Samsung Galaxy S III entering production, retail orders reaching new highs [RUMOR]


Industry insider Eldar Murtazin — often more ‘hit’ than ‘miss’ with his leaks — is back with yet another piece of tantalizing Samsung Galaxy S III info. Though Samsung has denied rumors of an April release (some of which originate with Murtazin himself), the latest report is that the GSIII design has been finalized and sent off to the production lines. Murtazin also claims that pre-orders from mobile operators and retailers have reached an all time high for the Galaxy line.

The sequel to last year’s Galaxy S II and the next member in Samsung’s flagship line is rumored to feature head-of-the-pack specs including a quad-core Exynos processor, 4.8-inch HD display, and quad-core processor. Murtazin also suggests with his latest tweet that a ceramic case will be utilized.

Samsung has plans to host their own event to unveil the Galaxy S III occurring closer to the retail availability of the device. If these latest rumors hold any salt a release shouldn’t be too far off.

[Twitter via UnwiredView]

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  1. Wow, a quad-core Exynos processor, and a quad-core processor? I’ll take two of those!

    1. Ya know, I am really glad you caught that!! It gives a whole new perspective on this article. Do you care to give any more of your valuable insight? 

    2. maybe 4x a9 + 4x mali(mp4), sgsII have 2+2 and mali is scalable to 4 cores

      1.  yes but can it run crysis?

    3.  Yo dawg, I heard you like quad core processors, so went ahead and put quad core processors INSIDE your quad core processors.

  2. If it has AWS bands, I will be ordering one of these ASAP.

  3. But does it have a quad-core processor?

    1. no, only a quad-core processor!

      1. It’s a shame they didn’t go with a quad-core processor.

        1. 8 core huh. this is getting ridiculous.

          1. Yo dawg, I heard you like processors…

        2. Why only have 1 quad cores when you can have a set of quad cores?  The higher the specs the better sir!  :)

        3. so it doesn’t have a quad core? someone please clarify this…..please!!

          1. Yes :-)

    2. I think they multiply, giving it a 16-core processor, right?

    3. It has 2 of them.

  4. You mean more “miss-than-hit”, right?. 

  5. Maybe an upgrade for my rooted T-Bolt?

    Time will tell :D

  6. I’m praying that it hits the U.S. at the same time as the rest of the world!  I desperately need to upgrade my Captivate!

    1. Im sure the US version will be Dual core Tegra with a dual core.

      1. Funniest ish I have heard all day.

    2. Flash CM9 on your Captivate and your desperation to upgrade will subside quite a bit. ICS’ speed breathes a ton of new life into the old cappy.

      1.  Lol Jason, I’ve had (pre)CM9 since December…..  I’m getting the itch again…

        1. Hah – same. Installed build3 in November, and am currently on build17. Still itchy here too, just not so much, but it’s either the GNote or the GS3 for me in just 2 more months.

          1.  I’m right there too.  I think I started at build 4.  I have CM9 on my Galaxy Tab, I love the Note, but I’d shoot myself if the GS3 came out even 3 months later.

          2. So just sell the note in three months then. Or you can buy my unlocked note now.

  7. Interesting, depending on the size I may sell my Galaxy Note for this.

    1. that screen size can’t be right. why would Samsung create competition with its own product line ESPECIALLY after spending all that moo-la on superbowl ads.

      1. It’s also written 1920×1080 so I wouldn’t pay any attention to these rumors.

      2. Galaxy Nexus is a developer’s phone, not intended for most consumers.  The fact that the Android blogs jumped all over it doesn’t mean most consumers want it or will even know what to do with it; plus the fact that it’s Google’s flagship phone.  

        The Galaxy S line is Samsung’s flagship, not Google’s. Think of it as Samsung’s “Fuck you” to the other OEM’s

        1. you must have not watched the superbowl thus not understanding my comment very well.

          I wasn’t referring to the Nexus (I know this is more of a niche product, and I love mine). I was referring to the Note.

  8. My next device will be a nexus. Samsung tempted me with the specs on the s2, but a pure android experience would be better.

    1. I guarantee if the SIII hits VZW there will be AOSP for it. 

      jt1134 alone will no doubt make sure of this…(Brought AOSP to the Fascinate)

    2. CyanogenMod: pure, fast, battery, customization

  9. Please please please announce this by the end of March and release it by April. 2 lines on my account desperately need a new replacement phone and I’ve been waiting for something worth getting. I can’t wait any longer though.

    April release here in the states with all carriers, please!

    Oh one last thing, don’t forget the microSD slot!

    1. Not a chance that will happen

    2. Or, you could be patient and sit on your upgrade for a couple months, like I and others are, instead of blowing it on a lesser device.

  10. if its a ceramic case, will it break into pieces if I drop it?
    im usually careful but ceramic will shatter i feel even putting on the table too hard

    1. You my friend do not know what ceramic is. Go read about it on wikipedia or somewhere else.

      1. are you talking to me lol obv i dont know which is why i asked

        1. Google Chobham armor – it’s ceramic tank armor, harder than steel.

    2. I am sure there is more than one kind of “ceramic”…

    3. Depending on structure, ceramic has been known to be harder than steel

      1. Hardness doesn’t mean anything, it’s toughness you need to avoid it shattering if it drops on the floor. Ceramics, unless they are fiber reinforced, have very poor toughness compared to metals and polymers. 

  11. Hopefully it doesn’t keep inching towards tablet size.

    The Galaxy S (Captivate) was the perfect size for me, although a bit under-powered and having a faulty GPS. The Galaxy SII solved those issues but is a tad bigger. The SII Skyrocket is a tad bigger still. And the Skyrocket HD is a tad bigger on top of that.

    Each iteration inches towards being more and more “too big”. I just want a Galaxy S form-factor but with updated innards so it still feels like something of a “phone” when I hold it against my head and not a mini tablet.

  12. Question to anyone who knows, will the quad core version actually make it to the states and play nice with LTE? It’s my understanding that some of these processors don’t work properly with LTE, which is why the AT&T HTC One X will be dual core and why the skyrocket on AT&T didn’t have the exynos processor either. Same with Galaxy NExus on Verizon. 

    1. edt:wrong comment

    2.  I’ll be beyond pissed if that is the case!  They’d better at least drop in a S4, or Tegra3 damnit!

      1. moron. i bet new exynos will be beter than tegra3, just like previous exynos was vs tegra2.

        1. no shit….  Exynos will be better than any processor out this year.  But in light of dropping a dual core 1.5, I might opt for a quad-core 1.5 (or better) instead…

          With Exynos not being able to support LTE in the past, they not have added it to this generation considering the U.S is the only country rolling out LTE.  I’d personally sacrifice LTE to get an Exynos processor!  I’m always at work or home anyway, I have WiFi there….  why should I pay extra for LTE service?

          1. I feel the same way, I would be willing to drop LTE for a quad-core Exynos.  Granted, I expect Samsung to support LTE this time around, however if they don’t, it wouldn’t bother me.  Most markets here in the States still don’t have LTE anyway, so why would you want a slower SoC that supports LTE if you don’t have LTE in your area?   I know I will probably never see LTE in my area, though Sprint did say they plan on offering LTE wherever they offer 3G.

    3. Dunno about the Exynos, but the Tegra 3 doesn’t play nice with LTE and the S4 is reporting delays with the processing. Given that, I’m happy Samsung is going with the Exynos

  13. it needs to hurry up im due for an upgrade if it has quad core its mine if not New Xperia or X one here i come 

  14. I like the fact it has a quad core processor and a quad core processor.

  15. Eldar is always making up crazy stuff. I can’t believe anyone still believes him.

  16. Damn, I have a feeling I’m going to pull the trigger on a Galaxy Nexus when it finally comes to Sprint. This might be the perfect time to start a lemonade stand/car wash to fund this creation, if it blows me away and comes to the states soon as it’s released.

  17. I’ll take a steak sandwich, a bloody mary and a steak sandwich.

  18. This would be nice.  I’m due for an upgrade.  My Inc. is slowly getting worse and worse.

  19. 2500 battery? 3300 would be nicer!!!

    1. A MILLION would be even better!

      Wait…what are we talking about again?

  20. “a quad-core Exynos processor, 4.8-inch HD display, and quad-core processor”

    immediately made me think of:

    “I’ll have a bloody mary, a steak sandwich and a… steak sandwich, please.”

    1. I’ll take it on Verizon and on Verizon please

  21. @JOF so that’s two steak sandwiches and a bloody mary?

  22. I heard they are gonna call it “The new Galaxy S”

    1. I heard the Galaxy Galaxy S, one Galaxy per four cores :)

    2. Hilarious!

    3. They can’t. Haven’t you heard, cRapple has patented “The new…”

  23. And just how long after it is released before it is available on an American carrier? Three to six months? I really can’t wait much longer to use my upgrade from October of last year.

  24. If those specs stick for production and it is available on all the major US providers. I wouldnt mind spending $600-$700 on the device..buy it outright

  25. I’m hoping the actual specs don’t disappoint after all this speculation… It won’t compete with the note, since there’s no mention of an S-Pen…

  26. Quad-core schmod-core… what about the rumored 1mm bezel?! :)

  27. It better not take too long to come out. My OG Evo is gasping for air, and on its last legs. Right now Im going to be grabbing the first OneX that I can get if this hasnt be announced yet

  28. I found this on a different blog android authorityt…i think) 

    Interestingly despite other blogs reporting it for two days, they have not removed it. Of course it could be a publicity stunt

    1. I find it interesting how that website says it has Exynos 4212 (which is dual-core) yet they keep saying it’s quad-core everywhere else in that page.

      1.  The specs on that webpage are just made up. Same for the picture, which I seem to remember surfaced a few mths ago as being some sort of fanboy artist’s impression.

  29. Tmobile needs this more than anyone. Every carrier will get the iphone 5 except tmobile, tmobile needs to play their game!

  30. Cant wait for the galaxy 3 but please make the phone dimensions no bigger or slightly smaller than the current galaxy 2. Massiave is not the best for a phone. The HTC one X is a massive phone please be no bigger.

    A xenon flash or intelligent flash please.

  31. Someone grab a mop, I need to clean up some drool here.

  32. i want a 24 core

  33. 4.8?ugh  4.5 is my max..getting to big.

    1. Shrink the bezel on your 4.5 and you have 4.8 in the same size device.

  34. Lol so it has two quad core processors? Better fix your writing before some dumb ass believes that

  35. 4.8″ screen is way too big in my opinion. I hope it’s an edge to edge screen, that’s the only way I could ever but something like that.

  36. pleaase come to AT&T!

  37. Chances of the galaxy s3 coming to Verizon , 10%. Why can’t Verizon have it, they should expand the line to all carriers. Only way their going to get sales up.

  38. I don’t see this coming out til late summer (if thar) because U.S. carriers suck ass. If it does reach that length I rather hold off for the next Nexus.

  39. Does that mean there will be a dual battery to power this dual-quad core processor?  Also does each quad cores have their own separate data plan?  I don’t know if I can afford to pay for 2 data plans on one phone.

    1. You must be joking right? Otherwise what the hell has dual dual/quad core got to do with data plan? The number of cores just relates to how powerful the phone is, it has nothing to do with data plan. Geez! I really hope your comment was meant to be a joke.

  40. so 8 cores?

  41. The ceramic is probably the same thing that HTC (I think it was them) said they were using on some new phone at MWC. It was a ceramic that NASA uses on satellites that has a huge amount of electricity run through it that makes it ultra hard.

    1. HTC One

  42. I think this was a typo, posting quad-core processors twice.  I’m sure it’ll have only one quad-core processor.  If I remember correctly, the GPU that will be coming with the Exynos quad core was rumored to be an 8-core GPU.  Note that the Tegra3 has a 12-core GPU.  The current Galaxy SII has a dual core Exynos with a 4-core Mali-400 i believe, and it still outperforms the Tegra2 dual core with an 8-core GPU.  More cores doesn’t always mean better, especially in graphics.  However, it still doesn’t hurt.  

  43. Really hoping Samsung actually matches these rumored specs. Planning on buying this phone outright.

     It also would be nice if it’s a pentaband phone (at least for the international version).

  44. This thing should have awesome dev support when its finally released..About the only phone I would even consider giving up my lovely Note for.

  45. galaxy s, galaxy s2 and then galaxy note, had all and loved them all, quiet sure samsung will not disappont us with galalxy 3.

  46. galxy, galaxy2 and then galaxy note, had them all and loved them all. surely samsung will not disappoint its users this time. waiing for offical release.

  47. Probably not to Verizon…but if it is, they BETTER change the stickin radio’s…Jeez

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