Samsung Galaxy S III’s Secret Weapon Is Wireless Charging [Rumor]


After a handful of Galaxy S III rumors over the weekend… it’s time for yet another one. Like all rumors, take this as a grain of salt. According to the Korean site DDaily, they have it on good authority that Samsung’s “secret weapon” in their upcoming Galaxy S III is that the device will come standard with wireless charging capabilities out of the box. If that doesn’t sound too killer just wait.

Unlike current wireless charging solutions which must have a capable device almost touching the surface of the charging pad, Samsung’s proprietary patented offering will allow for wireless charging anywhere from 1 to 2 meters away from the base. Now, that would be something.

It’s kind of strange how we haven’t seen a more widespread adoption of the wireless charging standard, but once Samsung makes the jump, I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing it on more devices in the future. What do you guys think? Would wireless charging on the Galaxy S III make the device even more desirable?



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  1. It would probably use up more battery than what’s being gained back from charging.

    1. you don’t know how wireless charging works then… please leave

      1. It’s not very efficient, especially at that kind of range.

  2. That would be awesome. I bet Apple would steal that idea and we would see yet another lawsuit. But this one would be legit!

    1. you’ve said this for every single SGS3 rumor.

    2. Actually, apple filed for this patent months ago. Maybe Samsung did too. We’ll see.

      1. nvm. x_X

      2.  Apple filed for a patent on everything that has ever existed and everything that ever will exist or could ever be created.  So they also have a patent on any future children born in the world, as well as AIR, CLOUDS, CHAT and even food, such as MACINTOSH APPLES.  If Apple would simply try to win the game by innovating it wouldn’t piss people off as much.  The magnetic connector they use on their notebooks – it’s awesome.  More of that kind of stuff and less BS lawsuits.  Oh, and trying to patent ‘slide to unlock’ really?  I’ve seen this technology used on doors for the past few hundred years.  While they’re at it they could patent the wheel.

        1. yeah and apple are in trouble with patent infringements w/the icloud thingy with motorola

      3. I think Palm will have applied for the patent some time ago…anyone remember the Pre?  That now means it will now belong to HP!

      4. they applied on a form of wireless charging..once again its a matter who gets granted  ..and palm was first…so i dont think there will be legal problems.

      5. You’re right, actually; the patent is basically a clipboard with a hand-drawn picture of an iphone that has about 10 lightening bolts coming out of it, with the words underneath reading, “Man, this would be so cool”

  3. What I want, is a technology that allows the phones to charge over the network connection. INFINITE CHARGE! 

  4. Yes it is a nice piece of technology that will be adopted worldwide. Regardless I am still getting the Samsung galaxy s3.

  5. Sweet! Id love to have my phone anywhere near my bed and have it charging

  6. It will probably cause cancer. I’d buy it if recharged me after a long day at work.

    1. induction charging uses magnetic fields. do you know what surrounds the earth??

      1. Soooo…if I throw my phone up in the air will it come back down charged?

        1. This has to be the best comeback of the day. To funny

          1. regardless of how utterly ignorant it makes the person sound… it was pretty funny

          2. Right

        2. Try it, throw your phone as high as you can.

          1.  I tried that with my old Blackberry, it’s ready to be put into a pie now.

      2. Ozone kills you. Do you know what surrounds the earth??

        1. …that’s a joke right, otherwise, I think you’d win the prize for most ignorant comment.

          1. I know, right? Thanks for pimp-slapping me back to reality. Just do me a favor and name one part of what I said that wasn’t true. I’ll wait while you work the google on the internet machine.

        2. Tropospheric ozone is a human-caused secondary pollutant that can cause death but usually only results in respiratory problems. It makes up less than 3% of ozone in Earth’s atmosphere. Stratospheric ozone is what protects the Earth from harmful UV rays, which we couldn’t survive without.

          So the ozone that surrounds the earth actually makes life possible :)

          1. Spank you helpy-helperton :). I was making a point to little Scotty Campbell that just because something ‘surrounds the earth’ doean’t mean it isn’t a problem when it’s close to your package/lungs.

          2. that was just an overwhelming example for the hordes of uninformed people that apparently pollute this site. we all pass through countless magnetic fields as we go about our daily lives.

  7. Standard inductive wireless charging has an effective range of only a few millimeters, so, they’re probably using something else. Maybe MIT’s “Witricity”?

    “”The MIT researchers successfully demonstrated the ability to power a 60 watt light bulb wirelessly, using two 5-turn copper coils of 60 cm (24 in) diameter, that were 2 m (7 ft) away, at roughly 45% efficiency”” — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WiTricity

    7ft is approx 2 meters, but that’s some crappy efficiency loss. Wireless charging is decidedly NOT green.

    1.  http://goo.gl/hk8C

      nichola tesla did it better in 189…something haha

      infact the only thing that stopped it according to many places i’ve looked into it was funding from a friend he had a disagreement with realting to what seems to be greed. he cut the income with a quote i’ve read everywhere “if anyone can draw on the power, where do we put the meter?”

      1. I hate Edison. He was a dick.

      2. tesla was awesome. Most underrated inventor in history.

    2. Who gives a rats ass about green? Do u seriously fall for that crap?

      1. OK. It’s wasteful. You pay for electricity that is just dissipating and not going into your phone. You like that any better?

      2. Hell no! Global warming is a commie liberal hoax! Let’s party like it’s 1999!


        1. so your answer is yes, you fell for it.global warming is the biggest scam ever!

          1. The writer of that article provides no scientific evidence to the contrary against global warming (climate change).  Based on his blog, it is just his opinion as their is no scientific research presented and he readily admits that he hasn’t really performed any.  I’m curious why anyone would believe this whole-heartedly when 99% of the scientists in the field have piles of credible evidence supporting the theory?  In addition, as a weatherman, he should know that climate is the average temperature of the past 30 years; and that is well documented for every locale around the world.  As a weatherman, he can easily look up the recorded “climate” for every year for the past 50 years.  It has increased.  It is interesting that he doesn’t mention this at all in his blog.  I have a hard time believing someone when they can’t even look up undisputed facts. 

            I am a Biology major.  I have studied several different fields within biology, and the effects of climate change are very apparent in many of those fields.  Whether it is the average yearly lake water temperatures in my limnological studies over the past 100 years or the disappearance of our snow capped mountain ranges, it is pretty clear things are warming up. 

          2. Ooooh…a major in biology…That makes you an expert in geothermatics…LOL. Maybe when you get to grad school, you’ll realize the drivel that comes out of your TA’s mouth is not necessarily fact. You need to learn to think for yourself. The bigger picture shows that solar activity has more to do with fluctuation than man could–Or maybe all those cars the cavemen were driving took the earth out of the last ice age. Jackass.
            Glad to see the University of Phoenix still lets everyone in to their Biology program.

          3. In response to Ronpaul : Thanks for showing your level of maturity in your response.  I am perfectly willing to accept that solar activity is the cause for climate change.  Point me in the direction of credible, peer reviewed scientific research that supports this theory.  However, I have a feeling we won’t hear from you again with any such evidence.  

            Most research implies that climate change over the Earth’s history has been due to our changing atmospheric conditions.  From one without oxygen, to one with.  And then from varying levels of CO2, methane and other greenhouse gases.  These levels are all measurable via ice cores going back hundreds of thousands of years.  This evidence shows that temperature is very predictable based on the composition and amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  

            If we begin changing the amounts of greenhouse gases, it seems fairly straight forward that we might begin impacting temperature.  

          4. 99% of the scientists? I call BS and challenge you to prove that (you can’t). Man made global warming is a scam. More and more scientists are stepping out and refuting it with each day. But many more are still too afraid. Even Nobel Prize winner and world renowned physicist Ivar Giaever resigned from the American Physical Society because he believed that the APS policy statement that “The evidence is incontrovertible” was complete and total BS. Just do a Google search on this information or on Ivar himself. Just because professors in their ivory towers lecture you about something doesn’t mean it’s true. Stop believing everything they tell you. Science should be to question, test, and challenge – not to accept everything without regard. Hell, even the US’s own government agencies as well as some universities got caught manipulating and cheating data, and some wouldn’t even release their findings (because it was bogus and didn’t want anyone to challenge it). But you won’t hear about that on MSNBC.
            16 Concerned Scientists: No Need to Panic About Global Warming:

          5. Listen to your own ‘Snide’ comment dummy:

                ” IF we begin changing the amounts of greenhouse gases, it  SEEMS FAIRLY  straight forward that we  MIGHT  begin impacting temperature.”

            Haha…you don’t sound so conclusive. In fact, these are built in disclaimers we see in every pro-global warming study. You’re programmed to mislead and lie. Go light another candle beneath your Al Gore poster.

          6. In reply to jawman:  From a poll of over 10,000 scientists in 2009, 3,146 responded:

            mean global temperatures risen compared to pre-1800s levels?” and, “Has
            human activity been a significant factor in changing mean global

            About 90 percent of the respondents agreed with the first question and 82 percent the second.

            Doran determined that climatologists who are active in research showed
            the strongest consensus on the causes of global warming, with 97 percent
            agreeing humans play a role.”

            So 82% of scientists from any given field believe that humans play a significant role in climate change while 97% of scientists performing research in the field of climatology attribute climate change to man. 

            So my apologies, I was off slightly.  So for every 3 scientists that have done research in the field of climatology that agree with your point of view, there are 97 scientists in the same field that disagree..

            In response to RonPaul:  Sorry for my loose language.  Greenhouse gases keep us from freezing at night by absorbing the suns heat and trapping it in the atmosphere.  If you don’t believe me, go hang out on the dark side of the moon for a few a few minutes and see how warm those solar flares keep you.  CO2 is the 2nd largest contributor to the greenhouse effect.  

            Maybe you don’t know how universities work, it isn’t like Fox news.  We don’t have professors preaching to us what they believe and we are expected to blindly believe them.  We study research and are taught how to use the scientific method.  We are taught to form our own theories upon reviewing the best available research.  We are taught to critically examine all research and find the flaws in methodology.  

            I think this common idea that scientists just all just want to agree with each other is amazing.  Scientists like nothing better than to prove each other wrong, it is what they live for.  So the fact that 97% of scientists in the field of climatology all agree on something says volumes.  That is not to say that someone couldn’t come through and prove them all wrong, but as the years go by and no one has any credible research to discredit them, those chances grow slimmer and slimmer.  It is one thing to say that you don’t believe them or that 3% of their colleagues don’t believe them, I respect that; but show me the evidence, that is all that matters. 

      3. Do u seriously fall for that other crap? Nuke the whales!

      4.  If he did, he’d be off the internet, which uses a ton of electricity. Global warming advocates are more interested in getting other people to change, not themselves. Nobody really wants to live like a cave man in order to appease Mother Gaia.

  8. Neat, but I fear my testicles will glow even more.than they already do…

  9. Seems like a gimmick, but it might be a cool feature to have.. definitely something to show off to your iPhone friends… :) 

    1.  lol why does everything that doesn’t correlate to raw power get called a gimmick.

  10. I always forget to plugin my current phone so this would be THE GREATEST THING EVER!
    If I could just toss my phone onto my desk and have it charge it would dave me tons of trouble

  11. Does it come with free cancer? I’m usually not paranoid, but when there’s been studies showing wifi can drop your sperm count, I can only imagine what long range wireless charging will do.

    1. that “study” was crap. a “scientist” set a petri dish with semen in it on a laptop for a few hours and found out that more sperm cells died in that dish than in an isolated one. not taking into account the heat factor, as your sperm cells are very sensitive to temperature, which is why your testicles hang off of your body. also, the semen was set DIRECTLY onto the computer. now, if you use your scrotum to operate your scratchpad, then maybe youll have a problem. secondlyyyyyy, magnetic fields are everywhere. literally. everywhere. which is what induction charging uses.

  12. This would be a game changer if implemented well

  13. I’d rather take a phone that I don’t have to charge constantly than one with inductive charging…

    1. Obviously, there will be a switch to turn it off :-/

    2.  or you could have both?

  14. Game changer in indeed. Less cords FTW!

  15. Groundbreaking 1900s technology!

  16. I’d rather kinetic charging…

    1. I have an Etch-a-sketch you can borrow

      1. That’s kinetic rebooting.

  17. I rather have bigger batteries. This is stupid. Who the hell even uses their phones at home. The majority of times you are out and about.

    1. I use my cell phone at home and around town. I pay for min. I never use up. It just goes on and on, rolling over and over. A bigger battery would be great!

    2. true but just like they have charging stations at malls and airports imagine being out at restaurant who supported this and your phone charging while you eat

  18. It is fake this technology would have made someone billions of $$$ just imagine you would no longer need cables for your home entertainment system, computers, kitchen appliances, and so on.

    1. 2 meters…..think of how close your cig lighter is to you in your car……a little over a meter…..epic win

    2.  Actually, they have prototypes of TVs that use wireless charching. It’s not two meters, but rather half a meter, but then the TV uses A LOT more power than recharching your phone would need. It’s on the way, just wait for it :) The future is wireless.

  19. Yeah, this is totally bogus…. wireless charging from a few millimeters I would believe (since that tech is already proven and widely available)…from a few feet, I don’t think so.

    1.  There’s a few ~2m range wireless charging systems in development. I doubt the SGS3 will have this but it is coming. Witricity is one, Fujitsu have another one. If it was a tech that is proven and widely available, it wouldn’t be much of a secret weapon :)

      1. Have you seen the antennas they use?  I don’t think this phone will come in a box the size of a refrigerator.

  20. maybe a dangerous thing to say cause icould steal such a idea and come out with it first.

  21. I dont know if that is gonna be something huge ! but for me i would love if they release a 3500mA battery version wireless charging or not, i can sacrifice how thin my device is and i dont care if they have a thinness race with other companies but cannot sacrifice battery life !

  22. Sounds magical!  I wants it!

  23. I would love wireless charging on s phone

  24. Not a secret anymore now is it?

  25. Generally inductive charging is inefficient, best numbers I have seen fall into the 85% range.  Most of the induction systems I have seen/used generate increased heat within the device being charged, which is generally bad for batteries and circuits.  I wonder how they are either reducing or managing the heat?   Hurray, your phone charges without wires but it burns out much faster?

  26. If you set an Asian based SGSIII next to a European based SGSIII next to a US based SGSIII and charge them all at the same time….the US phone’ll charge last. 
    -grin- smh  at US wannabe iCrap sycophants. They constantly sh*t all over you and still you act like little school girls. Embarrassing.

  27. Very cool…I’d love to see this…or retrofit this to my current GSII if possible.  In fact, our sister company eCoupled was one of the first on the market…in fact, it’s been in our water treatment units for years already.  The shocker is, our company is Amway, headquartered here in West Michigan.  In fact, General Motors has some clocks powered by this technology that don’t require any wiring for power. This could really give Samsung an edge if the form factor is thin enough.

  28. This would make me leave HTC and go back to Samsung. I guess I’ll have to wait for this to release to go for it or go for the Padfone if possible.

  29. How lazy have we become when plugging your phone in becomes too difficult?  I mean really, having your device charge wirelessly does nothing but make it a novelty feature, it’s certainly not a game changer or something I can’t live without.

    1.  It’s not about being lazy. I would say the number one issue, when it comes to repairs, is charger ports breaking from continued plugging in and out. Laying your phone down on a mat eliminates that issue. Game changer? No. But it does drastically reduce wear and tear.

    2. Come on, in this hectic, crazy fast paced day and age, every second counts. If every day I saved the few seconds that it takes me to plug my phone in, I would probably save like, 5 hours a month. I mean, geez, think of all the things I could do with that extra five hours! 

      While I hope you noticed the sarcasm in that first paragraph, I do actually think this would be pretty cool. It’s not so much about being lazy, as it is about the fact that if something can be easier and more convenient, why not make it so? Also, I think the advancement in technology is great. It’s getting closer to what I posted in my earlier comment, making it so your phone can charge from anywhere. INFINITE CHARGE!

      1. The infinite charge bit is probably more about reducing the power usage. They could then put a movement thingy in there that charges when you move the phone around. You know like a lot of watches. Maybe even charge by you swiping on the screen and so on. With enough reduce in power usage, the phone would last forever.

  30. How about something on the next level like solar charging whenever it’s exposed to light or, charging from motion when you’re carrying it – like a Rolex winds when you move.

    1.  Yup, this is probably the future. The power usage is being reduced with every model and the speed is still increased. Soon enough they will have a lightning fast CPU with close to zero power usage. Then we can have it power by movement or by the kinetic energy generated when you move your hand on the display and so on.

  31. No. I wouldn’t buy a Samsung phone even if it could print money, and had a lifetime warranty.

  32. wow so when I get home just by sitting down on my desk or lying down phone will be automatically charged?

    +1 For GALAXY S III & Samsung!!!

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