Google Voice for Android Update Fully Integrates With ICS Dialer


Google’s just pushed a very nice and useful upgrade to Google Voice in the Google Play Store. The application will now integrate with your dialer so you won’t have to leave your missed calls list to check voicemail. New voicemail from a particular call will show up to the right of it and you can play it right there.

It’s a great feature that does even more to make the Google Voice experience more seamless than some carriers’ own visual voicemail services. They’ve also added the ability to slow down messages (for catching a phone number or address) and speeding up messages (for getting through a long voicemail). You’ll want to get these features ASAP so grab the update in the Google Play Store. [via Google]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. update gvoice so i can send and receive pictures dammit!

    nevertheless, this is a nice update. :) i laugh when i go into a store and vzw wants me to sign up for VVM.

  2. Working well on my Nexus S running 4.0.3

  3. Never used Google voice.

    1. So you just don’t use voicemail at all?

      1. You know the carriers supply you with voicemail, right? On Sprint phones, you just dial 1 or your cell number (from your cell of course) and you’re taken right to your voicemail. Then there’s carrier voicemail apps such as Sprint’s Visual Voice Mail (VVM). In fact, I’ve never used Google Voice either.

        Just because someone hasn’t used Google Voice, does NOT mean they haven’t ever used voicemail.

        1. google voice is better  it consistantly stays competitive and if you switch carriers you dont have to do anything

          1. And that is your opinion. I don’t know about other carriers, but the Sprint VVM app has had its updates as well if that’s what you mean by “competitive”. And if you don’t switch carriers, you don’t have to worry. 

          2. Hey. Use Google voice if for no other reason than Canadians can’t. They can’t….can they?

  4. Nice update. I too am waiting on the ability to send/receive pictures.

    BTW, Is it any reason you is spell “y0u” in the article?

  5. Works great, fantastic feature.

    Also, ‘y0u’? I don’t understand how you could make that typo, unless you ALWAYS 7yp3 1n 1337 5p34k.

    1. Haha must have been a typo. “0” is right above the “O” but it looks the same in our WYSIWYG editor. Thanks for spotting it.

      1. Good ol’ Quentyn “Typo King” Kennemer :-D

  6. I still can’t get used to those big contact pictures and those tiles in the contact app suck too 

  7. Pretty awesome.  A few things are missing though.

    1. the transcriptions
    2. the ability to jump right to the voicemail in the google voice app by pressing the “button” at the bottom of the page.

  8. I updated google voice and my new voicemails are not showing in the dialier. What did I do wrong?

    1. You have to go to the settings in the Google Voice App and enable it 

      1.  Very nice of them to hide this in the Google Voice settings. Alot of people are going to miss out on this feature because of this.

  9. hopefully this fixes my issues with texts from GoSMS not going out until hours/days later due to Google Voice making them “pending” . . .

  10. MMS yet?

  11. If this was an iOS feature it would be touted as revolutionary and game changing. That said, it is a fantastic feature.

  12. Wow. Finally makes GV feel like part of the os.

  13. they need to allow that playback speed adjustment feature to youtube

  14. Google Voice? What’s that? Oh wait, it’s an American thing.

    1. We win! The war is over folks.

  15. You forgot to also regurgitate the fact that this feature requires Android 4.0+.

  16. I received a picture  through Google Voice, granted the picture was sent to my gmail account. So you do have the ability to receive pictures to a google voice number but the picture will show up on your email. If it was integrated into GV app itself, that would be alot better.

  17. Is there actually an API for this – you know, so Skype, Viber or any other can also implement this?

    Or is it Google-only? Cause that would make it as bad as Skype integration in Windows Phone…

  18. fixed the widget too :)

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