Sprint’s Push-To-Talk Making A Comeback On Select Android Devices With New App


If you thought your days of chirpin’ “Where you at?” to your friends and family were well behind you, it looks like Sprint is planning a revival of the service in an upcoming Android app. Apparently, the app will debut as Sprint DirectConnect Now on the Samsung Transform Ultra and give the device walkie-talkie capabilities without the need for iDEN compatible hardware.

Get ready to once again embarrass your friends/family at inopportune times with the press of a button. Anyone out there actually miss push-to-talk on their phone? In case you missed out on the whole push-to-talk craze, here’s a video from back in the day showing you what it was all about.

[PhoneNews | Via SprintFeed]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I dont see a reason for it to come back… no one really ever used it, and for good reason.

    1. depends on what type of work you do…

    2. The linked ad did nearly zero to explain what it actually was.

  2. before kanye went crazy lol 

    1. You mean before the Illuminati got to him O_o

      1. Chris are you going to switch off of sprint or stick with it?

        1. I’ve decided that once my contract is up in June, I’m going to be heading back to T-Mobile or possibly AT&T.

          Might return to Sprint once they get their LTE up and running in my area… 

          1. fair enough i can understand your decision sprint has made a lot of bad choices over the years but for some reason i always seem content with my sprint service

      2. They dont allow his colour…so..yeah :)

  3. Our world has been a better place since this push to talk talk crap has faded away. F sprint in the a for even trying to bring this back, even though we know it won’t catch on.

  4. I have PTT on my home phone – really useful for not yelling from the basement to the second floor.

  5. Several apps on the market with similar functionality for those who feel the need.  I found it really obnoxious back when it was popular and people were using it in public.

  6. Speaker volume on smartphones suck compared to our old phones. This won’t work very well because you won’t really beable to hear.

    Todays loudspeakers are onpar with our old regular speakers. Old loud speakers were actually LOUD. Now they just suck.

    Im frequently having to switch to loud speaker and hold the phone to my face inorder to hear normaly.

    1. That could just be attributed to mowing lawns, going to wild, loud rock parties/concerts, driving around town with your car stereo blasting like all the “cool” kids, etc without using the proper ear protection.

      1.  or it could be the fact that speaker volume quality is nothing like it used to be………

        1. or it could be the general fact that as we get older, our hearing ability decreases….

          1. Yes, this explains why the dumb phones as well as my old pocket pc phones that still work and are on my counter are still louder then current phones. o_O

  7. There are plenty of apps in the market right now for that, like Tikl. I’ve tried Tikl a few times, on several phones and it is rather loud and usable. Not really a fan of PTT.

  8. I could get behind the concept if they had Bluetooth headset use. Sure, anyone can make a call and burn minutes, but PTT with a headset just feels more science-fictiony than holding your phone in front of your face…I would sadly buy handfuls of them if they made PTT work by tapping a Star Trek pin on your shirt. :-/

  9. Hopefully Sprint can push this out and shut down the iDen network ASAP to quickly repurpose that 800 mHz band for voice / 3G (and soon to be LTE coverage). Sick of always switching from 0-1 bars to roaming with full coverage on verizon in my work building. Kills my battery big time.

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