Galaxy S III launch could be bumped up to April, says Samsung China president


Though the folks at Samsung have previously denied rumors of an April launch for the Galaxy S III, one executive still sees it as a possibility. Kim Young-Ha, president of Samsung Greater China, says there is a possibility that the company’s next Android flagship could see its release moved up from May. Plans for the phone’s public availability have not been finalized.

Young-Ha’s comments were among the talking points presented to press in Beijing about Samsung’s desire to be more aggressive in the Chinese market and grow its share there. Whether or not an April release comes to fruition, we now have a Samsung executive on record stating that the phone will launch by May, a fact most assumed to be the case.

[via The Verge]

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  1. I think the bigger news isnt that it will be launched in April, but after the apparent “leak” of pics portraying the S3, SAMMOBILE is reporting that the pic was legit, with even more renders and updated info on specs

    This is more than likely fake though!

  2. Please let the battery be same level as the razor maxx!!!!

  3. Launch the product and bets on how long before Apple finds something to sue them about.

  4. It won’t launch in USA for months anyway… who gives a damn?  Post this story on phandroid.cn =

  5. this will be on VZW or I am Nexus bound… 

  6. How they ever got “release in april” from “ching a ling ling gang a gong” is beyond me

    1. the same as how your stupidity is beyond me

  7. So a Korean phone company that has yet to announce the phone officially has some wack-off from China saying it wont be released til April….

    Until its from the horses mouth, please stop feeding the trolls. This site does this with EVERY Galaxy S phone. Im beginning to hate your site!

  8. …but Verizon won’t release it until December ;)

  9. didnt they just release the Galaxy S 2 ?? this should be pushed back another year or so. 

  10. Wont be released for many many months. April? Yeah right. Do like I plan to and dont click on these stories until at least May

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