Mobiado Teams Up With Aston Martin For Branded Grand Touch Luxury Smartphone


Mobiado is at it again, this time collaborating with Aston Martin to brand their luxury Grand Touch smartphone (a glorified Nexus S) with the car makers logo and design. The — admittedly sexy — exterior is precision CNC machined from a single block of airplane grade aluminum, and comes in either bare metal or black anodized finishes. Another model is also available that uses high-end solid brass with rose/yellow gold if you prefer something a little more… blingy. Just underneath that aluminum or metal surface (in that side crack there) is either ebony wood or mother of pearl (really?) and the screen is housed in sapphire crystal to prevent scratches. These bad boys are sold unlocked for an undisclosed price. Make it a Galaxy Nexus, a little thinner and I think I would take 1 in every color.

[UnwiredView via Electronista]

Chris Chavez
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  1. What are the specs?

  2. ill buy one for a girlfriend if i had one

  3. and it will cost nearly 1000 dollars since all their stuff is overpriced

  4. This is ugly as sin. 

  5. its a nexus s just badazzled

  6. Looks, coolish…but the screen looks small.

  7. It looks like the army version of galaxy nexus. I want to know the specs, price, android version, does it have custom UI and will it be available in scandinavia.

  8. Nice vajazzled phone. Too bad it has Sammy internals.

  9. It doesn’t matter if the material used to make it was made from iron mans suit it’s still
    Ugly as fawk

  10. I have always wondered if sapphire screens would be picked up by someone — seems like a perfect fit for mobile devices.Too bad the phone is so thick. 

    1.  It’s thick because it’s a Shaft phone. Can you dig it?

  11. a phone for dummy *retarded* 

  12. Douchebag phone.

  13. This phone is like a baws!
    You see the dirty south baws.

  14. They should have made this to go with the Dr. Dre beatbox.

  15. Its thick as a brick!

  16. It looks like a Nexus S with a big otterbox-ish case on it……..

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