Hacked AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note LTE Now Running On T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ Network


Well, slap me silly and call me an iPhone user — those boys on XDA did it. And by “it,” I mean getting AT&T’s coveted Samsung Galaxy Note LTE up and running on T-mobile’s 4G network. Guess the Note had it in her the whole time. After a bit of carrier unlocking, rooting and flashing a T-Mobile radio, one happy modder is on his way to collecting the bounty after getting upwards of 4Mbps download speeds on T-Mo without a hitch.

Now, we should warn you, before you start feeling brave and try to do this yourself (it honestly, isn’t all that difficult), there are one of a few ways to turning your smartphone into a shiny brick and flashing an incompatible radio is most certainly one of ’em. For those more experienced in the ways of root, you guys thinking about giving this a shot to get a G-Note on T-Mo?

Thanks, Travis!


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  1. damn getting a little tempted here 

  2. Why?!
    Lets switch a phone to a company with no coverage.

      1. And the real hackery begins….

    1. T-Mobile has a hell of a lot more coverage than AT&T in my area. All depends where you live, son.

      1. Amen!

  3. I just want  ICS on my AT&T note. :(

    1. It desperately NEEDS it… 

      1. It actually doesn’t.

    2. Me too.  Google Chrome and a tablet interface on a 5.3″ 720p+ display.  I wanna trade it in for the international version.

      1. It’s unlikely you will get the tablet interface (the one that looks almost identical to the desktop version) without some sort of hack. Chrome on the GNex displays the phone version. I think the screen size has to be higher for the tablet interface to be displayed.

        Unless 4.65->5.3″ crosses the threshold into ‘tablet’ territory according to the Android APIs, but I don’t know. 

        1. Not really. There is a helpful graphic here to show what falls into what size buckets.


  4. 4M down is merely 3G, it’s not a 4G speed by a long shot.

    Which is too bad. I’d love a 10M down Galaxy Note on T-Mo.

    1. Technically, you’re right. But to T-Mobile… it’s 4G. =p

      1.  My HD2 gets faster speeds than the Note! Ha! My amaze ( a tmo 42Mb/s device) gets 20Mb/s down. No way this is running on HSPA+ or if it is, its using a bad apn (wap apn or something)
        Those upload speeds are HORRIBLE!! This speedtest clearly is in a 3g area. (Still shows 4g on phones. but you can tell the difference at t-mobile.com

        1. I live in Minnesota and those are normal speeds here.  I have never seen, nor do I personally know anyone who has gotten the speed you do.  TMO had spotty 3G/4G coverage but it has improved greatly over the past 1+ year.

  5. i can get up to 30mbps on my GN haha but 4mbps indoor…

  6. been with tmobile for 7years (3 of which was with the nexus one and nexus S) all speeds while under 6mbs  was VERY consistent. i avg’ed about 4-5mbs

    i made the switch to verizon (got my gf unlimited plan) for the galaxy nexus….and let me say. I. CANT.TURN.BACK

    from tethering my phone to my computer and watching everything…(last 3 months ive hit over 20gb of data) to the speeds it self of averaging over 25mb/s  its just unreal.

    oh and the developer support is uncanny. AOKP is incredible…im actually thinking cyanogen cant top it.

    sooo..while i respect tmobile…verizon just destroys it..at least in my area..nyc

    my gf has my tmobile account..a lovey 10gb till throttle with unlimited minutes for only 68.50 (thats with tax) been off contact for 3 years….if tmobiles lte gets awesome in 2013 and they have some dope phone..ill gladly make the switch back.


    1. How much does 20gb cost you?  I’ve thought about switching to Verizon but tiered data plans don’t interest me on any level.

      1. i inhereted my gf grandfathered unlimited data plan. so its $30. your best bet is to go on craigslist and grab someone selling their unlimited verizon data plan. its really easy and you can do it over the phone

  7. well, son of a bitch. I was completely satisfied with my SGSII, specifically because I couldn’t get a note on T-Mobile.

    Now I am no longer satisfied with my SGSII.

  8. I agree with Ryan Dack.

  9. Too big! Why!? That’s what she said!

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