Even elephants prefer the Galaxy Note [VIDEO]


After I watched this video the first time I was convinced that some of the scenes showing Peter the elephant using the Galaxy Note had to be making use of a handpuppet. But I was proven wrong after watching the behind-the-scenes video below. Looks like they finally found the user best suited for Note’s massive 5-inch display.

Kevin Krause
Pretty soon you'll know a lot about Kevin because his biography will actually be filled in!

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  1. I’m not sure what I want more…a Galaxy Note or an elephant!

    1. Obviously, a mini elephant on a Note.

      1. My first thought is Evernote.

  2. my Cuteness Processing Unit is over heating.

  3. thats pretty awesome

  4. I would rather have the mini elephant…

  5. I have found the best Samsung Galaxy S3 fake yet…You can even buy one if you want-> 

    1. For only 899.99 USD

      1. …and it comes with “Google Android 3.0 w/ no TouchWiz” at launch. lol, if these guys were going BS, they should’ve done a little homework first.

  6. Which screen protector is best for reducing elephant trunk smudges?

  7. great even a elephant has a galaxy note before i do >.>

    1. He’s probably an early tester 

      1. hes better then the dude that leaked the htc one s inside of a McDonalds IMO

  8. That’s freakin’ cool! Where do I get my elephant? I mean Galaxy Note…I mean…
    Dammit I no longer know what I want >.<


  9. I’m going crazy. Do I leave Verizon for the Note on AT&T or do I wait for the rumored Verizon version :'(

  10. Even the elephant got to play with it before Sprint customers. Lucky pachyderm.

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