Verizon Set to Announce Something… But What?


We love sign-up pages. They tell us when new stuff will soon be on its way. And even though 9 times out of 10 you’ll hear about the announcement on a message board or blog long before the announcement email shows up, we like the shininess of the email enough to look forward to it anyway.

Verizon has thrown up a new signup page saying that “Something is Coming.” Unfortunately, they give no clue whatsoever as to what they are referring to. There are always device rumors, of course. The DROID Incredible is said to be on its way in late April, and we also have the DROID Fighter and LG Cayman names that have recently been leaked.

There could be a tablet, though nothing specific has been rumored for Verizon Wireless. We’d love to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 or the Padfone up for sale soon. But alas, all of this speculation is quite useless without even a tiny clue. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled over the course of the month to see what exactly Verizon is bringing to the table. [via VZ Buzz]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I’m sure it won’t be anything good.

  2. They are announcing that jazz is not dead, it just smells funny. 

  3. Black and white? Front Page? iPad 3 (with likely LTE) launching tomorrow…connect the dots.

  4. “We at Verizon would like to announce our new spam service! We would also like to congratulate you on being one of the first to sign up for our new service!”

    That’s what I’m just waiting for one of these companies to send out in a new product announcement email. :P

  5. Family data plans maybe?

  6. That first couple of sentences talking about ‘Something is Coming’ reminds me of that Gabbo Simpsons episode.

  7. Nothing I have ever signed up for a notification with them has ever been sent out.  There is no point to these pages.  They do nothing.

    1. Are you sure? I wouldn’t doubt if it were under the “Spam” folder in your email.

      1. Nope.  Empty spam folder.  They never email.

        1. Hey, at least you aren’t getting spammed! =p

          1. True enough!

        2. I’ve signed up and gotten email updates before, but honestly every single one of them has come the day (or later) after the official announcement was made anyway. You’ll never be the first to know if you rely on Verizon emails for your info.

          1. I know.  I always hear elsewhere first, as you say.  I’m just saying these signup pages are useless because they literally never email you anything ever. Well… at least they never mail ME anything ever.

    2. No, they don’t, or when they do, it’s much later. Last year, I signed up for notifications about the release of the Thunderbolt, which was released March 17  (I think Verizon wanted to launch it on St. Patrick’s Day to see how many people got drunk and dropped or broke their phones). I got the phone on release day, then, they sent me an email in mid-May telling me that it was released. Good job, guys, I bought the phone from you, use your network, and you send me an email two months later telling me the product I bought two months previous is now available. I don’t waste my time with Verizon’s “notifications”.  *facepalm*
      I think this is going to be about the iPad3. Either way, we’ll know long before anyone waiting on their email notifications will.

  8. How about that ICS for my RAZR that was promissed in the 1st Quarter of 2012 or that my area would have 4G LTE by the end of last year.  STILL WAITING!!!!!!

    1. They already announced ICS for the Razr’s. As far as LTE goes… be happy with 3G. I don’t even have that in my city.

      1. No, they only said the Razr is getting ICS. No date has been given. In fact Moto announced their update plans last month and stated the following:
        DROID RAZR
        In Evaluation & Planning. Further details to follow.
        In Evaluation & Planning. Further details to follow. 

        That’s stage 1 per Moto….as in the OS isn’t even in development yet

        1. Well, that’s exactly why I’m not a Verizon customer :p

          1. To be fair, its Motorola that is currently holding things up…. but you can be sure that once Moto is done with ICS VZW will ‘test it’ for an extended period of time. This won’t be out before August.

          2. I know how it goes, it sucks. That’s why I love XDA so much :)

          3. Because Motorola is horrible with updates. Take, for example, the Gingerbread update on the DROID 2 and DROID X. Anybody with these phones knows about the keyboard lockup issue whenever you hit the spacebar. It takes VZW so long to approve it when it’s so buggy.

  9. htc phone. 

  10. iPad 3.. lame

  11. It’s the iPAD HD with 4G LTE that is being announced today by Apple in San Francisco.

  12. iPad 3. You can bet on that

  13. A new fee?

  14. The all new iTampon 3, now with more absorption.

  15. Am I the only one hoping it’s that they are going to start carrying the Samsung GSII on their service?

  16. It’s probably the iPad…Verizon doesn’t build hype for Android like that, they do it with Michael bay style commercials

  17. If you look at the source code for the email sign up box, the developer comments say “You are in this campaign = Special Announcement Teaser Marquee Hero Email Signup”. The word “hero” is all over the source code.

    So, I suspect a device called “Hero”.  One of the images is called

    It kind of sounds like a new HP Palm Pre, codenamed “Hero”, unless they’re trying to trick people like me who view the source code for more information.

    1. If anyone can decode encrypted JavaScript, more information can be found here:

    2. I may be wrong on this.  Hero might be the term they use for the main body elements of the website.

  18.  Family data sharing…..j/k well not really, thats coming too…

  19. really you didn’t see that the I, and the C, and the S are in caps….. ICS = Ice Cream Sandwich… come on people

  20. Lol why are people making such a big deal about the iPad 3, omg it has a HD screen with a slightly overclocked a5 processor, by the looks of it the Prime still reigns supreme

  21. ipad 3 later today, lol.

  22. Is it too much to hope for a Galaxy Note (or Journal as rumors has it)

  23. I’m still waiting for Verizon to email me and let me know the release date of the GNEX!!!! lol!

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