Sneaky YouTube Update Enables HD Playback for Pre-Honeycomb Devices (Galaxy Note)


Okay, so the YouTube app has been updated in the Google Play store today and this one was a little more sneaky than most. Seeing how the official YouTube app is already installed on your device, jumping into your apps list wont show you that an update is available. No, sir. You’re going to have to update this one manually by searching for the app yourself, and clicking update. Wasn’t so hard now, was it?

The update will bring the YouTube app up-to-date with version 2.4.4 (previously, 2.3.4) and although it doesn’t seem like all that much has changed, apparently, there is a new “HD option” for applicable pre-Honeycomb devices. I’m guessing this is for those of you with Samsung Galaxy Notes, given you’re the only ones with that big and beautiful HD display but still running Gingerbread. Let us know if you see the new HD option. Cheers!

[Google Play Link | HD YouTube video (for testing)]

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  1. That update actually started rolling out a couple weeks ago. I dunno about the note, but it definitely helps on any 2.2 / 2.3 tablets that may still be out there.

    1. Yeah, officially, it went out on the 1st but I didn’t even know about it until today seeing how it doesn’t let the user know of the update like the rest of the apps on the Market. Good lookin’ out =)

  2. I have had the HD option for a few weeks already on my Nook Tablet running CM7 and yeah there are a ton of tablets running GB still.

  3. There is also now a setting that you can check to have videos start in HQ always.

  4. I’ve had it on my rezound for a week now.

  5. It’s not much different at all but nice to have hd

  6. I’ve had HD toggle set to auto set on my 2.3 Original Galaxy Tab???? And my wife manualy toggles her 2.3 Driod Incredible. How is this new? I use my Driod Charge to provide 4G hotspot or it buffers too much on 3G with HD.

  7. Umm, I had HD playback on note with the previous YouTube update which was a few weeks ago.

    1. i just got my note recently (was shipped more than a week ago) and it played hd already as well…

  8. Rezound

  9. Strangely my Xoom (non-stock ICS) needed this update, so thanks!

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