Dutch court denies Samsung patent infringement claims against Apple


In a case similar to one involving Motorola in Germany, Samsung is seeking the ban of Apple’s iPhone and iPad in the Netherlands based on 3G patent infringement claims. The accusations aren’t going to fly with the Hague court reviewing the dispute. The Dutch court has ruled that Samsung cannot enforce 3G patents because the Korean company has a pre-existing licensing agreement with Qualcomm in the US.

The one benefit of the court’s decision is that it clears Samsung to claim rights against products that deploy Intel silicon. As of this time, that doesn’t include any members of the iPhone family, but Samsung is still looking on the bright side. An official statement read, “”the ruling by the Hague court provides Samsung with a legal basis to move forward with the protection of our patent rights,” the South Korean firm said in a statement. Samsung has and will continue to stand ready to meet its obligations in licensing its technology on fair and reasonable terms.”

[via SammyHub]

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  1. “There are only two things I can’t stand in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures… and the Dutch.”

    1. Coming from West Michigan, you cannot believe how funny this is!!!

  2. Great so can we quit trying to sue each other now and start innovating again.   I hate Apple, but both sides need to man up and drop this crap.

    1. It seems that apple is buying all the displays for the new ipad from samsung (no other company could build them the way apple wanted, not LG, not Sharp) and also they are designing the AMOLED HD screen for the next iPhone. So, business as usual.

      This legal battles are not other thing that money to them. We are the only ones getting passionate.

  3. This is my surprised face……..

  4. Now we know who’s got more money to bribe:) 
    (not that we didn’t already)

  5. In unrelated news the Dutch are building a new courthouse… 

  6. Can’t expect to get very far with FRAND patents. Samsung should know better. It was silly to sue for these patents in the first  place. Motorola is also learning that lesson. 

  7. Yet Apple was able to ban HTC products over some touchscreen technology owned by some company.

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