Mar 21st, 2012

The above image is yet another purported look at the Samsung Galaxy S III. The above image is likely a fake. Though it bares some resemblance to a previous leak (the veracity of which can also be questioned), the latest render provides a look at a design distinct from previous images claimed to showcase Samsung’s next big thing. In this case, the on-screen image is taken from a round of Galaxy S II press renders and the rest of the device borrows from the Galaxy S WiFi 4.2.

While it’s definitely a possibility that the Galaxy S III will share design elements with the Galaxy S WiFi 4.2, which in turn takes cues from the redesigned Galaxy Tab 10.1 N, we’re just not seeing this as the real deal. Sure, it could be an early mockup or hastily assembled bit of promotional material if we are really looking for reasons to believe that what we are looking at is Samsung’s next flagship device, but we wouldn’t hold our breath.

[via GSM Helpdesk]

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