Deal Alert: White Samsung Galaxy Note (Unlocked International Version) For $580


If you’ve been eyeballing the Samsung Galaxy Note (I’ve been missing it so dearly after my review), you now have the opportunity to nab up the white international version of the phoneblet on 1SaleADay for the discounted price of $580.

Unlike the version that launched for AT&T, this one comes equipped with a dual-core Exynos processor, which should provide for a little added performance boost. Only problem is, this one isn’t compatible with AT&T’s LTE (but will work fine on their 4G HSPA+ network as well as T-Mobile’s after a little rooting). You can never be sure how long these deals last so you might wanna hurry on over before it’s too late. Anyone picking one up?

Thanks, Molo!


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Quick, someone wire me $600! 

  2. And Don’t forget the $10 Wikireader! LOL 

  3. So this will work on tmous? 3g and h???

    1. Don’t quote me on that. The AT&T version was recently hacked to allow for compatibility with T-Mo’s 4G network but I’m not entirely sure that’s the case here..

    2. It will not. There has been a lot of work since the International release to make it compatible, but it has not been possible. The AT&T version can. The international version may allow it at some point (the hardware is theoretically capable). It will work on T-Mo 2G as is.

  4. Stereo FM Radio with RDS

    International version has OTA FM Radio, the “normal” US and Canadian versions do not. North America carriers seem to be allergic to OTA FM on recent high end devices. (Eg. Galaxy S* & Nexus, Moto Bionic, Razr.)
    I know many consider analog OTA to be archaic but it has pros (and cons) vs streaming. Pros include battery life and lower data consumption.

    This “phablet” can also record FM with the stock app which is rare. In addition to having one of the best stock FM apps on Android, this device can also run my Spirit FM Radio app, stock and unrooted, or custom ROM’d w/ no Samsung framework.

    1. Yeah – the missing FM Radio in the U.S. variants is perplexing. The only two reasons I can think of are:
      1) The carriers want you using streaming data instead of getting FREE radio.
      2) The U.S. carriers don’t want to include the radio simply because Americans are more likely to associate it with “cheap antiquated tech”.

  5. Unless something has recently changed, this one is NOT compatible with T-Mobile 3G/4G.  Only 2G.  The radio is theoretically capable of it, but I’m pretty sure such capabilities have only been unlocked on the AT&T Version.

    1. Thanks. Updated the post and clarified (needs to be rooted to run on T-Mobile). 

      1. im dropping ur site and i use to click on it like 50x a day.

        comments getting deleted, banning me from using discus (have to sneak in using yahoo). dropping ur app and everything. lost a loyal reader

        1. If your comments are getting deleted, troll lighter.

          1. Well chris is lying to people and.not.correcting the acticle. Can you confirm ($600 confirm) that the international one works with T-Mobile? Think not

      2. That is still terribly incorrect. The AT&T version can be rooted and hacked to run on T-Mobile. Your own article says that which you linked to. This is the international one. It cannot be hacked to run on T-Mobile. Wouldn’t want someone spending $600 on something and not get what they thought they would. Repeat, it is ONLY the AT&T one that can be rooted and run on T-Mobile.

  6. I’ve heard A LOT about people getting screwed over on that site. I don’t trust them at all.

    1. I’ve bought a couple items from there.  It worked out fine- granted, they weren’t high-end items.

    2. The only thing they do bad is lie about MSRP prices to make it look like a bigger discount – it’s still a discount in the end though.

      I saw a digital polaroid camera on there that they had for like $40, they said the MSRP was $300. I googled it, and the MSRP was actually $100.

  7. I saw a grandmother with this phone it look so funnny. She said her son made her get it. lmfao the phone is bigger than her.
    The att version lags like hell though.

    1. I’m betting you don’t own the ATT version. I’ve owned both and there is no noticable difference.

  8. “You can never be sure how long these deals last so you might wanna hurry on over before it’s too late.”

    The page has a countdown timer to let us know exactly how much time we have left to buy it.  ;)

  9. That’s a giant iPhone! @ jeffd nobody cares! Get a better phone.

  10. Actually I purchased one of these from negri electronics and activated it on ATT. This phone does not hand off well from wifi to hspa+. many times I had to reboot to make the hspa+  connection. while the Exynos processor may be slightly faster, to me its obvious why ATT didnt use it since it does not play well with their system. After selling it I purchased the ATT Note off contract and it is amazing. I also didn’t notice any performance difference.

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