and cockpits of fighter jets. I’d take it over the Glass of the iPhone or plastic phones any day. The ceramic “like” coating of the ONE S is made by super anodizing the aluminum. It’s so thin that it can easily be scratched by keys or what not in ones pocket. And again can interfere with radio waves. So one needs to be careful during the design stages and look carefully at placement of antennas as to not have the aluminum interfere with RX/TX.
        I hope Verizon gets the HTC ONE X.

  25. The real news here is the possibility of a sprint gnote been praying for one thank god

  26. R u kiddin guys, super amoled is wayyyyy better then super lcd2

    1. You’ve seen SLCD2 in person? O_O

      1.  Nice

    2. Pentile no good.

      1. i must say Pentile gives Crisper images while AMOLED gives better color and Sub-Pixel Matrix makes it comparable to Pentile Based Displays in clarity but the IPS displays blow compertion out of the water. the XYBoard my moto has an amazing screen

  27. Might I suggest a slightly modified kickstand (re: elongated and thickened… don’t make a dick joke, please) so that the device can be rested in both the landscape and portrait positions? That would be swell… swell to the max.

    For my money, the choice between the EVO One and the Galaxy Nexus will come down to which one offers the most battery life. 4G — hell, 3G for that matter — means nothing when my phone barely makes it through the work day without a decent charge. I’m tired of leaping through kernel hoops to eke out another hour or two of uptime.

    One more thing, I can’t shake the sneaking suspicion that all these Sprint customizations might result in a $299 on-contract price. I’d still buy it at that price but I wouldn’t be all that thrilled about it. :(

    1. and add the sensor the photon has!

      1. You’ll have to fill me in here – what’s special about the Photon’s sensor?

  28. Oh my gosh!! Galaxy Nexus!! Galaxy Note!! And the Evo One all sound great. I want them all!! Wow, and I was  thinking about leaving Sprint because their service sux compared to Tmo. Think I myte just stay.

    IDK which one. I’m lyking the news I’m hearing about the S4 Processor. And large screen size. Either tabla-phones or physical keyboard.

    I may just skip out on getting me that Nexus Tablet and pick me up one of these. Though the Galaxy Nexus is 3rd on the list. LoL!!

  29. Very happy to hear about the kickstand and the storage options.  

  30. So we’ve got the Galaxy Nexus, HTC One, Galaxy Note and possibly the iPhone coming to Sprint this year?  Now I have no idea what to do…

  31. Does this mean that a Verizon version of the One X is in store?  For me that would be GREAT!  (I’m sitting on a Thunderbolt right now, but I’m upgrade eligible).

    1. doubt it VZ keeps to Droid line and HTC wouldnt let them rebrand to Droid line its HTC’s flagship 
      thats why sammy didnt give GS2 To them and b/c LTE makes the phone thicker

  32. I noticed that the MicroUSB Port is on the side of the One X, will the Sprint version relocate it to the bottom for proper kickstand and charging use?

  33. This phone seems great this will be my next phone I currently have a EVO 4G and I can’t wait to get this beast. I’m in Dallas Texas so I guess that sprint takes care of their customers here because the service is great I get the speeds they promised and just like the wimax service we will be one of the first cities to have LTE. So they have a customer for life unless I decide to move to one of the cites were they have crappy coverage.

  34. LOVE LOVE LOVE it if they bring back the kickstand. It is a BIG reason to buy an HTC phone. And like some others here – I much prefer the more realistic look of LCD.

  35. wait… you said “I’ve also been hearing that a few Sprint employees have started training for the Galaxy Note.” Now, if this is a simple mistake, NBD. If not, then is the Note really going to Sprint???

  36. Amazing there have been NO image leaks of this new EVO. Sprint is doing a great job of keeping the wraps on this one. CANT WAIT FOR WEDNESDAY!!

  37. Having a kickstand rocks.  F U Apple!


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