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[How To] Get the Google Play Store on your Android device now


The Google Play Store is rolling out to Android devices as we speak, erasing any memory of a destination once known as the Android Market. The apps, games, movies, and music all stay the same, but we’re now dealing with a new name and slightly new look (love it or hate it). If your getting impatient waiting for the transition to occur on your smartphone or tablet, try this quick and easy process to force the update:

  1. Install or update to the latest version of Play Books, Play Movies, or Play Music
  2. Navigate to Settings > Apps > Market and hit “Clear data”
  3. Open Play Books, Play Movies, or Play Music
  4. Tap the Play Store icon and accept new terms of service
  5. Welcome to the Google Play Store

The trick should work on most devices running Android 2.2 or above. If it doesn’t, try again and see if you can force the update. If it still doesn’t work, you might just be waiting until Google gets around to pushing it on their own.

[via Android and Me]

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  1. Worked brilliantly for me. Thanks!

  2. I did this and the app vanished from my app drawer…help?

    1. The Android Market disappeared, the Play Store appeared.

  3. Was about to try this. As soon as I opened the market I got the update. I guess the name change is alright.

  4. something just looks wrong on my homescreen with PLAY STORE…..i’m in sony hell

    what’s happening to our beloved green guy?

  5. Didnt work for me, I force stopped Market, cleared data, opened music and clicked The store.  This took me to the Play Music store but I still have the same ol Market Icon and Market…

    Nevermind, just took a few opens..

  6. Thanks but no thanks. If they had named it the Google Market I’d go for it. I’m still rooting for the Google Market with the sub categories of Google App Market, Google Books Market, Google Music Market, and Google Movie Market.

  7. No go here

  8. not working on my GN. 

  9. Worked, 2.3.6 galaxy s 2

  10. Excellent, worked on both my Galaxy Nexus and Xoom!

  11. Worked for me like a charm, looks so different now, not really liking it, but what can u do

  12. Thanks. Maybe I’m just grumpy about Google not asserting more control over Android. Even though your instructions are far from challenging or difficult, I think it’s two or three too many steps to get the updated Google Play “market” on your device.

    1. Just as a side note, I didn’t go through any of those steps to update both my Prime tablet and Moto phone. They automatically updated for me yesterday.

  13. its not any better than it was before..  also.. I much preferred the way the market used to be.. i don’t like how when you click on the “apps” category you see games mixed in with them.. what’s the *ing point of having the category..  

  14. I just cleared the market data, loaded android market a few times and it updated. I dont have any play apps updated yet. On a Galaxy Nexus.

  15. Worked! unlocked GN

  16. im just gna pretend this didnt happen and use adw launcher to change the app icon back to green droid guy and the name back to market…what update?

  17. You can also try clearing the data in the Market, opening it up and accepting the old terms, then go back to a home screen and add the Play Store widget.  Then click on the widget and it will launch up the new Play Store.  Just have to re-add any Market/Play Store shortcuts/widgets cause they are all deleted.

  18. You can just go to on your mobile browser and there is a limk there for the Google Play update and it will guide you to the Google Play install. Very easy

  19. Finally! I have a reason for being happy that I’m still on 2.1. The new name makes no sense to me.

  20. Where do u go to clear the data i dint see nothing for it

    1. Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All tab > Market > Clear Data

  21. I’ve never had access to Music, Movies or Books (had access to books when Market Enabler worked), so I’ll keep calling it Android Market. :P

  22. Lol I thought my android market wasn’t working

  23. so will this work on a rooted nexus s? been trying for the last hour and don’t have the updated store yet.

  24. It opens the play music store but it just reopens the regular market. Any suggestions? HTC rezound

  25. Nevermind I got it to work by googling for a Google play install and finding the apk

  26. Nothing happened after trying this for a while so i manually grabbed the apk and installed it….

  27. is there a way to block the play store? i’d be more interested in that. 

  28. Are they getting ready to get rid of android. I like the android name.

  29. GNEX unlocked bootloader, does not work for me :( 

  30. When I go to my apps in the Play Store there is nothing there. Is there a way to force it to sync?
    I already cleared cache and data, rebooted phone, but still no apps.It just says Apps and games owned by this device will appear here. 

  31. the play store downloaded in the background yesterday. When I tried to access the market using the old, and what I thought was still active icon I got an error message. Thought it was my phone. I restarted, nothing, nada. Thought it was go launcher. Restarted that too. No luck. Finally checked through the apps and found the icon for “google play store” touched that and lo & behold! I was in the market. Totally stupid. If google is going to do something like this then they should let users know what to expect. Could have saved me 1/2 hour trying to figure out what the hell happened to my phone.

    As a side note, I’m not thrilled with the store icon so I tried to change it for the old market icon using go launcher. Won’t work. I can change the icon but it won’t launch. Changed the icon back to the google play icon and it works fine. DAMN!

  32. I didn’t have a choice about the change, my tablet automatically did it for me and said here it is. (the old market), now we’re using this Play store instead; All seems the same except for the icon.

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