Verizon Closing Three Call Centers, 3,100 Workers Lose Jobs


Some sad news has hit the internet today regarding Big Red. Three call center of Verizon Wireless’ will be shut down for undisclosed reasons. Call centers in Bellevue, WA, Southfield, MI and Houston, TX will soon be shuttered, causing 3,100 people to lose their jobs. It’s always an unfortunate day when people lose their jobs due to cuts. There are no other details on the closure of these call centers. Let’s hope there was a very good reason for this because we know the’y’re raking in a lot of dough. Do you know anyone affected by these cuts?

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  1. all were here? If the big red runs or outsources ANY overseas and they weren’t shut down I will be extremely dissappointed. But if they are all in the states, we can only assume they are so awesome they don’t need call centers ha!

  2. I litterally work across the street from the Bellevue, WA call center. I don’t even know if they know yet. There’s no rioting in the parking lot at least. I have noticed though that the number of people outside the office in the “smoking break circle” as I call it has been growing steadily over the past two weeks. It’s a big call center too, with three large buildings and a massive parking lot. I’ll be sad to see it go.

    1. Rest assured, they knew before this posting.

  3. I’m sure service will get better and our bills will go down because of this. VZW gives me one more reason to switch providers.

    1. Brilliant, the other providers are so much better.

    2. this well help the prices stay down

  4. The folks in the call centers know. I have a few friends that work at the Bellevue call center. They are consolidating from 31 call centers to 28 in the U.S. They are receiving a 10K relocation package or severance.

    1. Thanks for the link. I knew there were three buildings there, but I didn’t know one of them was the Pacific NW Regional HQ. I’m glad to hear that they’re getting some help being reassigned.

    2. My question is why doesn’t the original post reflect this? An offer of 10k relocation or close to that in severance is a damn fair deal .. most companies wouldn’t even do this.
      The OP gives the impression the call centers are being scuttled and the employees just booted out which leads to the screaming of oursourcing.

      1. Too lazy to fix it.

      2.  Because that would take to much effort. You know it is just the first to post something on a site for hits and very little done after that, hence the often poor grammatical errors or just poor writing styles.

    3. You should have written this article for Phandroid, the original post was horrible. Probably just copied it off another Android site without giving much thought into researching deeper.

    4. Thanks for that link, the story makes more sense now; now if it was only updated here to reflect the actual facts.

  5. Well…the wireless company that keeps growing still needs to make cuts…

  6. There closing some in Michigan too!!

  7. I hope these call centers weren’t closed to be outsourced. The American people need jobs so badly right now…3100 people suddenly without income. Very sobering, very sad.

    1. i bet it was to be outsourced.

    2. These guys want to keep outsourcing, taking away American jobs…well who do they think is going to keep paying these high prices for their products if we don’t have jobs???

    3.  Always sad when people loose jobs. The military is cutting close to 100k across all 4 branches soon too. Another 100k people looking for jobs to feed their families, in a market that cant support it.

      1. VZW doesn’t outsource out of the country

    4. VZW doesn’t outsource out of the country

  8. They will probably contract the work out to various locations for cheaper wages.

  9. Well now that explains why they were giving employee’s a special version of the Galaxy Nexus phone.

  10. Then they absolutely need to stop selling Samsung devices. I assure everyone these defective devices are well over half of their call volume.

    1. I don’t think you have data to back that up. Besides .. Samsung isn’t even close to the majority of the handset list .. MOTO and HTC are. Just a bit of bias, eh?

  11. Can you hear me now? No, because you’re fired.

    1. hilarious!!!….i forgot about that advertising campaign it lasted a few years or is it still going??

  12. Their customer service reached the top and this is how they repay them…

    1. they are not firing them. Everyone is getting 10k to relocate

  13. I don’t blame Verizon for wanting to get rid of three building’s, plus their not firing them but relocating them which is nice if your trying to get outta where your at. And thanks to whoever posted that link.

  14. Imagine the 3,100 new jobs that India gets… :)

    1. Out of over a billion people.

    2. Nah, the cuts are probably to offset CEO and VIP wages. US companies should start outsourcing their CEO’s to india too…

  15. i was about to call them if i can trade my GN for razor maxx haha 

  16. If they did what they did to the Verizon Communications group, it is probably being outsourced to Carlos Slim’s (the guy richer than Bill Gates) company Telvista 

  17. If you believe Verizon is laying off people to give you a break on your bill, you are STUPID. Rates are like TAXES they only go up you MORON…Someone else will be clebrating whrn you lose your job too.

    1. And if you believe that anybody thinks they will be getting “a break” on their bill or “clebrating” because these people are losing their jobs, I suggest you post on some other sites where the readers are actually that stupid.

    2. You mad bro?

  18. So are they being laid off or not?? ‘Cuz between the article and the comments I’m getting conflicting info.  If they are layin ppl off it’s disappointing to know that all the money they take from us still isn’t enough to pay them.  I really hope they are just relocating them and are keeping thier jobs.

  19. Shuttering call centers here to probably send them to where English is a third language

    1. More than likely.

  20. The funny thing is Verizon employees just had their Bonuses 2months ago..I guess Verizon want it back.SmH!!

  21. now wait for that big red bill to increase a couple pennies

    1. they are doing this to keep cost down

  22. All good. VZW is doing well enough not to need that many call centers.   Crappy ones like Tmobile and Sprint, yes.

  23. This sucks because all the customer service I’ve gotten has been great through them, they even added back a unlimited plan to one of my lines that I put a non smartphone on after 3 months

  24. Its not outsourced their consolidating.

  25. Speaking for a friend that works in Houston, they are being offered $3000 to stay until it closes without having the option to relocate. Also, they only get the $3000 if they stay with the company till it closes in August, meaning of they quit beforehand they don’t get it. So it is either stay on the sinking ship or find a new job and miss out on the money. Doesn’t seem fair at all.

  26. “Let’s hope there was a very good reason for this because we know the’y’re raking in a lot of dough.”
    Really? Are you still asleep? Wake up. That is a delusional statement. The only “good reason” as seen by Big Red to do this was to either cut costs, stop hemorrhaging, ultimately to grow profits, one way or another. That’s what business do. I’m not attacking capitalism, but pretending they did it for a good hearted reason is fantasy.

  27. I work 4 vzw …no one is getting laid off….I was also offered $10k few years ago to relo….but all i did was switch dept. vzw is a good employer. i don’t love my job but really how many of you really love youre job. In reality you work to get by. If you really love youre job you are very fortunate. Good luck all.

  28. At least the call centers are located 100% in America. Also dont they get 10,000 dollars and a chance to relocate and keep their jobs. Pretty good deal.

  29. They aren’t outsourcing the jobs to India or somewhere else so stop leaving posts saying that. They are just closing those particular centers because they don’t need them. The people can relocate to other vzw call centers if they want. This happens.

    1. exactly.. Its due to technology growth that has cause many many companies to do this..  At one point in time, we werent so connected and needed many of the same departments to handle the customers in that locality. Now most companies can support a customer in NY, say, from Cali.. Its just the way the world is moving.. 

      As for outsourcing..  You ppl need to learn your facts.. The shift in the market has been bringing, what they have been calling, InSourcing.  Other countries have been bringing their call centers to the States, therefor creating jobs here and taking them away from their homes..  

      Its the Internet Age ppl..  Either deal with the loss of jobs due to Technology, or just stop using Technology and urge the Gov to stop funding the growth of Technology..  Soon the next step will be to replace People in call centers w/ Fully Automated AI’s to handle calls..  It will happen, but when..!!!

  30. Better them than me.

  31. This only affects the BGCO and CFS (Bus and Financial) and some other CS areas. Anyone in good standing has options. They are not cutting jobs. Just asking them to relocate to other Call Centers.

  32. Is a sad thought one of the biggest greediest money making machine porks 3000 people. It doesn’t bode well for the rest of America. Start stocking up on canned goods and bullets, The New World Order is upon us.

  33. almost guaranteed they’re sending the jobs overseas.  

    1. VZW never has and never will

  34. Just another part of Obamanomics

    1. the President has nothing to due with this

  35. Thank your president (not mine, I didn’t vote for the sob).  This is ALL his economy now.  But not to worry.  OBozo’s regime never learned how to count and these 31,000 jobs will be a positive number in the end.  One way or another.  In case your not familiar with it, the states no longer send Washington their numbers for unemployment.  OBozo couldn’t take it, so he has a new department head making up his own numbers.  The 8.3% he’s so proud of today is because he’s never reduced base number so it LOOKS like unemployment is coming down when in fact it’s only getting worse.  Figures lie and liars figure.  Never more true than with this regime.

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