Sony brewing up a Snapdragon S4 handset for summer release?


Sony’s latest batch of Xperia handsets feature some beautiful design work, but are unfortunately lacking when it comes to hardware. The best of the bunch, the Xperia S, sports a 720p HD display at 4.3-inches but on the processing side of things we get the dated Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 chip. It’s a fine dual-core processor, but devices are already being announced with the CPU maker’s next-gen S4 design (not to mention the debut of several quad-core devices at Mobile World Congress). Now rumors are tying Sony’s next big handset to that dual-core S4 processor.

The new CPU, which boasts better performance, improved battery life, and built-in LTE, will be featured in an “ultra high-end” handset to be released by Sony in June. Speculation ties the device to the LT29i Hayabusa codename. The only other information known about the device is that it will sport a 720p display similar to the Xperia S and see a release in Japan and South Korea first.

We’re pulling for Sony to blow us away with a new phone as we have been for years. They always seem to strike all the right notes when it comes to outward design but we’re still waiting for the hardware and software to catch up.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. I find it funny that you would give the IntoMobile link as a source, giving the fact that Androinica for example posted the piece roughly 20 hours before IntoMobile: 

  2. Sony??? Yea right.

  3. Im assuming this s4 is the non pro with 320 version gpu? Any phones with omap5 the true next gen exynos chips competetion?

  4. Bring it to verizon!!! Would help bring sony back with a high end lte device on big red.

    1.  You guys have the best line up already on Verizon GALAXY NEXUS DROID MAXX N RAZR. give us like AT&T or T-Mobile some SONY device

      1.  uum how many phones were just announced for at&t at mwc? not to mention both at&t and tmo are getting the htc one x. At&t has better phones than verizon does and it is only getting better with the upcoming phones just announced for them.

        1. And I was sadly moved to Sprint on a family plan. Haven’t heard a thing.

          Oh? The Galaxy Nexus? How nice. -_-

  5. I’m still planning buying my iON

  6. Sony play 2?

  7. Please have the ability to shoot video & pictures at the same time just like your new Digital cameras (duel shoot) & please can we have a Xenon flash or a flash like the HTC One x that has 5 different levels.

    And Please no 4.7inch screens the dimensions on this phone are big enough.

  8. Any new phone NO port covers, it might look nice but not when you have to remove the covers every day to charge the phone.

    Only put covers on if you are going to use wireless charging (this would be nice)

  9. @blogdeprost who gives a s***, a source is a source, get over yourself

  10. Screw suing Samsung. That Experia looks just like an iPhone.

    1. If you mean it’s a rectangle then ya otherwise it resembles the iphone as much as it resembles their own X1. But I have to agree not their best design. The X1 with all the angles and the Arc with those nice curves are way better. Btw always thought the Iphone plain and ugly.

    2. Oh? You mean with that illumination bar at the bottom that’s removable? Ok. -_-

  11. does any android users actually like the phones sony puts out

  12. if it does not support T-mobile again then I will say F U Sony

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