What’s new with the Google Play Store (version 3.5.15) [VIDEO]


A new update is rolling out to the Google Play Store for Android devices bringing the digital marketplace’s version number to 3.5.15. Though it won’t be immediately noticeable, enough has changed to warrant a quick video rundown of what you can expect in the store’s latest iteration.

Reviews now list the associated device (just like in the online counterpart) and sorting options can parse down ratings based on app version. You can also choose to view only reviews associated with your current device and arrange views by date or their level of helpfulness.  In the My Apps pane we now find two swipe-able tabs that divide your currently installed apps and apps that you have downloaded or purchased but have yet to install on your device. A drop down allows for users with multiple associated accounts to quickly jump between their app libraries.

Otherwise, Google has kept things pretty similar to the previous release. You won’t need to completely readjust as was the case with some updates to the phased-out Android Market. If you haven’t received version 3.5.15 and don’t want to wait, a quick google search should find you the APK you need to manually install the update.


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  1. Love the market since going to the tile format.  It’s great to see Google put so much attention into Android, gives me a lot of confidence the OS won’t be sued into oblivion by jealous competitors.

  2. the All installed tab is not that great since there is no way to sort the apps scrolling like a mad man until your finger burns in flames is not an option at least not for me :P Google needs to sort this tab out. maybe adding a feature to split it in categories paid/free and further to subcategories – media, games, widgets, photos, social, etc

    1. Good idea actually

    2. ahh and a positive fact about it.. seems snapier, browsing exp seems smoother than before 

    3. I really wish Google would allow users to remove old purchased apps (or any apps for that matter) from this list.

      I still have silly apps like advanced task killer (hasn’t been a useful app since 2.1) from my OG Droid running 2.0.1.

  3. It needs a purchased tab

    1.  YES!!!!

  4. I like the new tabs. Unlike how amazon keeps your free apps in the list, Google play didn’t. Good change, now they need to give the option to turn off the dpi checks.

  5. “All” tab has everything app you have ever downloaded, whether free or paid, installed or not. Makes it literally impossible to navigate. Downgraded back to previous version.

    1. No reason to downgrade because of that – just ignore the extra tab until they update it to allow for sorting by pay/free/installeddate.

  6. Didn’t like the “all” tab in the my apps section. Down graded back to version 3.4.7

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