Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to Sell for €729?


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has thus far eluded pricing rumors, but AndroidPit seems to believe that it will sell for €729. We’re not sure what their source is but the price seems about right for a tablet these days. The Note 10.1 was introduced at Mobile World Congress last month. (See our hands-on.) It’s not a huge jump up from Samsung’s existing 10.1 inch tablets but it does include support for the S Pen which allows you to write and draw to your heart’s content. It’s said to be out sometime in the second quarter of this year so we still have bit of time to go before even being able to pre-order one. [Thanks, tipster!]

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  1. They are crazy… That is like $950 US… 

  2. Really?  That expensive?  More than twice the price of the normal 10.1?

    1. I know.  I’m wondering how exactly fandroid came by the conclusion it’s about the right price for a tablet.  That’s almost $1K USD.  I expect this to be only a little more expensive than the Tab 10.1 2.  Maybe $550/$600 at launch, and falling off quickly.

  3. Why would I buy this when the “New iPad” starts from $500??

  4. That price seems about right?! Wth! It will sell about as well as the Xyboard at that price. It should be less than $500.00. 

  5. Seems like the source is a press release from samsung. Don’t forget guys, it’s always €=$. so 729€ translates to <$700 for you americans.

    1. It doesn’t usually seem to work like that.  It’s more like, it’s $950 straight conversion, but it will probably cost (if this is the real price) $800.

  6. LOL!  729 euros!?  $700 US Dollars?  How about FAIL.  Samsung must be smoking some heavy crack to think that this would sell at this price anywhere.  With the likes of the Transformer, Transformer Prime, Acer A500, 510, 700 and Toshiba’s new tablets all at or greatly under $499 US this thing doesn’t stand a chance.  As much as I am not a fan of Apple the newly priced iPad 2 at $399 and hell even the new iPad at $499 is a better deal than that.  Samsung really needs to rethink their pricing if this is indeed true.

  7. No way would i pay that much for a tablet, joe public is gonna think, why wou.d i pay that when i can get an ipad cheaper? Its simple android tablets are not as good as ipads, i have both, its only because i prefer android over ios that i got a tab 10.1 but payingover £200 more is OTT.

    I look at android tablets as early day android phones, they are getting better but they are still quite young.

  8. Throw in AMOLED HD+ quad core Exprynos (how you spell that) or A15 based. NFC/4g/3g all the bells and whistles and for 
    €600 max for 16 GB (expandable storage) and call it a day

  9. Oh boy, I hope that’s not the real price.  If it is, I’d wager they’ll sell approximately 5.

  10. Competing with next gen ultrabooks? Windows 8 , ivybridge ssd, and touchscreen. Should be same price lol starting price!

  11. If this is the price then it shows why Android tablets can’t gain market share.

  12. for that much i would just buy a new laptop and do twice as much

  13. bunch of idiots, notice the (?) at the end…

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