ARCHOS G9 Turbo tablets now shipping with Ice Cream Sandwich


ARCHOS has gone Android 4.0 happy. Not long after releasing the update for existing G9 series tablets, the company has begun offering their G9 Turbo slates with Ice Cream Sandwich pre-installed. Both the 8-inch ARCHO 80 G9 Turbo and 10.1-inch ARCHOS 101 G9 Turbo have been treated to the latest version of Android and will run the new OS out of the box. The Turbo models get a slight processor boost to 1.2GHz and 1.5GHz respectively. Right now availability seems relegated to ARCHOS’ UK online store, where the smaller edition goes for as low as £199.98 while the larger starts at £249.98.

[via Eurodroid]

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  1. And how about the first tablets, that have never seen any Android OS for tablets, but still have the slow phone software Android 2.2? Archos has forgotten about the early adaptors, poor after sales. I don’t recommend anybody to buy this french crap, if you don’t believe me, just try and have the same opinion within a year with loss of your money.

    1. Oh comon man! Even HTC, Sony, Dell, Motorola, etc etc have not yet upgraded all their old devices to ICS yet! You can’t expect Archos to upgrade Gen8 within 2 days of them finally being able to release the Gen9 to ICS just a few days ago. The Gen8 can get ICS officially or unofficially eventually, soon enough for sure, but don’t expect them to make it a priority. The ICS on G9 still has a few bugs they need to concentrate on first. When Google released ICS, it was mainly OMAP4 optimized, Gen8 is OMAP3, so it’s obviously not the first platform that can get the ICS software update.

      1. Well, we didn’t get 2.3, we didn’t get 3.x, so why should I even think we’ll get 4? It’s poor, very poor after sales of Archos, they are just interested in selling new devices. Not to me anymore, that’s for sure.

        1. 2.3 was mainly a smartphone related update and 3.0 was not open source.

          1. Can be, but 2.3 could have speed the thing up at least. I’m not aware of the fact that 3.x was not open source??? But anyways, I don;t expect anything anymore from Archos, they don’t even answer my emails about this matter. I’ve already bought their device and from then I’m dead for them, they already have my money.

          2. Of course they don’t want to answer your emails all the time, you don’t even know 3.0 was not open source. If you want more info do some searches on and seriously, don’t complain you were able to buy an awesome 7″ tablet 12 months before the Kindle Fire, at the same price as the Kindle Fire and that arguably still today is better than the Kindle Fire (has kick-stand, HDMI out, Micro-SD card slot, open software platform (not Kindle Store only without root), stereo front facing speakers, much better video/audio file formats support, etc etc.) If you don’t like it anymore you can probably get more than $120 for it on ebay today which is about half of what you probably paid 15 months ago for it, which is normal for consumer electronics after 15 months of use to halve in value when sold used.

  2. I read somewhere that the “updated” turbo models (shipping with Android 4.x ICS) will also receive a memory upgrade from 512MB to 1GB. Can you get this confirmed Phandroid? A 101 G9 with 1GB would definitly be awesome since one of the major disadvantages of the 101 G9 (and maybe other G9 models) is the lack of 1GB memory. What you guys think?

    1. You can choose how much RAM you want, there’s about a $20 difference.

      1. Thank you for you answer Charbax, can you tell me your source for this information or where to order an 101 G9 with 1GB memory, because I can’t find anything on the Archos official store or other resellers about the device with 1GB. Thanks!

  3. Charbax, couldn’t reply in the thread anymore.

    Open Source or not, there are even chinese tablets with Android 3.x in toy stores here in Holland… And Archos didn’t even made an attempt with Android 2.3. Also, you completely forget that Archos sold me a tablet saying there would be tablet software soon, and 15 months later it’s still not available. Archos is just not willing to update, they are to busy with new products
    Last but not least: I’m not selling anything (yet), because I’m still hoping the guys at openAOS can do something for me. Not interested in throwing away money either, even it are euro’s.

    1. Let me know which Honeycomb chinese tablets you are talking about. I don’t really believe you. Mainly few tegra2 devices ever shipped with Honeycomb. Archos 70b IT OMAP3 based at $199 is Honeycomb temporarily, couple MSM8620 tablets were with Honeycomb, that’s about it. The Chinese tablets with Rockchip, Telechips, Boxchip, AmLogic skipped Honeycomb and are upgrading to ICS directly.

      There was no reason to attempt 2.3 on Gen8 as ICS is what is really needed. Archos sold you a tablet that has had 15 or 20 firmware updates since it was released in September 2010. You really cannot complain, that’s 5x more software updates than all other tablet companies combined. Archos has advanced multimedia stuff, other advanced features that competing tablet makers don’t even consider adding on top of Android.

      I’m sure there is going to be ICS for Gen8, hopefully an official release in the next 1-2 months, but if not official (perhaps too much work to officially down-optimize smooth ICS on OMAP3/256mb RAM/WVGA), for sure the openAOS people using the official SDE rooting multi-boot firmware wil do something with ICS soon, they might even have some test ICS firmwares for Gen8 now already.

      1. Well, during the Euro League tonight I tried to find them on the sites of the stores I saw them in november 2011, when i was shopping for ‘Sinterklaas’ gifts for my nephews. I’m 100% sure i saw at least one at Bart Smit (, 10 inch, price must have been around 200 and I guess it was tomtec (chinese?), 95% sure. It was honeycomb for 100% sure, and I was very much amazed by the speed. Don’t knwo anything about processor, you know much more about that than me I can read.

        Another one was at Mediamarkt (, also 10 inch and more expensive than the one at Bart Smit and last but not least not as pleasant and fast like that one. But also on the website of MediaMarket: no sign of it anymore! I only see 2.3 stuff everywhere also when I search with google????? As I received a lot of advertising material on my doormat those days, i just checked some other stores….. same. I don’t see honeycomb with budget tablets anywhere, so I guess you are right? I also saw a reasonable one at Aldi, but that was EUR 400, so not a budget device. Never played with that one unfortunately. Gues they never sold them as they are too expensive for Aldi I’m afraid, but who knows they will for sale some day for 50%?  :-)

        I truly believe that 2.3 would have been a great thing for the tablet. It’s so slow, that I only use it to record TV shows to view later.

        Also I don’t think we’ll hear from Archos as far as the internet tablets are concerned. It’s history for them, otherwise they would have told me earlier in answer on my mails. It’s a pity, I bought 3 Archos 70’s for my family and only one person is happy.

        Thanks for all your time and answers to deal with me!

        1. HA! My memory is still good…

 (sorry, mainly in dutch, use a translate service to read more)
          But that would mean that Bart Smit was selling with a modded ROM?????

        2. Archos is a small company but the people doing support and answering emails don’t know everything that goes on at R&D, firmware updates etc. The engineers at Archos that work on that also don’t have time to answer support emails, they don’t have time to spend on facebook, even on my that is perfectly understandable. We want those guys to work on improving the software, fixing bugs, coding the upgrades, that work is huge. We don’t want those guys to spend their time answering emails etc. What then happens is that not always correct information is in those support answers etc.

  4. Feeling an ‘update victim’ too after buying an Archos 70/101 TABLET with PHONE Android OS?

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