T-Mobile to Close 7 Call Centers; Affecting 3,300 Employees


Well isn’t this the season of closing call centers or what? After hearing unfortunate news that Verizon had to close three call centers, T-Mobile looks to be doing the same. They’re closing seven call centers nationwide.

Allentown, Pennsylvania; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Frisco, Texas; Brownsville, Texas; Lenexa, Kansas; Thornton, Colorado; and Redmond, Oregon are the cities affected. Some 3,300 employees will be affected by the move, but not all stand to lose their jobs.

T-Mobile’s offering relocation packages to fill 1,400 more positions in other call centers around the country, but that still leaves 1,900 people out of work. Those 1,900 people won’t be too much out of luck, though, as T-Mobile will offer severance packages and outplacement support. T-Mobile will also provide two months of health insurance under COBRA.

It’s hard to take news like this but the best you can hope for is a company who will support you through it, and we’re thankful T-Mobile is doing just that.

T-Mobile is also expected to make more corporate changes in May, but call center reps, technicians and retail employees of T-Mobile corporate retail stores will not be affected. Read on for the full memo reportedly sent to employees by CEO Philip Humm. [via TmoNews]

Dear colleagues,

I have difficult news to share today: we are consolidating our call center operations and closing seven of our 24 facilities. This decision was not easily reached, but it is a necessary measure. The reality is our cost structure must be better optimized to match our customer base and call volumes.

The affected Customer Service facilities are Allentown, Pennsylvania; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Frisco, Texas; Brownsville, Texas; Lenexa, Kansas; Thornton, Colorado; and Redmond, Oregon.  The consolidations will result in 1,900 net job reductions. Approximately 3,300 employees at the seven impacted facilities will be affected, and we will begin hiring immediately at the remaining 17 call centers to fill as many as 1,400 positions.

Impacted call centers will remain open for three months following this announcement.  Affected customer service representatives will have the option to transfer to any of the remaining 17 call centers.  Employees who choose not to transfer and are employed on the date the center closes, will be offered transition packages with severance pay and outplacement support. T-Mobile is partnering with an outplacement firm to provide on-site career centers at all seven facilities. Every employee will have access to a personal career coach and be offered job search training and tools. In addition, T-Mobile will pay for two months of continued health care coverage under COBRA (which is available for up to 18 months for eligible employees who elect this option).

Looking ahead, we will also be restructuring other parts of the company. It is important to note this will not include our customer service representatives in the remaining 17 call centers, technicians in engineering or front line employees in our T-Mobile corporate-owned stores. In other parts of the organization, the majority of changes will be announced by the end of May 2012. Senior leaders are intently focused on making the best possible choices standing on the foundation of our shared T-Mobile Values. The outcome will be an organization that is structured efficiently and closer to the customer. Leaders will share more information as plans evolve.

These are not easy steps to take – or, I know, to read. We must address our business realities so we can focus on getting T-Mobile back to growth.

Our commitment, as we go through this process, is to provide clear perspective and understandable rationale, be forthright in our communications regarding our decisions, and be respectful and compassionate in our treatment of affected individuals.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment and support.

With sincere appreciation,

Philipp Humm

CEO & President

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  1. Sad

  2. India HERE We come! dag! 

  3. i think virgin mobile should buy them in the rest of the world virgin seems to be a good carrier with the latest phones. With their commitment to customer satisfaction i think it would make them a leader in the us market. Just my opinion.

    1. Yes please just keep stupid opinions like that to yourself.

      1. how about you keep stupid responses like that to yourself

        1. How about you go kill yourself is that better?

    2. Sprint owns Virgin Mobile in the US…

    3. Virgin has some of the worst service and customer service around. It’s why I left them after 10 years and went to VZW. Low prices are no excuse for shit service.

      1. virgins service depends on sprints network as far as customer service i never had a problem with them but i do like my verizon better just not the bill

  4. So VZW eliminates 3,000 and offers to pay for relocation, even offering jobs for all the laid off ppl and everyone’s pissed at VZW, “evil corporation” this, “profits over people” that. T-Mo does the same and doesn’t offer any relocation expenses, and doesn’t offer any jobs for them . . . and people say “Poor T-Mobile”.  Did I miss something?

    1. While I agree with you on the Verizon part, TMO is offering some level of relocationa and jobs. 

      “T-Mobile’s offering relocation packages to fill 1,400 more positions in other call centers around the country, but that still leaves 1,900 people out of work.”

    2. Did you even read the post? 

    3. There’s a big difference where Verizon has been posting record subscriber gains while T-Mobile has posted record subscriber losses.  Both companies have just announced they are shutting down call centers.

      Which company is more justified for letting go of some of it’s workforce?

      Historically, T-Mobile USA has treated it’s employees amazingly well.  Even referenced in the letter they are paying for outplacement support for their employees so they can find another job that’s a lot more than Verizon offered it’s employees.

      If you have to blame anyone for these job losses blame consumers who left T-Mobile in droves, mostly for silly reasons.  Namely, the iPhone.  Then you’ve got thousands of people leaving because they are upset about things that are no different at any other carrier.

  5. Atown PA…my hometown :( sadly this call center is about a mile from where my GF works. hopefully its not an area wide epidemic of closing shit down.

  6. everything that att was going to do to t-mo. t-mo is doing to themselves.

  7. Hmm let’s see, these assholes received 4 billion dollars and are firing people… capitalism at its finest!

    1. That’s not capitalism, that’s crony capitalism.  The Obama Administration at work, “We can pick winner’s and losers with taxpayer money”

      1. Except they received the money from AT&T because of a business deal, not from the government.  No taxpayer money was harmed in this transaction.

      2. Don’t spam our boards with your GOP bullshit..

  8. .i

  9. ahhh the lenexa office.. wow and to think i almost got a job there. 

  10. I went through the same thing when I worked for Earthlink back in the day…you know, when dial up was cool. Every call center in the states shut down. They even paid people extra to stay a few weeks and go over to the Philippines and train the outsourcers. My heart goes out to all of the people who are affected by this closure. Hopefully the company I’ve been working for this time won’t close any centers.

  11. It’s partly my fault.. I’ve only called customer service once in 6 years.. sorry bout that.

  12. dang t-mobile is cold as ice. :(

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