Mar 14th, 2012

The world of convertible Android tablets is about to get a little more crowded once Archos bring their new G10 XS series to market. The Transformer competitor was teased in a video the company uploaded to YouTube today teasing the new tab, pretty much showing off the entire device while still keeping an air of mystery behind it.


Slides from a press briefing in Paris however, have brought a little more light to the tab, which is said to measure in at about 7.6mm thick alone, and 11mm when combined with the keyboard dock. No word on specs, but we’re thinking it will be something similar to the already released Archos G9 Turbo. The tablet is said to be releasing sometime this year for between 200 to 400 Euros. What say, ye? Hit or miss?

[ArcTablet | Via Engadget]

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