ARCHOS Readies Transformer Competitor With New G10 XS Series


The world of convertible Android tablets is about to get a little more crowded once Archos bring their new G10 XS series to market. The Transformer competitor was teased in a video the company uploaded to YouTube today teasing the new tab, pretty much showing off the entire device while still keeping an air of mystery behind it.


Slides from a press briefing in Paris however, have brought a little more light to the tab, which is said to measure in at about 7.6mm thick alone, and 11mm when combined with the keyboard dock. No word on specs, but we’re thinking it will be something similar to the already released Archos G9 Turbo. The tablet is said to be releasing sometime this year for between 200 to 400 Euros. What say, ye? Hit or miss?

[ArcTablet | Via Engadget]

Chris Chavez
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  1. forget the dock, I want an app that can wirelessly display whatever is on the screen on my computer screen (no MHL cable, wirelessly!) And then let me use my keyboard and mouse to interact with it. Let me Alt+tab out of it, to use my computer as usual and then alt+tab back when I need to reply to a whatsapp/gtalk/sms I just received. Reply typed on my computer keyboard of course

    1. That totally wouldn’t require a car battery

      1. Hmmm you got a point there…..okay skip the wireless part in favor for a wire, but at the very least it should let me use my computer keyboard/mouse and let me alt+tab out of it back to my normal computer use. 

    2. Something similar is already included in the ASUS webtop suite on the transformer pads

  2. Haven’t this type of docks been available for other tablets?
    Transformer is attractive because you can dock it, then fold it to carry it together no?

    1. Yeah, I like the clamshell design of the Transformer personally. Keeps the screen safe and makes it feel more like a netbook. Not sure exactly how this will work. Wont be as attractive if it’s just like a separate keyboard manufactured by Archos =/

      1.  Just like those logitech keyboard dock for ipad and android tablets.

  3. It’s archos were talking about……they can only dream to compete with asus…thanks but no thanks, I enjoy quality hardware, software and great support..thanks Asus

    1. I hate to say it, but I totally agree. I had high hopes for my way overpriced and already underpowered Archos 5 (I wanted a PMP because I couldn’t get a phone). It was okay, but I wish I would have just spend the money on an Ipod Touch. Updates didn’t come very quicky, battery life sucked, wifi was horrible, the dev community was non-existant, and one year later Archos basically dropped supporting the product as a whole to move on to their next generation of tablets.

      I had high hopes for you Archos, but you crushed those dreams. Hope you become a better tablet company so you can actually compete with Asus, Motorola, and Acer. 

      PS-I now have an Acer Iconia A500. So happy I bought this thing, way better than the Archos.

  4. Awwwww how cute archos wants to play with the big brands

  5. FAIL. I owned a Archos 10.1 when it first came out, WHAT A PIECE OF GARBAGE!

    1. I Agree. I have the 7 inch 20 Gb and we’re still stuck with the slow Android 2.2, we’ve never seen any tablet OS on these….yes…. tablets. According to the hardware specs, much more should come out of these machines. Warning for everybody here: just don’t buy it, otherwise you will have to type the same here after a year or less. French updating is terrible, even worse than the euro.

      1. Their biggest fail is the RAM and their software tweaks. The 10.1 had:
        1GHZ processor (after an update it was under clocked to 800mhz)
        256MB of RAM (they had software navigation buttons like ICS, but in froyo it robbed resources and crashed often)

        It only had 1GB of internal memory and 8GB-16GB of external memory that was actually internal. If I remember correctly it was mounted as an Sdcard inside the tablet.

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