Amazon matches Google Play deals, curates own selection of $0.49 apps


Not to be outdone by Google and their name changing app store, Amazon has slashed prices on a selection of apps. Just as the Google Play Store is offering a couple dozen titles for a mere $0.49, Amazon has matched the price in their Appstore for offerings such as SoundHound, Quell Reflect, Asphalt 6, and more. You will have to do a bit of searching to find the deals, however, as Amazon has neglected to conveniently compile them into a single landing page. Apple fans, you may be getting your iPad 3, but we challenge you to find deals like these. The beauty of free market app stores!

[via DroidLife]

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  1. The Amazon App Store sucks.

    1. Not only does Amazon App Store not update their apps in a timely fashion but they are only offering the same price that Google has for these APPS, plus not even all of them are listed on Amazon Appstore. For example, I don’t see Sprinkle, ShadowGun, or World of Goo any where.

    2.  At least it has a better name than ‘Play’

  2. Here’s a link to all of Amazon’s $0.49 apps.  Looks like they are just price-matching Google. 

  3. i would rather have the apps from google anyways

  4. Meh. I’m in the process of uninstalling all my Amazon apps and getting them from Google. Even if I have to pay, I’d rather have them from Google.

  5. Would have been funny if they beat google’s prices by 1 penny.

  6. and this right here is the beauty of Android, you can have two separate ecosystem’s on your device and have them duke it out in price matching and or beating them in price and WE the android users benefits.

    Take that Apple’s belief’s . 

    1. Good point! Even though I hate the Amazon App store for how it’s run and its user unfriendliness, I’m glad it’s there for competition’s sake.

  7. Why all the hate for Amazon App store? I use it all the time and don’t see anything really wrong with it.  Its easier to install the same app on multiple devices too.

    1. For me, I don’t ‘hate’ them, per se, but I MUCH prefer the Market/Play store because of the following reasons (among others):
      1) delayed updates (for most apps)
      2) inability to hide app that I have uninstalled and never want to use again
      3) update notices for those apps
      4) lack of clarity on what is new when an app updates
      5) apparent mistreatment of devs (don’t know if this is still the case)

      1. About your point #2, I’ve found that you can actually delete (not “hide”) the apps you don’t want anymore, and they no longer show up in the mobile Appstore. The only caveat is that it can only be done through the web side. Go to Your Android Apps & Devices, hit the Actions button on the far right of the app you want to get rid of, and select “Delete this app”.
        Note: this actually deletes the app from your account, so if you ever want it again in the future and it’s a paid app, I believe you’ll have to re-pay for it. I’ve really only used the Amazon Appstore for the FAOTD, so I’m not well versed in the specifics…

        1. Thanks! Not as user-friendly as it really SHOULD be, but better.

  8. chavez why did u guys block me from using my disqus gmail account?
    anyways im using my yahoo to by pass suckers :p

    1. gmail works for me

      1. i meant they blocked me forever. idk why?

  9. And its not just apps. google has 25 cents album sales, 99 cents movie rentals as well.

    I welcome whatever amazon wants to do. They will propel each other to add new features.

  10. Competition does it again!

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