HTC Has Top Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Between Android OEMs in Latest J.D. Powers and Associates Survey


J.D. Powers and Associates have released the results from their biannual smartphone satisfaction survey. While Apple unsurprisingly topped the list for the seventh straight quarter, we still look forward to seeing where Android manufacturers rank among themselves.

HTC was the leading Android OEM with a score of 798 out of 1,000. Their aggressive change in their design philosophy for 2012 onward would lead you to believe that customers weren’t all too happy with the current state of their product line-up, but that doesn’t seem to be reflected in these results.

Of course, us blog and forum dwellers don’t account for much of HTC’s overall fanbase so cries for change are probably more overstated than they really are. Samsung managed to score just below them at 769, and Motorola earned themselves a score of 758, both very respectable scores. [Twice via Droid Dog]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Worst day of my Android days.. how did this happen?

    1. Signed!

    2. Signed it

  2. I’ve very much enjoyed my HTC handsets along with Sense and I’ve just pre ordered the One X because of it. All the handsets I’ve had experience of (Hero, Desire, Desire S and Desire HD) have been superb in build quality, design and software and their customer support is great in my experience, so this result comes as no surprise to me.

  3. I’m still rocking an OG EVO 4G. I got Gingerbread in a timely fashion after it launched and now that it’s been abandoned I have CM7 to extend its life. I’ve looked longfully at the Galaxy S phones over the past 2 years, but HTC’s customer commitment, overall quality, and the possibility of the One X landing on Spring just might be enough to make me a return customer. 

    BTW, I’m STILL waiting for the ICS update for my Galaxy Tab 8.9. I’m really indifferent about Samsung these days.

  4. Love my Desire S and the Hero before it. Saying that, now that I’ve been running AOSP ICS ROMs for a while, I can’t stand Sense any more!


  6. Obviously.. no contest. No other mobile company can touch them.

  7. HTC makes the best phones period.

  8. My first Android phone was Samsung Fascinate which I thought was phenomenal apart from all the crap Verizon put on it. Bought my wife a Thunderbolt. We HATE it. Feels terribly cheap and Sense is completely overdone to the point that it impacts the performance of the phone. Everyone says aluminum makes for a quality phone but I disagree. My Galaxy Nexus feels infinitely more premium than the Bolt. HTC can go to hell I will never buy anything but Samsung again.

    1. I hope you didn’t just recently buy that Thunderbolt. It’s been criticized pretty heavily almost since it came out. Anyone who buys without doing research deserves whatever they get.

      That said, the Thunderbolt had a lot of flaws, but it was a but of a rare miss from HTC. The rest of their devices have been quite capable, and the new One X looks like a solid hit.

    2. I have had my Tbolt for over a year, and other than the battery and a few minor issues it has been perfect.  works smooth as glass, unlike Samcrap and their cheap cheezy hardware

  9. Haha wannabe iPhone (Samsung) fanboys are fainting everywhere.

    1. Hahahahaha!!!

    2. Nope, we just keep using our awesome phones, ignoring what a small fraction of the population that was polled think.

      1. Nope, we just keep using our awesome phones, ignoring the reality that Samsung dumps all over US users. Blocking out what an overwhelming majority of Americans already know…that even Vietnam gets the new stuff before we do. – signed stupid backup chic

    3. How can someone be a “wannabe” fanboy? If you want to be a fanboy you are, it’s kind of the definition.

  10. Wow all of those different android OEMS each with 20 different models released every month and not a single one could dethrone the iPhone. Samsung btw you just got iphoned lmao :P

    1. That’s not the way it works…

  11. I love my HTC!

  12. Love my HTC! I hope that they keep putting on kickstands on their phones. I think that feature is huge!

  13. Atrix 4G… only a few tiny things I dont like. Probably would give it a 9/10. Go android.

  14. I work for Verizon. I always tell my customers, ” Go with either HTC or Samsung. We see more problems on the Motorola & LG devices… and Pantech is a complete joke!”

    1. Motorola makes a solid product. They just can’t make software for crap (which is fixable in this community).

  15. HTC is definitively making strides to improve the Android experience for consumers.  I’ll def. give them credit for unlocking bootloaders and supporting older devices. 

  16. I’ve only had HTC android phones and one Samsung for a month. But i love HTC. It’s the only android device I’ll own. (that or iPhone) but I like unique good looking devices and HTC delivers. Their speeds are plenty and HTC sense makes the phone amazing. People complain about it but It’s puts android to a new level with all the widgets, and special apps.

  17. I was patient with my Thunderbolt and I’m glad I was. It was a guinea pig phone for Verizon 4G LTE network. I have mine still and remain quite happy with it.

  18. HTC hands down makes better android phones, the problem for HTC is that while the phones are better quality the thinner and lighter designs of samsung phones have a better immediate appeal in the store, I find HTC phones pretty much always have better reception, faster gps locks and  when they do have bugs the problems can be fixed by software, unlike samsung phones whose problems can’t be fixed by software like GPS issues or reception issues because their hardware isn’t designed as well, the nexus gets worse reception and slower download speeds than my tbolt. Note that for work, I also have an AT&T galaxy S2 and I used to own a captivate so I have a lot of experience with Samsung phones. Motorola phones never appealed to me because they are so locked down, and from the reviews problems are common.

    I’m very excited for HTC’s 2012 lineup of phones, which I think will appeal to the average person in the store more, hopefully they do something about HTC’s one weakness (battery life). Most likely in november when I’m up for an upgrade it’ll be an HTC, When people ask me about what phone to get I almost always suggest HTC and give samsung or Motorola as a secondary options. Other brands I never suggest.

    I hope HTC gets some market share back from Samsung and Motorola , they deserve it.

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