Mar 16th, 2012

A new updated Google Play store should be hitting your devices in the coming hours. Droid-Life got word that version 3.5.15 is hitting some user’s devices which, aside from the usual bug fixes (some of my apps have remained in a perpetual state of “update” status), brings new features like tabs to show every app you’ve ever downloaded called “All” and a list of apps currently up to date. Not much else is known, so we’ll just have to wait from the official word from Google before we know what else is new.

Oh — and don’t try forcing the update by “uninstalling updates” from the Google Play app on your unrooted device. A derp friend of mine did just that, and ended up uninstalling the entire Market app from his phone. Guess that’s what he gets for making fun of those n00bs the other day who mistakenly thought they did the same.

Download: Google Play 3.5.15 Thanks, Vachea/Artem!

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