HTC Dream joins the unlocked bootloader club


Are we dreaming? Did you really think I wouldn’t make some sort of cheesy pun on the name of the latest device to get an official bootloader unlock from HTC?  Yes, you might need to go an an archaeological expedition to find the handset but if you do you can head over to the HTCDev site and get to tinkering. So, is anyone out there still using the Dream?

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. The entire Android movement was started on this little boss. I never had the chance to own one. My adventures with android started with the white mytouch 3g on launch day. I do remember messing around with my friends and I have never been able to find one at a decent price/decent condition. Id still rock one of these if i could. locked bootloader or not it didn’t stop a legion of devs going to town on it and releasing alot of great stuff that would lay the framework for what android has become.

    1. This was my first smartphone and it forever changed my life.

    2. You can find them in pretty awesome condition for around $70 on Ebay.

  2. When I met my current girlfriend years ago she had one of these.. it’s the phone that started it all ;)

    1. Yeah it was so awesome that Rob Jackson made a rap song for it.

  3. I still have my G1, but obviously don’t use it anymore.

  4. still rocking the g1 proudly…and by rocking i mean still using.

      1. u spoiled?

  5. Just look at the picture of that G1. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in 3 1/2 years

  6. Traded up my G1 for a Nexus One. I still remember typing in a full sentence and waiting a few seconds for it to catch up all the character input. That thing had a surprisingly large input buffer.

  7. Ha!  That was my fist “Smart” phone. Thought about an IPhone for all of 5 minutes before I chose a phone that actually gave me and the masses an option of true customization and haven’t looked back since. Had the device 3 days before I unlocked it and started  modding it.  What a great phone it was.  Still have the thing and its running CM6.  Kinda funny how I still feel the need to update the apps I have on that phone.  Thank You to Google, all the OEM’s (HTC, Sammy, MOTO) and especially the dev’s that make Android the BEST mobile OS out there!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ahhh the G1. My first real smartphone. I’d used Sidekicks, starting at the 2, before it. I miss those 5-row keyboards. If someone would just make a 4″ SAMOLED+ screen with qHD or higher res, running stock Android with a 5-row keyboard, I’d be in heaven. I still think the Sidekick 4 had the best physical keyboard I’ve ever used, but this came in a close second.

    Basically, take this thing, give it an awesome screen and a current SoC, and we’re set.

  9. Still have one..In great condition to…Sometimes I tell myself to just go back to tmobile and use it again…I miss the keyboard and everything about the phone

  10. Now I’m going to unlock mine. Loved this phone. Jumped on Android right in the first day, from a WinMo touchless phone, which was actually great too (HTC-made).

  11. Will this void my warranty?

  12. My first smartphone.  Had it way back before Android 1.5 was even out :P  Oh how far things have come.

  13. I still use mine, but not as a phone.  I keep it in the living room because it has a remote control app for my HTPC (I can never find my remote), it plays games my kids like to play, it has an NES emulator (physical keyboard is the key), and I can use it over wifi with VPN to administer linux boxes for work through a terminal app while I lie on my couch.

    It’s still highly usable, just not really as a phone… or with stuff that requires power.. or a good screen… or storage.

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