Mar 13th, 2012

Uh-oh. It looks like someone or something has screwed the pooch over at Google – a huge thread full of unhappy European developers is brewing. Google reportedly alerted developers that their payouts for money made on the Google Play Store were sent on March 2nd.

Allowing several days for the bank to clear any funds, they were disappointed to see that they hadn’t cleared by their usual March 7th-8th date. Fast forward to now and they’re still not paid. Developers in Austria, Germany, the UK and more are experiencing these issues but it’s not yet known if this problem extends far beyond Europe, nor is it known how much of the pool of European developers is affected.

It appears that those who use AdMob and AdSense are also missing out on payments this month. Google has been completely silent on the issue – absolutely no word on if the issue is being worked on can be had, nor is it known if Google is even aware.

That’s why we’re doing our part to put it out there and hope to shed a nice, bright spotlight on it all. These are the types of issues which discourage developers from spending too much time on Android, as if general fragmentation wasn’t enough.

The timing is definitely odd. The Google Play Store launched right around this time and its change could have triggered an unforeseen glitch somewhere in the system which prevents developers from seeing their payments. Whatever the case is, let’s hope Google catches wind of this situation before too long, and let’s hope they work diligently to fix it when they do. Thanks to Android Central for the find.