Mar 20th, 2012

Onlive announced today that Rockstar’s LA Noire has officially gone gamepad-free, giving users the ability to utilize full touchscreen controls for the hit title. Last year, Onlive’s CEO showed off the all touchscreen controls working on the iPad (although the app is still going through Apple’s approval process) and today, the new control scheme has officially rolled out for Android tablets.

Besides just your standard D-pad/X,Y,A,B button combo, Rockstar has also integrated context-specific touch controls, giving LA Noire the feeling as if it were made natively for the tablet experience.

If you’ve already purchased the game from Onlive, you can expect and update right about now. For those who have yet to experience the title, now would be a good time to try it on your PC, Mac, or tablet via trial or full out purchase.

[Google Play Link | LA Noire Onlive Link]