Mar 22nd, 2012

Like unicorns, Big Foot and the Loch Ness monster, a few things you wold never expect to run into is an Android user with an affinity to TouchWiz. Despite what Samsung would have you believe, people tend to prefer their Android stock — right? Well, meet a Mr. Big Papa Joe who either suffered too many bumps to the head, receives paychecks signed by Samsung Mobile or is the first recorded case of someone getting “Samsung’d.” We tend to lean more towards this young man having a good time trolling the folks at The Verge. Because nobody out there actually prefers TouchWiz. Not even “the ladies.”

To be fair, there are quite a few things I love about TouchWiz. Not necessarily the look or design, but definitely it’s performance. Samsung seems to have tweaked their software to make the launcher and native apps silky smooth, whether running on a dual-core Snap or Exynos. Benchmarks are consistently better than average as well. That being said, I have to ask: Are any Phandroids out there, closet TouchWiz fans?

[Via Reddit]

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