Samsung Shows Off Galaxy Note’s S Pen “Premium Suite” Apps Coming Bundled With ICS [Video]


Yesterday, Samsung announced that they would be bringing a few all new “Premium Suite” of S Pen apps along for the ride when they update the Galaxy Note to Android 4.0. While they did managed to detail some of these new apps that will enhance the G-Note’s S Pen functionality, it was today that Samsung decided to showcase these apps in a new video uploaded to their YouTube channel. Have a look see.

I have to admit, I wasn’t particularly sold on any of these apps after reading the initial press release yesterday, but after seeing them in action, they really do add some extra “oomph” to the Note’s arguably best feature — its stylus. Galaxy Note users have a lot in store for them once ICS finally arrives on their devices in a few short months. Anyone hyped for any of these new S Pen apps? See yourself using any of them? Or has your stylus remained holstered since day 1?

Thanks, Ryan!


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  1. Love the Spen; use it often.  The app updates look very nice.

  2. I would love a Galaxy Note, on T-Mobile.  I tried the S-Pen at a Best Buy though, and was sadly, not overly impressed with how it captured my writing, but perhaps there is a learning curve.

    These apps look very nice, but these days, I tend to look for apps that can be used across devices, and that sync and play well with dropbox and evernote.

    It’s almost always the case that platform specific apps just have no longevity and few upgrade paths in the future.  Unless I know I can use that app in a year or two on the next best Samsung device, I am very likely to never use it, regardless of how useful it seems.  Lock-in like that sucks.

    1. fyi; the S-memo pages can be set now to automatically sync with Evernote.  Evernote then OCR’s them so they are searchable.   So, in the even the SPen doesnt catch on; 10 years from now the Spen memos/sketches will be in your evernote as OCR’d PNGs.

      1. Damn, I so want a Tmo version of this.

        1. the international version & at&t version will work on t-mo. the at&t needs a little love to do so, but not much.

    2. The handwriting recognition isn’t usable IMO. Maybe in the future they’ll tweak it enough to do useful work. Fortunately, Swype works brilliantly on the Note, esp using the pen.

  3. I realy want a galaxy note but its on at&t, hate how these phones are only exclusive to one or two carriers

  4. Makes me more and more happier to own Galaxy Note.
    Improvement coming in S pen Apps, but Samsung plz quicker, this gingerbread version on this awesome hardware Note is driving me crazy, after using ICS on Nexus and SGS2.

  5. “Galaxy Note users have a lot in store for them once ICS finally arrives on their devices in a few short months.”

    Perhaps you’re just being pessimistic, or realistic; but, you do realize that “Q2” begins next week, right? ;)

  6. All I can say is, top those features apple.

  7. would u pls inform me that can i use SPen on my GS2 ?
    im from iran…from where and how can i provide it !!!???!!?!?

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