Samsung Releases Ice Cream Sandwich User Guide For GSII Owners In Europe


Late is always better than never. I suppose that’s exactly what Samsung was thinking after releasing a few PowerPoint slides walking European Galaxy S II users through the Android 4.0 update process for their GT-I9100’s. Samsung went through painstaking detail to make sure every base was covered, almost over complicating what would normally be a simple update process. They did do a rather good job of highlighting all the new ICS features and the entire PP doc has been converted to a handy PDF if you guys want to take the full tour. This will be exactly what GSII users in the states can expect once our carriers finally get around to updating our devices to the TouchWiz’d Ice Cream Sandwich.

[Coolsmartphone | Via Engadget]

Chris Chavez
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  1. GT-I9100*** i9000 was the original S

    1. You would know that, Dima =p

      1. You just got Samsung’d :P

      2. You want to respond to my comment on your terrible “artice” on the Nexus S not getting timely updates?

        Or do you want to keep spouting your bullshit about Google fixing the problem?

        “Google has reached a deal with carriers to support their devices for 18 months”

        “With ICS, fragmentation and updates will be better”

        BULL. SHIT.

        Keep sucking Google’s balls. I’m sure they pay you so well.

        1. Bro I got samsunged too I hate my galaxy s2

  2. meanwhile, HTC thinks upgradable users are too stupid to read a user guide or understand Sense 4.0, or both.

  3. Q. Can I see Adobe flash contents in web browser?
    A. No – To view compatible Adobe Flash contents of a web page, please download 
        Flash player from Android “Play Shop” (Previously known as Android market).

  4. Samsung did a real good job with that PowerPoint.  

  5. HA! Samsung’d….I’m gonna start using that for everything! “You better watch your mouth what you say about Android!!!” **takes Nexus S out of pocket and SLAPS individual in the face with device** “HA BITCH, YOU JUST GOT SAMSUNG’D!!!”   Ya, this will work great

    1. Wow. You are a loser on every level that exists. 

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