And You Thought They Didn’t Exist: Meet TouchWiz’s Biggest Fan [Video]


Like unicorns, Big Foot and the Loch Ness monster, a few things you wold never expect to run into is an Android user with an affinity to TouchWiz. Despite what Samsung would have you believe, people tend to prefer their Android stock — right? Well, meet a Mr. Big Papa Joe who either suffered too many bumps to the head, receives paychecks signed by Samsung Mobile or is the first recorded case of someone getting “Samsung’d.” We tend to lean more towards this young man having a good time trolling the folks at The Verge. Because nobody out there actually prefers TouchWiz. Not even “the ladies.”

To be fair, there are quite a few things I love about TouchWiz. Not necessarily the look or design, but definitely it’s performance. Samsung seems to have tweaked their software to make the launcher and native apps silky smooth, whether running on a dual-core Snap or Exynos. Benchmarks are consistently better than average as well. That being said, I have to ask: Are any Phandroids out there, closet TouchWiz fans?

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  1. Count me in!!!
    I really prefer TouchWiz than Vanilla UI like the Nexus.
    And sadly, I don´t receive Samsung´s paychecks…

    1. Okay, maybe over stock Gingerbread but you prefer TouchWiz ICS over stock ICS? 

  2. I thought Quentyn was the only one who like TouchWiz….

  3. Touchwiz blooooows

  4. I love Touch-Wiz.

  5. Touchwiz sucks

  6. Really cannot stand TouchWiz…

  7. I like the camera… but that’s really the GS2 hardware I like.  Its better than Sense and Blur but nothing beats pure ICS.

  8. I still think Wizzy is overall the best manufacturer UI, I prefer stock now…but it seems to be the closest to stock in terms of layout and speed. New blurwich is a close second though.
    Please do not think that my comments includes the “hangover feces brown” look of the Charge’s color scheme…that should be burnt to the ground.

  9. I seriously hope that was just some trollin’. But, I guess I have to admit, there are all kinds of people out there with all kinds of tastes. Even if Touchwiz does look like it belongs on my four year old nieces toy phone.

  10. TW is an insult to Android.

    Edit: and whatever the fuckery LG has in their pos phones is even worse than TW. Whoever design these interface should be ashamed.

    1. You mean LG’s TouchWiz knockoff? Yeah, it’s awful. Apparently LG thought it was better to cop Samsung’s design (which in all fairness cops a lot of iOS’ design in the icon looks department) rather than make their own or (gasp!) use stock Android.

  11. I feel like a complete nerd after I could not stop laughing at the guy liking touchwiz! That was as funny as the Iphone 4 vs Htc evo video!!

  12. and he was on a fascinate running TW 3.0 not even 4.0…smh

    1. I put the TW4 launcher/etc on my Fascinate as soon as it was possible to do so.  *so* much better than TW3…and the devs on XDA at the time were *very* quick about getting it out there, thankfully.

  13. Not a fan of touchwiz; but I’ve learned Im really not a fan of the vergecast.  Those guys act like 12 year olds with Mr Microphones.

    1. I had that stinky feeling right from the splash frame with some two douche bags there, but I pressed Play anyways. Now I regret about pressing it. Bunch of morons.
      And I don’t care for T-Wiz as I don’t buy Samsung phones.

  14. They’re being such a jerk to him lol. 

  15. I thought the guys from the verge had more class than this. People like what they like. I admit it was mildly humorous, but Nilay is acting like the usual jacka$$ he is.

  16. I don’t see what’s so bad about touchwiz.. I like it. And I did prefer it before stock ICS came out. ICS saved my Vibrant.

  17. I’ve never used ICS but compared to stock Gingerbread, I prefer Touchwiz (on the Note).

    It just feels nicer, the animations for example when you move icons around. There aren’t a huge number of differences anyway so I think this issue is overblown to the extreme by the usual pundit-nerds: “oooohhhh manufacturers you must leave pure Android experience pure” and such crap. It may have some truth but it gets repetitive after the 537th time.

    So yeah, some of us don’t like stock and prefer whatever alternatives there are.

    1. i prefer htc sense over stock gingerbread, but ICS is a complete different story, i suggest you give it a whirl

  18. Yeah man TouchWiz rules! Tried out other launchers On my Note and always came back to good old TouchWiz.

    I really hate those Verge iFanboys with a passion.

    1. you do konw Josh carries at Galaxy Nexus as his main phone. How is that being a fanboy?

  19. After my horrible experience with sense constantly rebooting on my evo, going to touch wiz on my galaxy note was a welcome move. I have no problems with it and it hasn’t slowed down my Note at all. I definitely will prefer stock ics though.

  20. Ill agree with Chris it runs way smoother then Sense and many others. But nothing beats Vanilla Android nothing.

    1. How about Rocky Road Android (Sense)? O_o

  21. I have had more problems result from TouchWiz than any other UI overlay. Sense can be slow, but it works well. MotoBlur was sluggish until 2.3.x, and now it works quite nicely. Only TouchWiz, however, has messed up contacts, and pokes its nose in various places of the Android OS where it just shouldn’t. Needless to say I am not a fan of TouchWiz, and I can actually deal with MotoBlur rather easily by just replacing a few of the stock apps with their Play Store equivalent. 

  22. Lol i would rather have touchwiz then motoblur or sense

  23. Touchwiz on the tablet is amazing, its what all UI’s should aspire to do, add functionality without blocking or changing initial functionality. 

    on their phones touchwiz makes me puke though 

  24. Not a huge touchwiz fan but prefer it to sense, blur, or stock gingerbread, that being said I currently use adw launcher.

     Tw needs to add folders but overall I don’t hate it, it at least runs smoothly, which is more than some others can boast (especially older motoblur). One feature that i do love about samsung phones is the ability to swipe on the notification bar to adjust brightness, not sure if technically touchwiz or not

  25. Touchwiz is Pretty good with the Exynos processor. Smooth as hell.

  26. I think the folks who run this blog are the ones who have taken too many blows to the head so that they aren’t able to take notice that touchwiz reached parity with other top custom UI’s back when the original galaxy s came out and has been consistently improving ever since.  I personally prefer vanilla ICS on my galaxy nexus; but I am very familiar with sense, motorola’s various blur flavors, and touchwiz.  Touchwiz is the current leader of that group because a) it’s less invasive than sense and b) it’s more usable than blur.

  27. Actually TouchWiz is pretty damn good. The launcher is by far one of the best, and it has a lot of great features. It’s basically the stock functionality with more features on top. I don’t understand the hate.

  28. I disliked TW on my Epic 4G, but really enjoyed it on my Epic 4G Touch.  I now have a Galaxy Nexus and don’t miss TW at all.

  29. “That being said, I have to ask: Are any Phandroids out there, closet TouchWiz fans?”

    No closet about it.  Running the TW4 launcher, Clock, Calculator, and Digital Clock Widget on my CDMA Galaxy Nexus right now.

    It’s purdy.

    Have to wonder how many of you “TouchWiz blows” folks are reacting to TW3 from the SGSI and not the TW from the SGSII… TW 3 sucked. Big time. It was horrible. TW 4 was…amazing.

  30. I prefer Touchwiz to Sense, Blur and even vanilla Gingerbread. No real experience with ICS. Just preference I suppose.

  31. That was sad to watch and a piss poor representative of Touch Wiz fans.

    I used a G’Nex for a couple days and found out that I far prefer the features of TW.

    – Swipe lock screen to open Text/Missed Call is just perfect.  
    – Better camera app as far as options and layout.  Not to mention its a better camera.
    – Swipe contact in the phone book or in the messaging list to text or call
    – Settings on the pull down bar(can’t live without em)
    – Color coordinated comments in text messaging threads.
    – Option to change the lock screen wallpaper.
    – Option to move the clock on the lock screen (looks better in different positions with   certain pictures)
    – Stock file explorer(its not BETTER than an aftermarket one but it DOES come with the phone)
    – No FB contact integration on the Nexus?  I didn’t see it but my GSII has it.

    I don’t like anything about the Touch Wiz launcher though so I always replace it.

    1. Some good point, though as I’m sure you know, lots of those can be added to Stock with apps, like widgetlocker for example.

      1. Right, but I’m just comparing stock to TW.

  32. that fucking guy in the middle is so annoying!! god.

  33. Nah, dont like touchwiz. 

  34. it has some Amazing features but I can’t stand the way it looks.. the icons look cheaply done.. and the placement of the app drawer icon totally blows!!..  I replaced it with ADW running an ICS theme pack and it looks a lot nicer and still has almost all the good features that TW brings to android

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