Mar 9th, 2012

A replacement parts supplier has a few white Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE battery doors up for auction at eBay, further confirming rumors of a colorless variant of the phone headed for Verizon. The latest whispers suggest the new model will launch with 16GB of onboard storage, which could coincide with separate reports for a 16GB Nexus landing at Big Red on April 5th.

Before we get too excited, the back covers being sold are far from official. There is always some chance that a third-party decided to manufacture the white backs on their own in order to cash in with unsuspecting buyers. Given the coinciding reports from credible sources of an actual white Nexus waiting in the wings, the chances of this are pretty slim. Besides, the franken-Nexus that would result wouldn’t be the most visually appealing specimen (unless you’re into the whole harlequin scene).

[via DroidLife]

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