Alleged Galaxy S III Render Surfaces


If the Samsung Galaxy S III ever makes its way outside of Samsung’s headquarters, PhoneArena claims to have a photo of what the device could look like. As you’d expect, it’s near bezel-less, rectangle device. Oh, it doesn’t have hardware buttons for home, back, menu and search. Looks like it also has proximity sensors, a front facing camera and a speaker grill. I’m sure there are more goodies we’re not seeing packed into what looks like a very slim phone. Of course, this could just be a fan render tipped as being legit. It could also be real. But one thing I can bet is that the Galaxy S III will certainly look something like this.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. It’s probably going to look exactly like this…all Samsung phones look the same. For the most part.

    1. agreed. my friend thought his infuse 4g was a galaxy s 2. i felt kinda evil telling him the truth… 

  2. 100% fake i can do better with gimp…

    1. proof.  didn’t think so.

      1. If you cant tell thats a fake you need a new brain….

        1. Uh…

  3. The Galaxy III Will not look like this fake picture.  But if it did it would look very plain. Samsung are not known for there style but for great hardware in a plastic case, so hopefully there will do some European styling on the Galaxy III & make it stunning.

    1. They need to start making phones like Nokia and HTC on the outside.

      1. Looking like HTC is why I stopped buying HTC. :)


  4. – the reflection is poor quality
    -its just a galaxy s II with a screenshot pasted on

    calling fake on this.

    1.  Do you really think Samsung will deviate much from the look of the SGSII? I think it’s a pretty safe bet it will resemble this quite closely, whether this is fake or not.

      Just my $0.02

      1. Resemble? Sure. But as the next evolution of their flagship there’s no way it’s going to look EXACTLY like the GSII. Lol

        1. I just hope the power button isn’t opposite the volume button like the S2.  I’m always switching off the screen or adjusting the volume when trying to do the opposite.

  5. bezel-less would be sweet.  Not much else one can do to differentiate from other already super thin phones.  I imagine they are working on  a display that is as high of a resolution or higher than iPad 3.  They always have to one up eachother.  Wonder if they are waiting for iPhone 5 to be released.  

    1. I doubt they’ll wait for the iPhone 5, that’s generally when Google releases a new Nexus and they wont want to compete with that; especially if Samsung is making the next Nexus.

      As for going bezel-less, I agree on the sweetness. 

  6. So it looks exactly like the Galaxy Nexus without the curved screen, the front facing camera perfectly mirrored, and the phone having a more rectangular shape… Got it.

    1. dont judge a book by its cover… its whats on the inside that counts

  7. i love it.. software buttons? nice


  8. It’s pretty boring.

    1. Go bedazzle it then you weirdo…The only thing that really matters on the outside of a smartphone is the screen.

  9. Soooo fake. It’s just a shitty photoshop.

  10. I’d take one, love the look, but if the battery life sucks anywhere near as bad as the GNexus, no thanks. 

    1. GNex battery doesn’t suck. It’s just mediocre like most of the smartphones out there.

      1. no it sucks donkey balls

  11. The beveling on the widgets looks like a Photoshop job. But if its real then I would expect it to be announced on the date on the phone. March 22, 2012

    1. I dont think you understand what a render is.  Render=not actual photo of the device but a artistic representation.  Meaning photoshop was used whether its real or fake.

      1.  Yeah….  I don’t think that’s difficult to understand…  What I think you don’t understand is that typically OEMs will leak a render of the phone with a date in the FUTURE on the device itself….  that date is typically a clue as to something big happening…..

  12. Yes it needs to be bevel-less and have a high ppi S.A.P. display. Things you can see, touch & feel right away to stand out against the iphone. Of cource this includes the expected ics, quad, blah blah blah

  13. dude you guys, a render is a photoshop or other program image not a actual photo. It could be fake but the picture is not a real photo from the title.

  14. Can’t wait till smart phones are truly smart too. Soon your phone will now you’re running late to work and offer to call your job. It will now your favorite band and tell you about a concert comming near you. And….

    1.  cool story bro

  15. The clock widget is horribly fake and the light-blue lines or waves, whatever you want to call it, in the second widget, are from a Photoshop PSD that’s free online. I remember using it once.

  16. “alleged fart rendered”


  17. seriously how bad are people at Photoshop? this is just pathetic!!! why Phandroid, are you reporting this? the photo of the screen is WAY too low on the device, Samsung would never do that, look at how the corners of the screen are below the center points of the rounded corners? that just look horrible, it means the device start curving inwards before the screen even ends… that would never happen, never ever ever. please please please stop posting pictures of what some kid mocked up in 5 minutes  on Photoshop in his moms basement. it’s just not interesting anymore.

    I’m gonna start making some CAD renderings of the GS III and just uploading them everywhere, wonder how long it will take to make it to the front page …

    1. Are you mad because this render looks a lot better than yours?  I do happen to think that this is the most realistic render of the s3 so far. Posts yours you jealous fool.

      1. first, that is not a render, its photoshop, dont get the two confused, a render means you created the entire thing, this is simply a galaxy S II with a ICS Touchwiz screen layed ontop of it. they dragged the screen down so low to cover the GS II cap buttons. so no it wouldn’t be that hard to do, infact it probably only took 5 minutes for this guy to whip up…. i don’t get how you could say its the most realistic when its just a picture of the latest os ontop of a photo of an existing phone, how do you not see that?

        1. Looks like a render to me, HAHA  from what I know from my own s2, it is not that thin. All I know is that this guy photoshop’d it before you did. FAIL on your behalf. Oh, since this is far from what you think it will look like, why dont YOU render or photoshop one that will. IDIOT   

      2. here, just so you feel better about yourself, here is the “new phone” he designed… like i said, it IS the GSII with a crappy photoshop job 

        i win now? even the reflections are the same, this is the same exact, IDENTICAL image he originally worked with…

    2. Comparing it to my Galaxy Nexus, the screen position relative to the corners is exactly the same but because the corners on this GS3 are more square they start off lower down and so the screen is closer to the bottom edge.

  18. Perhaps the real question is….who cares.

  19. It’s got the people talking, blogging, complainting and drooling etc etc about SIII and it’s done it’s job. Real SIII or not..I personally think it’s fake to the penta core..ha ha

  20. Yeah HTC dropped the ball, their devices look dated.

    1. You’re trippin’. The One X is the sexiest phone I’ve seen in all my days. I’d sell my mother for one right now.

  21. Was hoping for _way_ less bezel.  And I’m not ready (probably never will be) for no buttons.  Horrible mistake from Google.  I’ll keep my current T989 until some brave company makes a top-spec, zero-bezel phone with all four buttons.  Or, if that never happens, switch to Microsoft (who seem to be designing progressively better phones instead of making them worse).

    1. This is clearly a fake. Samsung and HTC do really well on their bezel to screen ratios. =)

  22. If that’s the phone, and it’s with Verizon, I’ll take one please. Really hope Samsung announces an event for the phone soon. They better not wait for Apple to announce an event for their next generation iPhone first. 

  23. regardless if it’s fake or not with gimps talking about using gimp to gimp it up, Samsung NEEDS to hit the street with this BEFORE the iphone5 is released.   Why?  Because if the iphone5 is announced first, gimps will complain that anything proceeding it is just a cheap imitation, especially if it’s coming from Samsung.   Apple fanbois tend to love to hate Samsung after the pointed Sammy commercials and the constant lawsuits back and forth.   Releasing a phone first would put egg on their gimpy faces.

  24. Samsungs phones are boooooooooorrrrrrrrring.  Nokia ftw!!  After hating my Tmo Galaxy S 4g and sick of all the android bs, I switched over to Windows. So happy I did! (Readys for bashing)

    1. hahaha.. i laughed..
      if im going to switch OS, it’ll be iOS,

      1. Have u even tried the new windows phones?  You don’t need to answer that cuz you probably haven’t. So how can u judge?

        1. I judged when you used “u” instead of you.

  25. Clearly fake. The top status bar on Galaxy S2 devices with ICS look completely different. Why would they give it a more stock look (with an awful clock widget) when the Galaxy S2 with ICS has a completely different looking theme?

  26. It is most likely fake but very close to all the rumours we can say if the rum ours are true the pic is accurate if not it’s not accurate.

  27. Window’s phone?  I know Android has it’s issues but there is so much out there to pick and choose from and Rom’s to mess with if you want them, if not stay with whatever is installed on your phone and wait till it’s updated. Windows phones are so limited in customization that it is ridiculous.It’s way better than Kin 1 and Kin 2 fiasco but they are nowhere near Android 2.3 onwards is super good. Froyo is very stable.

  28. Touchwiz, think I’ll pass.

  29. Wait, wait, wait. It’s going to have a proximity sensor AND a speaker grill. Well I wasn’t planning on upgrading but now…

  30. Just in case it hasn’t already been said, I think its faked.

    Otherwise: Doesnt matter; had fap

  31. The 4G signal in that photo is only at 2 bars. I call fake. Sammy would not release a shot without a full 4G signal plastered in there.

  32. I say it’s fake.  There is continuous reflection on the bezel (see top/bottom), and no glare on the screen.

    I think this was made by Fakey Fakerson from Fakeville, Schmalabama.

    1. I think you don’t know what “render” is right?

  33. This looks like CRAP……….

  34. This “render” looks exactly like my Infuse 4g with a tiny photoshop of the buttons/logos and a shitty paste of a note screen on it… literally identical, 

    edit: proof is in the pudding: http://images.amazon.com/images/G/01/wireless/detail-page/samsung-infuse4g-att-main-sm.jpg

    edit2: large version: http://images.amazon.com/images/G/01/wireless/detail-page/samsung-infuse4g-att-main-lg.jpg

    1. You, sir, are the man.

    2. yea this guy^^^wheres he been he deserves a check from phandroid for that one

  35. God i hope its more along the lines of the galaxy nexus. The square shape of the last two is just flaky. Id like to see a bigger version of the Nexus S but thinner.  Also one last thing, please for the love of god kill off touchwiz.

  36. Was really hoping for a bezel-less edge to edge screen. I think this is fake.

  37. I hope it looks like this picture (embedded). I would think it would look more like this with the minimal bezel from what everything has said. Since I’ve had the HTC Touch, HTC Hero and HTC Evo 3D, I’d rather try my luck with Samsung this time around since the HTC One X looks exactly like an Evo to me.

  38. Couple problems here..What the hell is Samsung thinking? This device is rectangle!! Everyone knows Apple has the rights to a rectangle device because they made it first…Plan on this thing being caught up in litigation!!

    Also it has a removable battery!! Grrrr why doesn’t it have a 1800 non-removable battery like the awesome One X??

    I want to carry around charging equipment like the cool iphone and One X users!!

    Oh well looks like I’ll wait for the next device.

  39. Anyone else notice the date on the phone (March 22, 2012)? I’m willing to bet its announced then… not so sure about 8:00pm.

  40. I liked the concept with virtually no bezel better. I will be less impressed if it turns out something like this. I suppose this is more realistic, but still, not impressed.

  41. whats with you guys in bezel-less screens? thats gotta be the most impractical, not no mention, ugly design ever. wouldnt u often inadvertently touch the screen while holding it? and from the design standpoint your really put yourself in a bind. Guess engineers think a lil different. 

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