Google Play Update Rolling Out – 3.5.15 Should Be Hitting Your Device Soon [Download]


A new updated Google Play store should be hitting your devices in the coming hours. Droid-Life got word that version 3.5.15 is hitting some user’s devices which, aside from the usual bug fixes (some of my apps have remained in a perpetual state of “update” status), brings new features like tabs to show every app you’ve ever downloaded called “All” and a list of apps currently up to date. Not much else is known, so we’ll just have to wait from the official word from Google before we know what else is new.

Oh — and don’t try forcing the update by “uninstalling updates” from the Google Play app on your unrooted device. A derp friend of mine did just that, and ended up uninstalling the entire Market app from his phone. Guess that’s what he gets for making fun of those n00bs the other day who mistakenly thought they did the same.

Download: Google Play 3.5.15 Thanks, Vachea/Artem!

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Lol you noob

  2. “A friend” NICE!

  3. Verizon actually sent me a text about the name change. Even though I knew about it, it was nice for the people that probably didn’t. I also hate it when people don’t call it “Play Store”

    1.  It’s called “Play Shop” in my country (UK) so that’s why I’m not calling it “Play Store”.

    2. It’s kind of hard to call it the “Play Store” when some of us have been calling it the “Android Market” for over 3 years.

      1. F**k Play Store. It will forever remain the Android Market, idgaf.

    3. It’s the market. It’s the Andorid g d Market and it always will be. Play Store makes it sound like I’m using some Coby knockoff of the PSP.

  4. I could swear that was you Chris =D

    1. Found more changes related to reviews. Digging this update now even more.

      1. Its fixes a bug too, when your playing music through you headphones with play music and once you go into the play store to look for some tunes and once you tap artist it automatically stop the music for no apparent reason it fixed but when u listen to a sample song the music you were listening to doesn’t not revert back to play. 

  5. Android police has the download if u don’t like waiting

  6. i tried to force it. it converted back to market, then updated back to 3.4.7

  7. Had 7 apps that needed updated on my Razr after the new 3.5.15 installed. Weirdest was MOG music which all of a sudden needs access to sensitive info. Nope.

    Definitely like the installed/all apps tabs.

    Now if Google could just bring the long-press to update a single app. Too many steps if just one app needs updating. It should at least take you to the accept and approval page if permissions change.

  8. making phone of those n00bs
    Phone ? LOL.

    I don’t understand why so many of you were making phone of the noobs. AFIAC, they’re just normal people.

    I’m a dev and have been working with micros since the first ones, SCMP, 8080…, But I don’t expect biologists to laugh at me because I know next to nothing about bio.

    1. Such an interesting typo. I find that a lot of the times I write phonetically and don’t think about the spelling of every word I write.. It’s so weird. Not sure what that says about my brain but, yeh. =p

  9. good luck finding your purchased apps in the “all” category if you haven’t already installed them…

    no, im serious… I have gone through hundreds of apps and themes and such and finding all my purchased apps that arent installed on my phone was a fucking nightmare… this update gets the 100% thumbs down from me… that change is fucking terrible…

    1. No need to repeat anything, I wholeheartedly agree. 100%. I just wish I had more hands so I could give this update 4 thumbs DOWN!

  10. Stupid question: tried to download from link using chrome on my g nexus.  just gave me a zip file which Office Suite wanted to open…then when i used androzip, i couldnt find the apk.  
    The solution for me was to download it on computer, dropbox it, then install apk that way.  
    I have to be missing the easiest way to do things, can someone point me in the right direction?!

    1. I havent tried it with this file,but in the past when thats happened to me i just renamed the file .APK instead of .zip with astro and thats worked for me.If that dosnt work i downloaded it onto my Nexus on Droid-life artical with stock browser and it downloaded fine. Hope that helps

  11. Hey, speaking of updates, when will phandroid get updated, on ice cream sandwich its buggy as hell, and the coming soon icons have been on the splash screen forever

    1. It’s already being a worked on. A whole new app built from scratch. Soon soon soon :D

  12. New Play Store sucks. Records every app you have ever downloaded under “All”, whether free or purchased. Makes navigating it impossible.

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