Facebook for Android Update Lands in Play Store


Facebook for Android has gotten a new update today. No changelog accompanied the upload unfortunately, but we can assume that the changes don’t extend far beyond the usual round of bug fixes. Nothing seems to be broken with the update, either. Oh, and none of the fixes are noticeable to us just yet. Head to the Google Play Store for the upgrade if you dare.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Still not updated for ICS contacts integration

    1. If you don’t already have something to do it for you, HaxSync does a great job, and seems to keep the quality of the image on the contact info page.

    2. 4.0.3/4.0.4 fixes that… evidently, it’s disabled by Google…

  2. Can only polish a TURD so much.

  3. Ahh whatever, stopped using Facebook, except for the occasional contest entry.

    1. Hah!  Facebook is soon to become the next Myspace.  Used for some niche purposes but that’s it.  I saw this coming a few years ago.  Sad…

      1. You predict the eventually demise of a social networking site? wow Nostradamus has nothing on you!

        Please, Great Seer, enlighten us on your visions for the futures of Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest!

        1. I’m sure his answer would say “they will all fail”

          1. yeah, eventually everything fails.   He’s pretending to be above the obvious answer.. yawn.

  4. The fact it was 1 of the many apps forced upon me on my phone meant it was 1 of 64 pieces of useless bloatware that got removed from my phone when I rooted it … It still irks me even after removing Facebook amongst others that I even have to have them run on my phone even though i’ve never opened the app, worse still I can’t even uninstall the piece of shit without rooting lol … Ah well, all gone now.

  5. Of course you don’t notice any bug fixes, because there are none. The job of each update to this app is to make it even worse than the update preceding it.

    1. proof per patch?

      1.  How about no, sonny

  6. I decided to download and I can’t login. Says authentication failed. I’ll assume I’m the only one.

    1. No, we all forgot our password on this update.

      1. I didn’t forget my password.

  7. I have it installed already, went there, just says installed, no “update available”?

  8. THe only purpose for an update is to upload all your personal information the app has gathered since the last update and send it to the CIA for future “Human Termination”. basically it is seeing whether or not you are going to be worth keeping in the future when the population gets to high to sustain life and the government starts killing people with a special “Flu shot” that makes you sick and die. The more information they have the better they can justify the deaths to themselves in the future…

    1. watching xfiles while on moldy shrooms?

  9. Not sure if its new but I’ve noticed that I now have the option to remove items from timeline or hide from timeline with a swipe…..

  10. i love facebook. 

    1. fb has you

    2. figures you’d do your hourly “NOTICE ME!!!” post of pure nonsense.

  11. I listed the code changes here:
    The only changes have to do with multitasking and the connection to the server (I guess the new push protocol).

  12. Finally uninstalled Facebook when I found I couldn’t copy and paste a URL into it. Such a POS.

    1. you’re tap/holding wrong.

  13. I prefer to have my Facebook app FC when I try to use it. It’s such a great time saving feature.

  14. This piece of shit keeps getting worse and worse on each update.
    Seriously, FB makes millions if not billions but can’t figure how to hire someone with decent skill to improve this garbage they call an App. Oh and before any douchebags start complaining that im whining on a free app, nothing is free. You pay for it with your privacy

  15. I read the title and was all lyk, “Ooo!! Another market that sells apps”. LoL!! I forgot already.

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