HTC Devices to Be Pre-Installed With LogMeIn Rescue for Better Device Support


HTC and LogMeIn have partnered up to offer the latter’s Rescue service on all HTC phones (carrier approval pending) moving forward. The software will be of convenience to both you and HTC. LogMein Rescue allows customer care and support representatives to remotely control your phone to help troubleshoot any issues you may be having.

It’s a customer care rep’s dream. I can tell you first hand that it can sometimes be extremely frustrating to walk a customer through an interface or a procedure without being able to visually show them what to do. With LogMeIn Rescue, all of that is out of the window. It saves time and headache for both the rep and the customer.

Worried about privacy? Don’t be – no rep can remotely control your phone unless you grant them permission. More than just being able to view the and control the user’s phone, reps will be able to run diagnostics test and send device and network configuration settings for those issues which require more than just a few taps and a reboot. Expect to see this on HTC One devices whenever they launch. Read on for full press details.

LogMeIn to Provide Android Mobile Support for HTC

LogMeIn Named Preferred Provider of Mobile Remote Support Software for HTC’s Android Devices

WOBURN, Mass., March 19, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –LogMeIn, Inc. (Nasdaq:LOGM) has entered into an agreement as HTC’s preferred mobile remote support software provider. HTC will employ LogMeIn Rescue—LogMeIn’s flagship remote support and customer care offering—across its worldwide call centers, delivering state-of-the-art remote support to HTC customers.

Future HTC devices that run on the growing Android OS will feature LogMeIn Rescue, giving HTC customer care and support staff the ability to remotely configure, diagnose and troubleshoot a technical issue wherever the customer has a data connection. The LogMeIn capability will offer HTC customers with advanced over-the-air mobile support at a moment’s notice, virtually anywhere in the world.

“HTC is committed to providing the best and most personal customer experience in the mobile industry, from designing great products to delivering superior after-sales service and support,” said Simon Harper, VP of global customer experience at HTC. ”We believe LogMeIn’s technology, team and vision are a great match for HTC and for our customers and will allow us to continue to create great experiences for our customers.”

HTC will pre-deploy a user-enabled LogMeIn Rescue applet on future HTC Android devices, with the mobile operator’s consent. The pre-deployed applet gives customers the ability to securely connect their devices to HTC customer care representatives during active support calls. Once connected, HTC technicians can run remote diagnostics, push common device and network configuration settings, and remotely control the customer’s device to resolve issues.

“We believe that a focus on the overall customer experience helps to define the most respected brands in mobile,” said Lee Weiner, LogMeIn’s VP of Customer Care products. “For market leaders like HTC, customer care initiatives can provide key opportunities for differentiation in an increasingly crowded marketplace. By working hand-in-hand with one of the world’s most respected manufacturers, we believe we have a great opportunity to create a new standard for mobile customer care.”

LogMeIn Rescue gives helpdesks and support staff the ability to remotely configure, diagnose and troubleshoot tablets (iOS, Android), smartphones (Android, iPhone, Symbian, BlackBerry) as well as PCs and Macs.  A web-based offering, Rescue combines remote control with device configuration, live chat and diagnostics capabilities, enabling customer service teams to fix common issues on any device with a web or mobile connection, as if the device were in their hands.

About LogMeIn, Inc.

LogMeIn (Nasdaq:LOGM) provides essential cloud-based services to individuals, businesses, and IT organizations for remote access, collaboration, customer care, and remote IT management. These services are used by more than 15 million people to quickly, simply and securely connect over 150 million internet-enabled devices across the globe — computers, smartphones, iPad™ and Android™ tablets, and digital displays. LogMeIn is based in Woburn, Massachusetts, USA, with offices in Australia, Hungary, India, Japan, the Netherlands, and the UK.

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  1. nice option for many non-tech savvy users. but there will people who are going to cry wolf no matter what…

    1. True.  I also wonder how much HTC is invested in helping out their customers using this method.   What kind of staff will they employ to get into people’s phones?   Is this a world-wide thing or is the scope much smaller?

  2. Good to hear. HTC is still the best! Even J.D. thinks do.

    1. J.D. is a joke.   It’s not like people look up their website before purchasing a product these days.   J.D. Power and ASSociates are an island unto themselves.   They’re about as relevant as Consumer Reports or Encyclopedia Britannica.

  3. I read this kind of thing and it makes me wanna cringe. It’s one of Android’s biggest downfalls… OEMs and their deciding “what a consumer wants” by pre-installing this type of nonsense garbage. There’s a reason there’s the Play Store… you get your phone and put on it what you want as opposed to uninstallable bloat that a person may never use… so frustrating!

    But, then again… that’s why I always use Nexus phones (GSM for the Galaxy, won’t even use the Verizon version because of their bogus taint they put on there).

    1. In all fairness, that is the case with all manufacturers (not just Android). With Apple or Microsoft, you get whatever they want to give you – customer has no say in it. (With Microsoft, if it is installed as a separate application, you can at least uninstall it, but I’d guess that they will be happy to install junk and just make it not visible to consumer).
      I agree without your solution though – make it available in the app/play store/market and let the customer install what they need/want!

      1. Or just make pre-installed stuff… you know… NOT part of the ROM, so you can just uninstall it.

      2. The difference with Apple, though, is that there’s no *third party* software installed… that’s the way it should be, just like when you buy a Nexus. Let the end user decide which brand of remote assistance tool they want to use if they even need one at all, don’t force one on them because LogMeIn made a deal with HTC.

        1. Whether it is crap from a third party or crap from apple/google/microsoft, give the customer the option of uninstalling any non-core-OS application.

    2. Don’t worry, for the users who know how, they will uninstall this/custom roms/root…etc etc.

      For those who doesn’t know what’s going on, they might need help.

  4. More bloatware!  Yay!

    1. how so?  It’s an app… easily deleted.

      1. Pre-installed means part of the ROM.  Can’t be deleted/uninstalled unless you root.

        1.  For the people who knows, they already know how to root and done so.

          For those who don’t, they don’t care.

          1. Not so.  I know how to root and choose not to.

          2.  Fine, for the people who knows and want to.
            If you don’t want to, good for you.
            You see a problem and you know how to fix it and yet you don’t…nice.

  5. I think it is a good choice.. No everyone is a tech savvy person.. If you don’t like it, go ahead and delete the app.

    1. Pre-installed means part of the ROM.  Can’t be deleted/uninstalled unless you root.

  6. This isn’t gonna work in Verizon there working in the exact same thing.

  7. I thought HTC said less bloatware with HTC Sense 4.0 whats up with this? This should be optional not pre-installed

  8. Here we a replacement for Carrier IQ in the works

  9. Lot of apps are still recording and tagging what you are doing after you have removed them.

    1.  Such as??

  10. This will be the first thing removed by devs at xda.

  11. Expect this to be installed on the HTC ONE line-up of phones?

    Nothing like punting on 1st & 10…………

  12. I’d put this on my wife’s & mom’s phones in a second as long as I can use it to support their needs… If it’s only going to allow HTC or the carrier to help them, it’d be the 1st thing I pulled from the phone after I rooted it.

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